Here's What the Next Kia Forte Will Look Like

Kia K3 (front quarter)

For those who want the Kia Optima’s looks but not its size, the wait is almost over. The redesigned 2013 Kia Forte compact is just around the corner (shown above).

Debuting in South Korea first, the new Forte — known there as the K3 — will arrive in the U.S. in the beginning of 2013, says the automaker.

Besides the sleek new looks, the 2013 Forte rides on a new platform and will use a revised engine lineup, according to Kia. The current Forte is based off the last-generation Hyundai Elantra platform; the new model will ride lower and be longer and wider, and it will have a longer wheelbase, according to Kia. The carmaker also expects class-leading fuel economy. We’d expect the Elantra's more fuel-efficient 1.8-liter four-cylinder to migrate to the model, which delivers 29/40 mpg city/highway in the Hyundai.

Nothing is known about features on the Kia beyond LED taillamps, LED front accent lighting and a chrome-finished beltline. Stay tuned for more information.

Kia K3 (side) K3 (rear quarter)

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By Colin Bird | July 30, 2012 | Comments (10)



It appears as though Kia is trying to migrate itself to being Hyandai's premium brand.


Headlights: Mercedes-Benz
Lower front fascia: Volkswagen Passat
The way the beltline dips upwards at the sideview mirrors: Toyota
That V-shaped scallop on the bottom half of the doors: Mercedes-Benz B-Class
Tailights: Volkswagen Tiguan/Kia Optima/Mercedes-Benz CLS
Overall shape: Ford Fiesta
Front shape: Hyundai Elantra



You do realize that every car designed in the last twenty years has design elements that are similar to other cars. There is only so many ways to design a box on four wheels. Anyone could take any of the cars you mentioned and find design elements on them that are similar to other cars.

And overall shape, Ford Fiesta? Are you crazy.

Kia's chief designer for the past several used to be the chief designer for Audi. He designed the Optima from scratch and now this Forte looks like a mini Optima and several other Kias have similar design elements as well.

I'm not really fond of Kias in general but to say they just copied other designs is just so 15 years ago.


You can certainly see how the Hyundai Elantra-based platform influences this.


looks lot better than corolla and civic, that's for sure.


I know, but I just like pointing these out. :P


Hey Everyone!! I like the (conservative) design of the corolla. I'm 6'2" and hurt my back and neck in the back seat of these "sloppy" new design cars.


it's pretty good looking. i see a lot of the last generation altima in the profile and roofline, but all in all in photos it works pretty well. i'm sure it will be pretty much mechanically identical to the elantra. hopefully it'll have a sportier suspension.


Nice looking car, lets hope they price it competitively!

Kia utters that the next gen Forte will be longer, broader and considerably lower compared to the present gen model. It is expected to come out with a more sculpted body, which offers it a fluid silhouette.

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