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The redesigned Ford Escape is a stark departure from its more rugged-looking predecessor. Looks aside, the 2013 Escape got a much-needed update in every respect, especially with its new trio of fuel-efficient four-cylinder powertrain options and richly appointed cabin, according to Cars.com Managing Editor David Thomas. There are some issues, though, including an archaic system for folding the rear seats.

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By Colin Bird | July 16, 2012 | Comments (4)



don't forget that impending recall....


@D Oh, you mean that impending recall about them I believe it was removing a small panel or a piece of carpet so people can use their brakes more effectively? I've heard that's gonna hurt Ford's reputation very badly...

With all the others having there share of recalls, this one if true sounds like no big deal and most will never hear of it.


Belt-driven camshafts on the 1.6L? I'll pass.

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