Lexus Announces Pricing for 2013 ES Models

2013 lexus es 350
When the redesigned Lexus ES 350 goes on sale later this summer, it'll start at $36,995, including an $895 destination charge. That's a 1.7% decrease compared to model-year 2012 versions. Its hybrid sibling, the ES 300h, will cost $2,750 more at $39,745. 

The ES 350 gets a little longer for 2013 and now uses the brand's new spindle grille and a revised suspension. The previous version's 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission carry over.

The 300h is the first hybrid to join the ES lineup. It uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder. According to Lexus, the 300h has an EV mode that allows it to drive short distances on battery power alone. Lexus estimates it'll get 40 mpg in city driving and 39 mpg on the highway, but it hasn't yet been tested by the EPA.

Model-year 2013 ES models now get the Enform multimedia system, which displays music and applications including Pandora internet radio and a Bing search feature.

Standard inside is Lexus' NuLuxe vinyl upholstery. Genuine leather is available, too, as are piano-black, maple and bamboo wood trims. Other options include manual window shades, a power rear shade, one-touch power trunk lid, blind spot monitoring system with cross-traffic control, lane departure warning system and a precollision safety system. It comes standard with 10 airbags, including driver and front passenger knee airbags.

The ES 350 and 300h go on sale in August.

2013 Lexus ES 350, ES 300h at the 2012 New York Auto Show
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Derrick G

Wow I can remember the day when you could get a base Pinto, Vega, or Arrow with vinyl seats. Now you have to spend $37K to get vinyl. My how times change.


"Standard inside is Lexus' NuLuxe vinyl upholstery." Gotta hand it to the bean counters and marketing dept if this is a big seller. At this price point that's a deal breaker.


Agreed. VINYL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pathetic at this price.
I'll keep my Maxima Premium.


Everyone is offering vinyl guys. Toyota calls it softex and it's not the same old vinyl that you stuck to in the summer. It looks like leather and feels soft. I am sure less than 10% of the ES cars sold in the US will have it. They used to offer cloth on the base model. How many have you seen with that?


Randy people like to get hysterical over things they cannot afford. The ES is one of them.


I have a Lexus CT with the standard NuLuxe interior...compared to the leather option, I didn't think it was worth the extra cost (doesn't look/feel much different). The standard interior is more than sufficient.


I have the 2013 GS 350, it is a great handling car. For all of you whiners out there eat some cheese. Oh yeah, that maxima looks like the altima "overrated"!! The body style to me is great, but Lexus should look at their LF LC model to style the rear end that's all. Look who's number 1 year in and year out, not Nissan, Ford or GM. I agree with the guy who if you go crazy about the seats, then you can't afford it! Shut up or try one, i bought one, and I am sold! ;)~

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