2013 Ford C-Max Energi Priced at $33,745

On Monday, Ford revealed that the 2013 C-Max Energi, the automaker's first plug-in hybrid, will be capable of traveling about 20 miles on electric power alone. Today, Ford announced pricing for the plug-in. It will start at $33,745 when it goes on sale this fall; a destination charge was not given. The Energi will be eligible for a $3,750 federal tax credit, lowering the price to $29,995. California residents can apply for additional tax credits up to $1,500.

The wagon uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack to make 188 horsepower combined. According to Ford, the Energi makes about 60 more hp than the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid. Ford estimates the Energi will have a total range of 550 miles and get the city/highway combined equivalent of 95 MPGe.

The Energi will join the C-Max Hybrid, Ford’s first dedicated hybrid model, when it goes on sale this fall.

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Volume Van

Wow, C-Max is much bigger than Prius PIP in interior volume since this is wagon while that is Hatch.

If it can go 20 miles and it costs just $1,700 more than Prius PIP, this could challenge Prius PIP as well as Chevy Volt which costs $6,300 more than this for just another 15 mile range.

Great Job Ford.


Nice work, Ford. I hope Ford makes this power train or at least the regular hybrid available in the new Escape. Seems dumb they ditched the Escape Hybrid to me.

I'm checking with the IL EPA to see if they will offer a similar 'alternative fuel' rebate as they currently do for the LEAF and Volt. In the case of the these others, it's 10% of MSRP (up to $4K) so could actually be more generous than the CA rebate mentioned. This C-Max could be the ticket to something a bit bigger at a lower price point -- this car is pretty popular overseas (in Europe 144K on the non-hybrids have already been sold) but we'll need to see how much space gets lost by the batteries. Saw both at the Chicago Auto Show -- nice looking cars.

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