Chevrolet: Love it or Return it

Feeling buyer's remorse about that Corvette purchase? Under a new Chevrolet promotion, you can change your mind. The "Love It or Return It" program means customers can return a vehicle and get a refund.

The program applies to all new model-year 2012 and 2013 Chevy vehicles, and they have to be damage-free and returned after 30 days but before 60 days of the original purchase date. They also must have been driven less than 4,000 miles.

There are some exceptions. The vehicle must be purchased and not leased. Fleet sales are not eligible, and if the vehicle has over $300 in damage, it no longer qualifies for return and refund.

A second program announced today channels the old Saturn brand's haggle-free sales strategy. The Total Confidence Pricing program means Chevy shoppers pay a fixed price for their new vehicle, inclusive of incentives. "No mystery about it — the price you see is the price you pay," Chevrolet said in a statement. Total Confidence Pricing also applies to all new 2012 or 2013 Chevrolet purchases.

Both deals run today through Sept. 4, and customers must take delivery during that timeframe.

Incentives So Big They May Change Your Mind
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Total Confidence Pricing has made me confident I will not buy another new Chevrolet.


This program is a scam, no one buy it! I thought that after the government used my tax money to bail out GM that they would come up with a reliable hassle free program-- however don't buy their newest promotion ITS A SCAM! After 8 days of having my 2012 NEW equinox it left me stranded and had to be towed back to the dealership! There they said that they had offered me a 500$ rebate so I was opted out of the program?!!-- The dealership forwarded me to GM customer service where they sent me on a week long phone tag circle only to call me and tell me that I could NOT RETURN THE VEHICLE. I will NEVER purchase from GM ever again.

william smith

A "94 Silverado I bought new broke down regularly over 16 years with major parts being replaced 3/4 times, 4 radiators, 4 heater cores, 3 A/Cs, 4 water pumps etc, etc, etc.
GM builds junk!


@william smith
and you still kept it for 16 yrs!! are you sure you are saying truth???


Every GM product I ever owned during the past 66 years of my life had warranty issues.

When I switched to Toyota products (cars, SUVs, trucks) that was the end of the warranty issues.

You get what you pay for.


How many and what year(s)?


...But you bought your wife a Chrysler. It's not like that company has ever been known for reliability.

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This program is a scam to get us to purchase gm. My 2012 chevy cruze filled up with smoke as soon as I pulled out of the dealership. I was on the phone with onstar setting up my trial. I went right back to the dealer and asked for a different car. They refused to give me one stating that there was nothing wrong with my car. My car has since been to 4 different dealer for a total of 7 times and they still refused to take this lemon back so don't believe what they are saying. They are selling us lemons. Gm has not told us about all of the problems caused by the oil which caused the last recall. My cruze is in the shop now because the turbo lines are melted. They are by the exhbaust manifold that the oil drips on. So buyer beware don't buy a cruze and don't believe that they will refund your money.

On 2005 I bought secondhand car by trade mark Mitsubhisi 120SS. For 10 years my younger sister suffered bore cause its engine was always shut down, over heating and many problems. On 2012 I drove its car self. I drove its car by mood and feeling like encoring my wife. Unpredictable, I scrutinized its engine, why was always over heating. Surprise, its engine wasn‘t Mitsubhisi 120 SS but turbo shaft engine from General Elictric type CT 7 for Black Hawk or Apache helicopter. Indeed, its over heating came from the cable for AC that twisting to the Fan and the dynamo stater (altenator) was very old so I replaced its dynamo stater by Formula One type. Then I inserted RCA radio tape joined by a radio amplifier. To reducing interference of a radio streaming, I cut off an antenna on RCA radio tape., just surprise its sound was very cleary. Then I inserting a cigarette light and GPS satellite. What was happen forward? Someday, I set GPS on at 20 km/ hour and set FM radio on and synchronization on then reset by FM radio tuner, when I drove, its car felt going fast on shift 1 of power train so I changed to 0 km/ hour, its car gone normally. After its incident, I could conclude that its car had double ECU, one on the Neptune Electric System other on turboshaft engine and its engine could be reset to factory default by FM radio tuner completed by an amplifier cause in turboshaft engine was completed an amplifier to reduce noisy its engine. I was just lucky, cause its car equal by Chevrolet Sting or Black Hawk/ Aphace helicopter. Best regard, Arie Pitono, Plamongan Indah Semarang, Indonesia.

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