Natural Is In for Car Colors Photo by Evan Sears

Silver, white and black will still make up about 50% to 80% of all car colors, but natural colors like brown, blue and green will be the hot trend in the next five years, paint specialists at BASF say.

BASF released its Global Automotive Color Trend Report on Thursday. It says consumers want more color on their cars, or at least more variations on the tried-and-true silver, white and black. That's why some car models you see have three different grays. We're looking at you, Infiniti.*

We saw a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque in Galway Green a few weeks back and were impressed by the use of a dark green that used to be more commonplace, even on British makes. And we've probably seen more brown cars in the past few years than in our entire history on everything from the Lexus GS sedan to Kia’s Sorento.

What car color has impressed you recently?

*The Infiniti M comes in Liquid Platinum, Storm Front Grey and Platinum Graphite.

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By David Thomas | July 27, 2012 | Comments (16)


Chris K

The death of silver as The Resale Color cannot come soon enough!

My last car purchase was black mostly because silver and black were the only commonly-available colors. I'll be happy when reds and blues are as common as gray.


The only color I refuse is anything silver or grey. So boring. On my third red car and planning on getting blue next.

Michael F

I like my copper colored car, but it does get more attention (on the road and from cops) than my old black car, which felt more invisible.


I own several vehicles and the Bright White Clearcoat one has been the least affected by the hot New Mexico Sun.

The Silver Blue Metallic Clearcoat vehicle is beginning to show signs of bleaching out, while the Dark Green Metallic Clearcoat vehicle is showing signs of 'paint-burn' and 'orange-peel' under the clearcoat.

Our newest vehicle, a Dark Cherry Pearlcoat Metallic color is only one year old but is already showing signs of having overheated.

So depending on where you live and whether or not you garage your vehicle or park it in the shade during the day, your paint color can have a direct effect on its resale value.

For some, like me, boring Bright White may be the default color of choice.


Green won't come back. I don't care what the article says. After the newness of the car wears off, the color never looks good and shows tons of scratches. It also depends on the car. Some cars look awful in certain colors. Gold/tan looks especially bad on newer Infiniti's so I can see why they stick only to a few colors.

Range Rover i would say is one reliable car and classy too!!!


Bring back Playboy Pink!
Actually, I figured there would be a few more years of the neon greens and other brights that have been popular. And the retro colors like dodge's plum crazy or ford's grabber blue. [though they are very vehicle specific, and only look right on certain cars]
I always wondered who are the color gurus that tell manufacturers to offer so many shades of grey and silver, when very few people in the real world have those preferences.

Chris K

My 12 year old Grand Prix is dark green and its paint is in excellent condition. I can't say it's as good as new because that color exists only in my distant memory now, but all it needs to look new right now is a wax job.

In my experience, all dark colors show scratches. I've had two blacks, a dark blue, and a two dark greens. All were equally bad. My medium red wore the best. You really had to catch the light JUST right to see marks on that paint.

I can't imagine green-colored cars taking over the reins in the next few years, overtaking the likes of blue and red. But everything does depend on the choice of color and the kind of car, and if one complements the other. So in the end, that is very much possible. :)


I personally like the "boring" colors - black just looks sleek and unassuming, while my father's white s4 just looks perfect. I also like gray colors, and bright red can work well too. I do not like natural colors.

Earth colors are definitely suited for some cars but not all. Dark green and brown colors are perfect for 4-wheelers, especially those Land Rovers. As for me, I won’t mind changing the color of a mini-van to dark green. It’s nice to see it reflect the trees while I drive around the park. =)

The dark green shade of this SUV is really impressive. It has a strong and eco-friendly look. But for me, black is still the car color that impresses me the most. A vehicle pained with black shows sophistication and class. :)

As what they say, it’s time for a change. ;) Every day is always a good day to discover new things. Anyway, it is about time that we had more earth-colored cars, which could represent and pertain to more environment friendly and economy efficient cars. :)

I also noticed that blue is becoming more popular. People are yearning for blue cars lately. There are many shades of blue depending on the manufacturer, but all of them are sure to have an increased popularity for the next couple of months. But of course, those sexy black cars will never go away.


I like my Sandy Beach 2013 Corolla. The picture of my favorite beaches that it evokes is enough to make it a cheerful reminder of beaches I have been to and that I can run off to again.

Black is too darn hot for Florida. Why make your AC do double work. I like any kind of medium to light blue.

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