2013 Honda Odyssey: What's Changed

2013 Honda Odyssey

  • Most significant changes: A backup camera is now standard across the lineup 
  • Price change: TBA 
  • On sale: This fall 
  • Which should you buy, 2012 or 2013? The 2012 is the winner of Cars.com's Ultimate Minivan Shootout; there's no need to wait for 2013. 

For the 2013 model year, the Honda Odyssey gets a standard backup camera on all trims. Previously, a backup camera was only available on the EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite trims. For 2013, the Pilot, Accord, Crosstour, CR-Z and Ridgeline also get a standard backup camera.

Besides the backup camera, and some minor, yet to be specified, content changes on some trims, the Odyssey carryovers to 2013 relatively unchanged. The 2013 Odyssey will be available in LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite trims.

The 2013 Honda Odyssey goes on sale later this fall. There's no word yet on pricing.

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Consumers Want Backup Cameras, Blind Spot Systems 
Backup Cameras Likely Mandated for 2014



What about the 6 speed automatic, is it now standard across the board?
That is far more important than a backup camera.

Better looking design. I just can't get around the idea of driving a mini van.

Why not design it more like a cross over instead of a small egg.


Gosh, that is literally the worst car design ever, in my opinion. Even uglier than the Aztek. There, I said it.


agreed, people used to complain that the interior of GM vehicles looked like they were designed by three or four different people that weren't allowed to talk to each other..well, that's what hondas look like these days. most of the current honda lineup has awkward styling that doesn't flow front to rear, and the odyssey is probably the worst offender.

I wonder why they are releasing the 2013 without big upgrades. Its a mistake.

Warren Smith

Will air conditioned seats be offered on the Touring models?


I was waiting for 6 speed automatic to become available for lower trims, if that doesn't happen I'll have to consider Sienna again.

Don't know why people rant about Odyssey ugliness, I think it's the best-looking minivan out there.


I heard that the 2013 Odyssey will be 2 inches longer and one inch wider. Plus have a better engine. True??

No,in fact that is not true. The second paragraph above explains that the Odyssey is basically the same as last year. That's what we tried to explain throughout this story.


My 2012 touring is amazing nothing to complain except it does not come with roof racks, unlike previous models they come with roof racks, now we have to shed $300 to install one which should have been free.


Hi. Im on my 3rd Odyssey. 2012 now. Installed 2 carseats in 2nd row. Now can't access 3rd?? Carseats in way of moving chair ...grrrr


I did not change my 2005 Odyssey in 2012 expecting a better exterior design in 2013. Now I will have to move to the Sienna. I will not buy an "Aztec" with the H in the front


I still own the first Odyssey 2000. I am a Honda loyalist. However , I do not like the latest design of the Odyssey esp the back windows. It looks like a funeral car.


Is there a rule of thumb for price reduction of the 2012 Odysseys when the 2013 come out?

Is it 20%?


Push to start button on touring? If not i'm not buying ...,.....seriously


Will the 2013 have the adjustable pedals? That was very helpful in my 2005.


@KK- Seriously? You wouldn't buy a car- sepecially a minivan, because you'd physically have to turn the key?


I wish the new Odyssey
have the Stow N' Go feature for the 2nd row seating like the Dodge Caravan.


funeral car :)

Well said. I am a odyssey driver. I love my van, but 2012 is the ugliest van ever


I actually love the 2012 Odyssey. Yes‚ it does kind of look like a hearse‚ but roof racks help to diminish that. The dark red paint is beautiful. I think the Sienna looks like a bulldog‚ and the middle row rails inside just collect dirt. Can't use them with weather mats. The ugliest minivan award‚ in my opinion‚ goes to the 2012 Nissan Quest. It looks like a futuristic toaster.


Imagine our surprise when we recently leased a 2012 Odyssey XL and there are not armrests on the interior sides of the two outer middle row seats! How absurd and uncomfortable, particularly if you ever decide to remove the removable middle/8th seat!
Anyone else bothered by this nonsense???

Pak Yaa

YES..aggreeed. Both 2012 & 2013 models really resemble a funeral car.

For Jacko

A minivan is a lot more pratical than gas guzzler SUVs. Moreover, they perform much better than then so called sport vehicles. My MPV gives gas to any Venza or CRV, for example. Probably Odyssey is even better. This, Jako thinking is just a narrow template way of looking at cars.


i drive 2007 odyssey exl , i love it i went to exchange it for 2012 minivan i hated the design, so i left the dealer shope,i hoped that 2013 will be a different design, but i am dis apointed.

Mom of 2

I just bought my first mini van and I am ecstatic about my new 2012 Honda odyssey touring. WOW what an amazing mini van I mean the look is beautiful from inside and out. I have gotten so may complements on it that it doesn't look like a mini van that it looks more like a suv style. I love driving around in it and I count wait to take on passenger to show them the luxury that this mini van has to offer.

Drive safe everyone

Older But Wiser

Odyssey which includes 2012 and 2013 models is not as good as the 2007 I have now. Also owned a 2000. Honda cheapened these new models by cutting down driver leg room, deleting the adjustable foot pedals, moving air conditioning vents on back two rows to sides instead of over passengers. And, it's still NOISY. AND, UGLY.


Fugliest thing on the road today.

New Leaf

I owned a 2000 Odyssey; then switched to 2006 Odyssey when it was redesigned and now thanks to Honda's new design I'll be getting a ... Toyota Sienna instead.


I have two kids now and have had the 09 odyssey and have loved it. Now im at a dilemma of going for the sienna due to the design flaw and lack of awd from honda. The commend of the teo car seats and not being able to access the back 3rd row is a big issue also. I love hondas, but they have got to get the formula right with the next design


Though i have seen enough of sienna somehow i love honda minivan and lookig forward to having one in 2013 by god grace.

Love My 2013

Just traded in my 2005 Honda Odyssey for a 2013, and I'm loving it. I wasn't sold on the design either, but it seems lower to the ground, and it is a blast to drive. Try one before you nix it due to the exterior design. You may findout that you enjoy the ride! I'm loving mine, and to date, only have gotten compliments on the looks.


I have a 2002 9bought new in Canada) currently with 319,000 kms on it with an added aftermarket tranmission cooler put in 2 years ago. I love the styling of the 2002 and the 2013, but unless mine 'bites the dust' I will not be shopping for the 2012/2013.


I should have tried the middle seats in my 2013 odyssey before we bought it. Just came back from an hour ride and it was the most uncomfortable ride I have ever had in a mini van . My 2003 caravan seats are more comfortable than those in the Honda


The 2012/13 design has a combination of both 2000 & 2007 designs and added a lightning bolt pattern on the side that characterizes an SUV look. I personally think it's an awesome beautiful design and the overall drivability is still holding Honda proud. The interior door latch handles look very cheap though, like those of toy plastics. Other than that, I love this 2012/13 unique design.


I'd have to disagree with those that think the new design is "ugly." The reason I purchased mine compared to the others was the design. The Sienna would've been my second choice but the rear was too "bland."
Also, it is the best handling minivan on the market right now.
As far as the comment on the accessing of the third row, why not just remove the middle seat?
Anyways, I love my 2013 Touring Elite and have no regrets:)


Very Disappointing that my 2012 EX-L did not come with roof racks.

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