Fiat Gets Caffeinated

Fiat 500l-coffee
Leave it to the Italians to create the first in-vehicle espresso maker. With the new Fiat 500L, drivers can make their coffee and drink it, too. When the tiny 500's larger sibling, the 500L, goes on sale in Europe early next year, it will list an espresso machine as one of its options.

Designed with Italian coffee company Lavazza, the system boils coffee grounds from a pod that clips into a console cupholder. The Coffee Experience kit will include a set of car coffee cups and a spoon holder, Fox News reports.

Fiat 500l
According to Fiat, "it's the first production car in the world available with a fully integrated espresso coffee machine as an accessory." But don't get your hopes up, U.S. coffee drinkers. Although the 500L is set to come to the U.S. next year, a Fiat representative told Fox News that the feature is not likely to make it here.

Fiat Offering In-Car Espresso Maker in New Crossover (Fox News)
Fiat Goes Big-ish With 500L
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Great. Another thing to distract drivers.

I'd much rather have the Peyton Manning Meatloaf Mercedes 550.


Do they have one for Red Bull?


they wont make it for the USA becuase it would be to many lawsuits to worry about


If it was made in the USA, it would have a deep fat fryer, not tiny little espresso machine.


Were it made in the USA, it would have a mini-fridge in lieu of a trunk, and an-dash USB for a heart monitor/defibrillator.


please redesign the 500L and make it more like the Giardiniera. it reminds me too much of the ugly ass mini station wagon.

Skinny Dee

Ok, let me get this straight. Talking on a cell phone - BAD, DANGER, DEATHHHHH. Making a steaming hot espresso - BELLISSIMO!

Gregg E.

Instead of coffee (gack, spit, nasty bitter cack) it needs a gelato maker.

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