Honda Confirms 2013 Civic Updates, Mum on Specifics

As we've expected for a few months, Honda will update its Civic for 2013, just one model year after redesigning the popular compact. It's a response to criticisms, including ours, over the car's lackluster handling and cheap interior, though we still recommend the Civic for its roomy cabin and comfortable seats.

The criticism fell on receptive ears. John Mendel, head of American Honda, acknowledged the missteps in the Civic's quality late last year. Honda says the Civic now has "interior and exterior refinements" for 2013.

What exactly are they? The automaker remains mum.

"This is the only info we are going to release," company spokesman Chuck Schifsky said in an email. "Our plan is to hold a media briefing regarding the changes to the Civic for the '13 model year close to the on-sale date late this fall."

The Civic's downfalls have done little to stop sales, which are up 23% through May with slight dealer incentives. Naturally, we'll detail what’s changed once Honda releases more info.

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It'd be nice if they'd defuglify the Odyssey while they're at it...


It seems that auto reviewers focus far to much on handling and interior quality in this segment based on the sales data. I personally am much more interested in reliability which admittedly is hard to rate on new vehicles.


How about: improved engine, 6 speed automatic, improved headlights, bigger front brakes, dual note horn, LED chmsl standard, narrower tires for HF version 185/65 15, wider tires for non-HF 205/60 15, better transmission selector.
Just a start.

Anonymous Coward

6 speed auto will never happen, Honda has committed to CVT technology on the new Accord and you can bet that will trickle down to the Civic.


Actually the Civic is committed to the CVT transmission as well, except for maybe the Si.

Hopefully the 2013 year will bring 'earth dreams' engines to these cars, with direct injection and atkinson valve behavior for Civics. This could lead to MPG above the TDI passat!

Hopefully they won't just be updating the body of the car but will be switching to the more refined powertrain in '13.


I bought a brand new 2012 odyssey, hated it so much that after 3 months and 1,500 miles later I got rid of it. Honda has definitely do not build cars like they used to. One big advice for Honda, stop designing your vehicles for the US market, keep a close eye on quality control and stop super sizing them is your biggest downfall.

Mike Fariello

I own an '07 Civic Hybrid w/ 135,000 miles. Will buy new '13 hybrid. Would like to see HID headlights/LED tail lights and quieter road noise. How bout stronger audio (subwoofer)!!!!!! Yea the horn too.

The Administration

Hey! Show us the damn car Honda! You delayed the 2012 Civic, and then when it was shown, it looked like a watered down Picaso. NOW you have the 2013 redesign, and you won't show the public... tisk tisk - Us Honda drivers are super patient, but you're pushing it. Btw, couple the 2012 Insight face with the 2007 Civic Coupe rear bumper [ duh!!!! ] let me design your cars for you... sheesh. Btw, jk still love you.


I bet 2013 model will also be a big disappointment

Honda, in both the Accord and the Civic, have set a very high bar for themselves over several decades, Until now they have brought good value along with fresher styling, nice interiors, good handling and fun to drive. Now they are slipping. The prices are higher, the handling is gone as is the fun to drive. The styling has become clunky and the interiors cheesy. 2013 models will be a decision year for me. Stay with Hondas or, after almost 30 years, look at something else.Others see to have advanced, ever arisen, while Honda languished. Hyundia and Kia have come into there own, and against the Civic, the Mazda3 is a clear winner. Here's hoping we see a turn around. They have been complacent far too long.


the civic is still the best selling compact car, it's still the most reliable car.
Mazda 3, ford focus are junk compared to the 2012 civic


I am a happy owner of a 2012 Civic LX sedan. My only issue with the car is the "econ" system, which makes the car uncomfortably sluggish, for not that much of a boost in mpg's. Other than that, I like the styling (exterior and interior), the great fuel economy, the throttle response, and I have not had one issue with this car. The car's often suspectedly similar critics haven't made one dent on the Civic's class-leading sales performance either, and if their criticisms were of substance that would not be the case.


