Family Reviews the 2012 Chrysler 200

Chrysler's midsize sedan, the 200, hits many of the right notes with its low starting price and impressive but optional V-6 engine, according to Family contributor Carrie Kim. However, the five-seater’s floaty suspension and difficult-to-reach Latch anchors kept this mother of one from declaring it a great family car.

2012 Chrysler 200 Review



How about it being a piece of crap Sebring should keep families away


She clearly doesn't know how to write a car review. Clueless.


Bob and M clearly don't know how to offer any comments of substance to a review. They're the ones that are clueless, not reviewer Carrie Kim.


I rented this Sebring re-skin last month. It was a piece of junk. It was even worse than the Impala. What more of a review would you need?


why anyone would consciously choose a Chrysler over any other brand is beyond me. If you are the kind of person that chooses a car not based on it's past decades of failures but because Eminem was in the commercials, than it's the right car for you.

Jason Vega

MPG sucks, I average 18 MPG total, way off from the sticker 24 MPG average on sticker (20 city and 31 highway). With Highway and City driving, I still don't even get the advertised lowest city MPG. I drive mostly in the City but I expected atleast the 24 average MPG as advertised, a total of 6 miles per gallon difference, or about a 100 mile difference ($17.50 per fillup @ $3.50 per gallon). When I traded my huge 2008 SUV in, which averaged 15.5 average MPG, same City/Hwy driving, I expected to save money with a so called "fuel economic" car, especially from a V8 huge SUV to a mid sized 4 cylinder car. A 2.5 miles per gallon difference from a gas guzzling SUV, really? With the additional $150 payment on this vehicle, I only save $75 per month on Gas. Car is great with lot's of great features, but for a car that is identified as a "fuel economic car", I would not recommend it to anyone looking to save for fuel costs. Most mid-sized cars have way better mileage than the Chrysler 200 so if you are looking to save, don't buy. Now I'm into this car for $25k! Not happy and now more in debt!!


We like our 2013 200 Touring and we have had no problem as of now. We have 2000 miles on it so far and get 27.5 mpg on the hwy. we have the 2.4 engine and 6 speed transmission. The price was good but the 72 month extended warranty was high with a 200 dollar deductible after the standard warranty.

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