No Kia Sedona for 2013; Redesigned Minivan Planned for 2014

Kia kv7 concept
The Sedona is skipping 2013, but Kia says it plans to launch a redesigned minivan for model-year 2014. Although the Sedona has never been a major player in the segment — June sales were down 12% compared with June 2011 — the automaker says it's committed to the class.

"The minivan segment has been and will continue to be important to Kia. Although there will not be a 2013 model year Sedona, our plans call for the current-generation vehicle to be available at dealerships through 2012, with production scheduled to resume in 2013," Kia representative Mike Ofiara told

The Sedona debuted in the U.S. market for the 2002 model year, and it will likely be replaced by a version of the KV7 concept (pictured), which we saw at the 2011 Detroit auto show.

"We did show the KV7 concept to kind of give our look at where we saw the minivan segment going. … If you look at our previous auto show concept vehicles, a lot of those have come to production. … We're constantly looking at all those various segments. We've got a strong owner base in Sedona," Michael Sprague, Kia's executive vice president of marketing, told 

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It's hard to beat the Caravan on value but if Kia/Hyundai can provide Honda/Toyota features and quality with the Kia warranty at Dodge prices they will have a winner.

I recently read an article discussing the drop in sales of Sedonas. I can understand the reasoning for skipping 2013, but they better come back strong with the 2014 models or their sales will remain stagnant. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.


Very excited about new Sedona...I have a 2007 model and I love it and want another one. Actually owned a 2000 Honda Odyssey and it was the worst vehicle I have ever owned everything was falling apart on it and it blew out two transmissions so traded it for a brand new Sedona in 2007. My Sedona now has over 100,000 miles and the only thing replaced has been tires, battery and bulbs for the headlights and blinkers. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. So not sure why people say it isn't reliable...mine certainly has been and still drives like it is new.

Ray W. Clark

Have owned 7 vans in 25 years. 2003 and 2012 sedons by fars the best in value, quality and warranty. COuld not give e a Dodge or Honda

mikey doesn't like it

My 2007 kia sedona ex luxury has cost me $4000 this month. At 140,000 km and always serviced at KIA, the engine oil valve failed, which was huge labour and this led to gas melting my exhaust manifold. Couldn't be more upset since I baby this vehicle.

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