Odyssey is the best mini van on earth hands down. Kids love and so do we not a single issue and no other mini van can match.


most people just complaint too much. they have the choice to go buy other car that they think is better than honda. when 2006 civic came out, people said its ugly, and then this civic came out, people said 2006 one looks better.
how should the car looks like so that you people will be satisfied?


We're looking for a small car for our daughter and we drove these on the weekend:

Toyota Corolla: Antique road show.

Hyundai Elantra: Looks like a million dollars inside and out, but the engine is noisy and gutless. The level of refinement is lower than I expected. Needs more development.

Mazda 3: The "new" SkyActive engine has more throttle lag than any car I have ever driven. It is so unresponsive that it is probably dangerous. Zoom-zoom has become snooze-snooze. Pity because it has a solid feeling body and rode very smoothly and quietly when we finally got it to move.

Honda Civic: Boring looks, cheap interior, but by orders of magnitude it has the most refined and responsive powertrain and transmission. The little engine spins like an electric motor and delivers its power easily. The quality and refinement is built in.
The choice is clear - the Civic is still the best-engineered little car. I hope Honda improves it for 2013.
This pup just wants to run!


I have seen the 2013 civic. won't tell you how I've seen it but it is a much better looking car. Not boring like the 2012.


David, please describe in detail if possible, thanks!


Honda cars suck nowadays. Their cars are ugly compare to other automakers. I've owned 2 Civic, an Accord, and a Prelude and have loved Honda cars, but in the last couple of years, their cars just look way too bland. My next car will be a Hyundai or a Toyota as they look way better with equal or better fuel efficient and reliability.


6 speed manual Civic HF or Lx or Ex options be awesome... Higher mpg. or all of them in 6 gears!!!

It probably has a cheap interior materials but the current price for a new model is so affordable for this great and reliable vehicle, I bet next year people is going to complain about the price if they want a better Civic, be ready to get it more expensive too.


I'm ok with slightly more exp. I keep the cars I buy and will pay for quality.

I'm in for an Si. White w/ 18in. wheels and aero-pkg. Waiting semi-patiently.


Guys check the Honda Brazil website, they are already selling the civic 2013, it has better interiors and push button ignition

It is my guess that the US version will look very similar,


I wasn't too impressed when the redesigned 2012 Civic came out. My main gripe was the interior/gauges. I have read the very mixed reviews of the Civic. I actually do like a the idea of a more comfortable ride, but Honda should work on the braking and road noise issue in addition to the interior design. If the 2013 Accord is any indication, the Civic should be a big improvement and would probably be at the top of my shopping list. I should also mention that I owned 2 Hondas in my lifetime (last one had 200K and got totaled). Both cars have been very reliable. I'm glad I waited just when I was about to give up on Honda with their recent designs.


Personally I believe that the body should get redesigned as well as the interior. The drive-train in the current si is nice but they need to switch that head out. Its just a K24 motor(Acura TSX) but if they took the K20 head on the K24 black it would make people happy again at the fact that the si could rev over 8k again instead of the 7,100rpm. OR! Keep the damn old K20 in it and throw a reliable low boost turbo on it like ALL the other car companies are pretty much doing.


Maybe while there at it they can fix the incredibly uncomfortable seats on the 2010 Honda Accord.

By the way, I am certainly interested in the 2013 Civic Coupe, if they get it out soon, other wise I am getting something else. Possibly a Ford Focus! At least release some pictures of lose future customers!


My wife and I are ready to buy the new Honda Civic Hybrid but patience is running very thin right now. Currently driving older Jetta and just saw new Jetta Hybrid recently. Body style like older Passat and very comfortable car. We're considering giving up on the 2013 Civic Hybrid and going with something else. We like the Honda but delaying the release looks like it's going to loose us as a new Honda customer!


Well i think Honda takes too long to release new models, I might as well going to get any other make models just like the Jetta hybrid or the new Nissan Altima :-)

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