Reviews the 2012 Dodge Charger

Dodge's large sedan was redesigned for 2011, but something was still missing, according to Editor Joe Bruzek. The addition of an eight-speed automatic transmission fills that hole and makes the engine feel livelier while also boosting fuel economy, Bruzek says. A high-quality interior and plenty of passenger room also appeal, but watch out for a buggy navigation system, Bruzek warns.

2012 Dodge Charger Review



Good to see this review, every car has some negative about them, I am really interested in this car, because of the driving feel it gives, I drove one for a week and I was very impressed, and I do know what you guys are saying about that lag when you hit the gas, but I think I could live with that, though I am hearing that the V6 should satisfy most buyer, I think I would definitely go for the V8, I really like the interior of the charger only gripe is they should do something with the HVAC/Audio controls but a bit more color contrast into it, or add the alluminum trim to it with the aluminum knobs and buttons or gloss black with chrome rings knobs and buttons. But other than that, I really like this car, Good job Dodge.


That awful red interior! Oh lord.

Personally, I find the car to be pretty attractive, but it still screams macho 18-year-old boy rather than mature father of 3 or even 25 year old "my insurance just went down" moderately-mature man. Also, I'm sorry to say, it's still a Chrysler.

I've had three Chryslers over the past 12 years, including the 2012 charger. The older two, have well over 200K on them. I don't think anyone should fear their products. I have experienced high quality and good workmanship. I also own Toyotas, so I have personal experience to compare.

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