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The aggressive 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is loud and fast and has plenty of attitude; it clearly takes the crown as Chevrolet's baddest Camaro, according to Editor Joe Bruzek.

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This Camaro reigns supreme on the track, but on the streets, performance trumps comfort in almost every way. Poor visibility, bulky shifter action and a menacing exhaust make it an annoying daily driver, Bruzek says.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Review



by far the harshest critique yet of the zl1. Other reviews have noted its very refined and usable as a daily driver. They prefer it to the much hyped GT500. The shifter has gotten mostly praise from every other publication. Any car with more than 300hp is overkill so its kind of pointless to try and give the Zl1 demerits for being too much car for anything short of track duty.


I will agree the blind spots are not good, and monitoring system would be the best solution, ala' Volvo. However, when I purchased my Camaro I went out and bought some convex mirrors and placed them on the outside mirrors, problem mostly solved. Not the classiest solution, but judged from the stares I get, doubt anyone is looking at the mirrors. Oddly you neglect to mention the CTS Coupe's visability issue in your review, can't imagine it is any better, or worse. Just an observation.


the reality is that you arent supposed to be looking over your shoulder while driving and merging. There are utility vans that don't even have rear windows and even the ones with windows in the rear doors have minimal visibility in the rear. You are supposed to use side mirrors to see what's going on when you change lanes. The camaro does have thick A pillars but this isnt uncommon in sports cars with low rooflines. The Challenger (which gets praised extensively in this review) has huge A pillars as well. I know someone with an SRT8- the visibility is hardly better than the Camaro. Journalists have been whining about Camaro visibility for the last 3 years- apparently the customers are able to see well enough to buy the car in droves. Its funny how visibility doesn't ever come up when high end foreign sports cars are reviewed in spite of their small greenhouses and thick pillars. Porsche is probably the only maker of sports cars that have generally ample sightlines.


poor little GM fans have got yet another poor review , I can hardly take it. P.S. sheth r u the one that almost smashed into me?


Why does Chevy insist on still putting such a cheap grill on the car? It looks awful.


I happen to own a ZL1. I have over 4000 miles on mine, and please let me say...Mr. Bruzek is FAR off the mark.

Yes, the windows are chopped to give the car that sexy look from the outside...but there is no visibility problem, unless your Camaro is an airplane...then you have other issues. You can get used to the chopped windows within 5 minutes - no exaggeration. And there are no blind spots if you adjust your mirrors properly...

I've driven many manual transmission cars in my life, and while the clutch pedal on the ZL1 Camaro is harder than some, it is very SMOOTH in its engagement, and the short-throw shifter is the best I've ever had the pleasure to use. Mr. Bruzek's impressions sound like he drove an entirely different car.

Further...I've had the pleasure to drive over 500 miles without stopping in my ZL1. The Magnetic Suspension is simply magical. It is the MOST comfortable riding vehicle I've ever owned. (yes, even though it's sprung a little stiff)

Mr. Bruzek's commentary stands out among the rest online (I can remember at least 8 off the top of my head by major magazines) as the only real negative one. His comments force me to question whether he actually drove this car at all...because none of what he's written is true.

I took the time to comment on this article because I bought my ZL1 expecting to have a really good Camaro that I'd have to tweak...but I ended up being completely blown-away impressed with it. I upsets me, then, that there are journalists who appear to make things up rather than report the truth of the matter....

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