Chevy Gives the Camaro a Touch-Screen for 2013

2013 Camaro

Chevrolet has been promising a navigation display for the Camaro since the car debuted in 2008; the automaker first told us that the sports coupe would get one in December 2009, but clearly that never happened. Four years later, the 2013 Camaro will get a modern touch-screen color display and navigation option. The picture above is the first detailed photo we've seen; Chevy posted it today on the Camaro's Facebook page.

It's a 7-inch touch-screen color display equipped with Chevy's MyLink multimedia sytem. The touch-screen will come standard on the LT, SS and ZL1 trims. A navigation system (as shown in the photo) will be optional on some trims; the above photo is of a SS trim equipped with a 1LE performance package. Like the MyLink system in other Chevys, the software adds Pandora and Stitcher internet radio streaming applications and a better voice-recognition system.

The system features the same capacitive-touch buttons we've seen on the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. We're not a fan of these types of controls but will withhold final judgment until we test the updated Camaro's system. No word yet if the backup camera image will be rerouted through the touch-screen (when equipped) or remain in the rearview mirror.

The 2013 Chevrolet Camaro goes on sale this fall. Pricing will be released later this year, according to the automaker.

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Great now my car won't start because I got a virus.


I thought the current camaro came out in 2009. And when was a nav system promised? The concept didnt even have a nav system. It had a slightly fancier version of the production car interior.

Skankzilla already has a short video of this unit in action. The backup camera does function through the screen and no longer has the on screen parking lines. Navigation is an option, but I believe the standard unit can pair with the navigation through your smart phone, which requires a data plan through your cell provider.


the unit in the sonic will be able to work via your cell phone and a subcription based service. The camaro (like Malibu, several Buicks and Cruze) can have a screen even without nav. If you have Mylink you have the screen, but nav is an upgrade for under $1000.

Other cars already have this. Still a cool technology but they are a little bit behind.

Ken L.

This unit looks really cheap and old tech, unlike Chrysler's 8.4" UConnect. The Camaro deserves better.


The one in Sonic is NOT subscription based.
It is kind of like an app that you paid for and then it can interface with the head unit.


Do you know if it is made by Delphi?



To use the nav application that integrates with the screen in the sonic you have to keep a current subscription. It's not much money but I assure you its not free.


Chrysler uses a standard garmin interface on their cars with the big screen. It's definitely not the fanciest looking nav system out there.


The dash just got uglier! I like the outside of the car, just cant get over that dash. Chevy dropped the ball when it came to the interior, now it's even worse! Very cheap looking!



Do you even know which company makes the app?
If not, how do you know it is not a 1 time fee only?

Any further information to you is a waste of my time.

That touch screen has been in the new Malibu and other GM models for about a year now, and it really works well. Normally car makers test new technology on the models that do not sell the most, so if there are problems, it will not affect so many cars. GM did it a little different this time.

Thanks for that important information, its really helpful.

Don Mirko

is there any whey to buy this for 2011 ss?


This looks like it would be at home in a Playskool Truck. Is GM kidding?! A 7" touchscreen is a nice idea but the surround, controls and those HVAC knobs can't be for real, can they???

Dave Crittenden

Does the 2013 Camaro Navigation System have voice recognition?


For about 3 months I have own a 2013 Camaro with the exact same stereo system in the picture above, but lately it has been some problem with the stereo. The stereo sometimes it froze and the volume stuck on low and there's nothing I can do other turn the car off then start it up again and even that sometimes it doesn't work. Is there anyone have the same problem as mine? Please I would love hear about it before I take in to the dealer where I bought the car from. Thank you.

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