2013 Toyota Corolla Priced at $17,025

Toyota Corolla

When the 2013 Toyota Corolla goes on sale later this summer, it will start at $17,025, including a $795 destination fee. That's a $100 increase in the MSRP and a $35 increase in the destination fee.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla is available in L, S and LE trims. For the 2013 model year, all Corolla trims get a new front grille. The LE trim gets a chrome grille and a chrome-accented beltline. Photos of the updates won't be available until September, according to Toyota North American representatives. Both LE and S trims get a 6.1-inch touch-screen display with USB connectivity and Bluetooth streaming audio, standard. The S trim sees a $240 price increase, and the LE trim gets a $270 price increase.

The LE is available with two new packages, and the S with three new packages, including a Premium Complete Package, which comes with navigation and Toyota's new Entune multimedia system and automatic climate control. The North American 2013 Toyota Corolla is already in production in Japan (since July 9); Toyota will begin production at its two North American plants in early August.

The 2013 Toyota Matrix also has been priced at $20,070, up $465 from the 2012 model year. It gets a new base audio system, which includes USB connectivity and Bluetooth standard. The S trim gets a 6.1-inch touch-screen display standard.

The 2013 Toyota Sienna was also priced at $27,280; it sees a fairly steep $1,410 price increase from the 2012 base model. That's because Toyota dropped the anemic four-cylinder base engine, which was available in 2012; all 2013 models now come standard with 266-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission. The base LE trim now comes standard with an eight-way power driver's seat and three-way automatic climate controls with a cabin air filter. The Limited trim now comes with standard blind spot monitoring, which is also newly available to the SE and XLE trims, too.

The 2013 Matrix and 2013 Sienna go into production starting early August, with sales starting shortly thereafter.

Continue below for more pricing details:

2013 Toyota Corolla (2012 prices in parenthesis)

  • L: $16,230 ($16,130)
  • LE (incl. automatic): $18,180 ($17,910)
  • S: $18,230 ($17,990)
  • Automatic transmission: $830 ($830)
  • Destination: $795 ($760)

2013 Toyota Matrix

  • L: $19,275 ($18,845)
  • S: $20,265 ($19,565)
  • S + AWD: $22,415 ($21,715)
  • Automatic transmission: $840 ($840)
  • Destination: $795 ($760)

2013 Toyota Sienna

  • Base w/4-cylinder: Discontinued ($25,060)
  • LE w/4-cylinder: Discontinued ($26,145)
  • LE: $26,435 ($26,300)
  • LE AWD: $32,315 ($31,930)
  • SE: $33,575 ($33,440)
  • XLE: $33,860 ($33,205)
  • XLE AWD: $36,300 ($35,545)
  • Limited: $39,955 ($39,300)
  • Limited AWD: $41,325 ($40,570)
  • Destination: $845 ($810)

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After having a 2012 Corolla for a rental car, I can't imagine spending 17k for one. Toyota used an overabundance of plastics and gave the car an overall cheap feel.

Fix it again

I agree with Bowrider. Had to drive a Corolla loaner while my prius was in for a recall. Cramped cabin and horrible ride. The Prius felt like a Mercedes S class by comparison. If you're going to spend 17K it makes sense to buy a used camry instead of the Corolla.


Wow, a new front grille! Super! Guess Toyota has been pouring all its time and energy into solving the run-away acceleration problem. I agree with Bowrider, the Corolla is cheap and dated feeling. It’s a semi-modern Ford Tempo.


Me and my pops rented a Corolla and liked it. The interior was simple without feeling cheap to us and it drove fine. It did its job as a solid A to B car. It never felt liked trash. So we like it.


Now i'm totally pissed. I just got my 2012 Corolla S back in February and I couldn'y get the display audio, though I got the bluetooth audio streaming. I got this car after driving a 2006 Accord EX-L V6 and even though I missed that car and I couldn't be happier with my Corolla S. I guess I will be trading mine in a few more months :) for a 2013 one.



