Reviews the 2013 Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is both a sporty and practical family vehicle rolled into one, Senior Family Editor Kristin Varela says. It's got styling flair, power to spare, luxury amenities and enough utility for people and cargo. A few convenience annoyances aside, families looking for a non-traditional premium family vehicle should put Panamera on their shopping list.

2013 Porsche Panamera Review



As for the great Panamera "does this but look big" enigma --I think you've hit the styling nail on the head much better than most, though I think there is a slow drift in that direction based on a flurry of articles about a year ago.

I'm a thrilled 2010 Panamera 4S owner with now over 37,000 frequently hard earned miles. I have to wonder about the sensitive aesthetes who pan Panameras on the looks thing: have any ever walked up to a 356, especially from behind? Did they think "inverted bathtub" -- as applied to the cars that made brand -- was a synonym for beautiful?

Despite reviews which in most cases employ literally extreme, overwhelmingly positive adjectives hard to garner just once in a car review let alone in multiples, I still don’t think the actual "car" is sufficiently understood/appreciated somehow. Here, especially in my case, is a practical 4 door sedan/hatch that shames -- in critical function -- many supercars: in Turbo or Turbo S, most fall to its 0-60 mph times (CD tested a "plain" turbo at 3.4: I suspect GTS is about 3.9). My 4S, with no fuel guzzler tax -- and ultra-low emissions, gets 4.4 in 0-60 mph (sport chrono), has a range of 600 miles if I push it (26.4 gal tank); and both stops AND corners doing a reasonable impression of a 911! The brief on this car was to carry 4 six foot three inch tall adults and their luggage (or 2 bicycles in the folded rear seats!), at 175 mph (190 in turbo S; not that I'd ever....) in comfort, within a strikingly beautiful and technological advanced cabin, and this they've done. The look simply wraps this achievement beautifully -- just as you say --and isn't that the essence of Porsche? The car is so aerodynamic I now like to just drive with the windows open and the radio off -- in Florida -- in the summer.
Put another way, and the gist of your comments I think: if changing one surface feature would degrade any of the above, forget it -- so the bare facelift tweaking leaked in a few accounts is a tremendous testament to Porsche's authenticity -- i.e., rather than cave in to the "but it’s not pretty enough for me" crowd. Again I admire your take: Porsche did in fact do something different here, and eschewed the "box with evolving brand cues" approach of most luxury sedans (for years BMWs rears looked like a vacuum sucked their trunk lids into partial collapse). From the side many of these are difficult to distinguish from a Lexus or from one another. Audi interiors, often touted as "tops," look to me to be stuck in 1990 albeit much refined: mine looks like a next gen Ferrari. Finally, again just as you say, its stark and substantial presence radiates a positive aura; "thumbs up" from all walks of life: I'm amazed at the comments. Finally, I LOVE the way it looks; in fact my heart skips a beat as I approach it, yes, from the rear, wing up: (hold the buns puns please): I can't believe it’s actually mine to get in and drive, I think it is stunning even if the front end does look a little too familiar -- the way Astons started to about 5 years ago.
Rapide went for beauty and is being panned on practicality: for Porsche the choice was both easy, and the correct one for Porsche! I look at it and feel no pangs at all.
I stretched my budget to get it, and no earthly possession comes close to giving me as much satisfaction (although my 2004 XJR, my first big stretch which I also never regretted, came pretty close in its day).
In short, great assessment, not because of the "me too" phenomenon, but one backed by objective data and the vote of the marketplace!

that's a car that i've been looking for...


I purchased a 2014 Panamera Turbo and 2 days of use led to an instrument breakdown. I have now waited 3 weeks and just learned that Porsche has not assigned a part number and according to Porsche that prevents Porsche from ordering a replacement. Porsche suggests I wait 8 weeks and then check in to see if my part is available. This is my 4 th Porsche and I cannot fathom this customer twist in the wind approach to quality satisfaction. I warn others away.

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