What Does This Button Do?

The 2012 Porsche 911 didn’t make our list of the Top 10 Cars for the 2012 Apocalypse, but one button may lead you to believe that it’s armed and ready for battle. Like an old pirate ship, the button’s graphic looks like two barrels pointing outward, ready to deal damage to the Chevrolet Cavalier parked in your 911’s reserved parking space at work.

Unlike many buttons, it’s completely clear what the button does after one touch. In this case, it’s loud and clear.

The button activates the 911’s optional sport exhaust system, perhaps one of the most aggressive sport mode exhausts out there and definitely one of the loudest I’ve tested. When flipped on, the exhaust’s sound transforms from a refined mechanical note to Hulk-smash angry with rumbling, gargles and spurts of popping on deceleration. 

The exhaust echoes throughout an entire parking garage, scaring off pigeons and muting passenger conversation. Standard 911 Carreras have oval exhaust tailpipes, while the optional sport exhaust ($2,925) available on the Carrera and Carrera S uses dual tips for each side. These are reflected in the button’s graphic.


Not only is the exhaust mode activated by the driver, but it can also open up automatically when the 911’s Sport mode is activated. To hear the standard and sport exhaust in action, visit Porsche’s website here for sound clips of both systems. 

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I'd say it has to do with exhaust tone.


Wait til JCWhitney gets hold of this! Their version of such a button will be purchased for every coffee-can exhaust of every kiddie car!

Toni Hanner

...and you do this because....?


Oh great, a way to make these midlife-crisis-mobiles even more of a compensator :P Hybrid and electric vehicles FTW!

Allistar Evans

Your definitely exagerating. It sounds interesting but its certainly not menancing nor does it invoke fear. Remember its an inline 6 cyliner with 4 pipes. Thats not necessarily frightening. You cant imitate the sound or replicate the fears of a big block v8 with dual straight dual pipes that are so loud that you can be heard another block away. You guys do a great job of reporting, but if this is what it takes to please you, your standards disappeared or you are easily pleased.


I want a button like that!

me me

I like :)

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