I think there are much better options in the compact-car class. Just saying. Try some of the Corolla's competition out before spending your money on something mediocre.



At least, this does not stall on its own at every single freakin' stop sign and red light. (My old Tempo was that piece of crap)


Ever thought about an aftermarket radio?


No matter what anyone may say concerning the Corollas shortcomings it WILL continue to sell large worldwide, especially in the U.S...Some may find it boring, but it's considered bulletproof, so to speak, and those who don't care what anyone may think will continue to buy them. Just saying...Peace!<=AladdinSane-


Sorry: *Corolla's


Had a 2009 loaner (LE trim, 16" tires) for a couple of weeks when the current gen car came out. Was OK for a econo car, but the steering was the worst. At speeds over 50mph, the over-assisted, electric steering became very jittery and would not stay centered. Was fine below 50mph. Had to have a firm grip on the steering wheel as the car wanted to go off the road left or right. Based on that alone, I would never buy one. Are later model Corollas the same?

Mike S

Have an '09 S, and like it very much. Its styling, tweaked by designers in Turin, Italy, is far and away better than the refresh of '11--and now, there is yet another new grill in the offering? Oh, and a CHROME one, at that! Really, Toyota, you should have gone the way of your new Camry and made the aero options integrated into Corolla's rocker panels and front and rear fascias; kept the original grill and tail lamps; put padding on the center-console armrest; placed the door-panel rests at the same level as that of the center-console rest; kept auto-on headlights; kept rear-seat HVAC ducting; kept the leather-wrapped wheel; AND--most importantly--kept the center-console side pockets. But nooooooo...


The 2013 dodge dart is going to kill the Corolla. It starts at like $15,000, the Corolla is not going to be any better than that. My dad is dead set on giving me a Corolla, but if he does I'm just in a go traded immediately for the Dodge dart. The dart is a much better vehicle, it has leather almost everywhere that the touch. It has more horsepower and torque. It is also a larger vehicle and has more room. And it is cheaper in the base price! Although the one I'm getting will probably cost about $3000 more than the corolla.


My 2009 Corolla was a very good car.

I had a 2006 Lexus IS250, the lease expired, and I got the Corolla. The Corolla was comfortable and quiet. It got 39 mpg, which is better than my 2012 Legacy (4 cyl. also) The AC was better than the Lexus and the Subaru.

The Corolla was stolen, and I did not purchase another as I wanted AWD, so I got an RX350. I sold the RX and now drive a Legacy. When the 2013 Corolla comes out, I am considering getting that. With the Corolla being $10,000 less than the Legacy, I'm convinced the Toyota is an exceptional value.

To be able to go from 2 Lexus to a Corolla says something great about the Toyota.


The Dodge Dart is an unproven vehicle and the Chrysler group is still associated with inferior quality which will take years to shed. People will buy a Corolla based on reputation alone. That's why Toyota sells so many.


My Toyta 2004 is my dream. The car just keeps rolling and rolling with me through all the years. It is my darling, I call her cutie. I will buy a 2013 and have another love.


My wife still drives our 2003 Corolla (156,000 miles and going strong). I drove a 2010 Corolla but was rear ended and the car was totaled (bent rear axle and frame). Going after the 2013...Corolla is a great runner!

Thank you, nice job! This was the info I needed

Albert Williams

Toyota is rock solid. Dart well I'm in my mid 50's and have never been impressed with Chrysler/Dodge.


we have six toyota's in our fleet and one is a 2004 corolla and it has 275,000 miles and still going strong.

Don Long

There's a reason why Corolla is a best-seller in its class. It's dependable, it's reliable, and it's great value for the money.

The Corolla is not near as much fun to drive as a Mazda3, and the Corolla doesn't give you as much for your money as an Elantra does, but the Corolla will give you a lot more in retained value at trade-in time than any other car in that class, except the Civic.

musa umar

i priced toyota corolla 2013 $15,000

I remember I was 12 or 13, the first thing I drove was my granny's '03 Corolla. I usually move my dad's '04 Silverado, so the first time I moved the Corolla in a few months, I also noticed how responsive it was. I told my dad how much more responsive it is than his Silverado, and he said "Good thing the Silverado isn't responsive like that," referencing to the recall. Both brands are awesome. thnx, @Jimmy


I have a 2003 Corolla. It has 220,000 miles and still going strong. Yes in 2013 There are much snazier options out there. The Cruze, Focus, Civic, Sonata, Elantra, Kia Forte, Optima, Mazda 3 and 6, Altima, Sentra, Jetta, Legacy and for christ sake even the Suzuki Kizashi all are much hipper to look at. However one thing Toyota does right is reliability. I am waiting for Toyota to fire thier styling department and get with the program and make something visually apealing. When this happens I will get a new Corolla. But for now I will keep my trusted 2003 Corolla. It hasnt let me down yet.


Don't understand what some people are thinking I'm 6feet 3 inches 275 pounds and I drive mine with extreme comfort and love it it has more than enough power love mine


I couldn't imagine anyone not liking the new Corolla. Its better than a Ford, Dodge, or Chevy as far as class system. I've owned all 3 brands. Now on number 4, my Toyota is fully loaded. I even have @Bowrider's wife wanting to drive my Corolla. Along with wannabe @rich and his ford tempo that he is daydreaming about. @Rich you probably drive a vehicle that you think is a Maserati.(The best car ever made)But wake up, it's not...Know & learn.


Today is the 19 of April 2013.today or Saturday I will be purchasing a 2013 corolla . Why?? Because my old one 2000 has 340,000 miles on it. Never changed the alternator water pump exhaust system. Now would I get the same engine quality as any so called American car?? I don't think so or mileage. Honda or Toyota that's what I'll always buy. My wife drives the Honda CRV they are both very very dependable. Can't wait till I get my new corolla . :-)


I bought a 2013 Toyota Corolla LX and have two complaints; the steering and the gas mileage. First, it is obvious to me that problems with electric power steering over-compensating and have poor control at higher speeds are a generational issue with this model. It almost caused a lawsuit by the federal government for the 2009. Toyota came up with a partial fix for 2011-2012 models, and tweaked it again for the 2013. But above 65 mph, the steering is hyper-sensitive, drifts and over-compensates. This problem is solved by the different suspension parts in the S models. However, I drove second LX at the dealer after purchase and the steering was actually worse. I proceed to keep the steering wheel did center as the vehicle drifted from one side of the lane to another, with the salesman in the passenger seat, and only moving the wheel when the car finally threatened to cross lanes. At 75 mph+, the car is unsafe to drive. Where can you drive 75 mph legally? Few places, but your kids will do it. Coincidentally, everyone at the dealer had been well drilled in how to comment on this problem, universally stating "That's just how the car is normally". My 1981 Corolla had better steering. Finally, my two months of testing has arrived at 22 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, with the destination and origin being on the same block as the freeway exit ramp. Never again.


I'm looking to buy a new car, I'm coming from a 2006 Corolla that's gone from an accident and I wonder...so it's only the S model (which I didn't want) that won't have this steering problem you mentioned? Is there nothing from Toyota that will really fix this problem?

How many miles do you have on the car? Does it get any better with mileage over time?

I want reliability and it's why I'm struggling with the silly bells and whistles of these other brands that don't seem to have the reliability of Toyota and Honda (I haven't driven the Civic yet, I wasn't really looking for all the nonsense extras - I just want a reliable car the size of the Corolla to drive in LA).


The funny thing about reviews is they're all based on bells and whistles. That's it. That's why you get a bunch of Hyundai/Mazda fans bashing the Corolla on virtually everything that's bad about the corolla and nothing good. How funny! Anyways, Corolla's key strengths is durability, simplicity, and gas mileage. That's about it...and I don't think Corollas will retain much value. You can thank stupid rental companies like Hertz for that. Other thing I hate are PLASTICS EVERYWHERE. Zero excitement. But in the end, it's a practical transportation. What else could I count on besides Honda (which is overpriced) for that? hmm

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