Mini Rocketman Concept Gets Even More British

Mini Rocketman Concept

In commemoration of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Mini has repackaged its Rocketman Concept, which was first seen at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, to give it even more British overtones. Additions include red, white and blue paint and accents along the exterior and within the cabin. Continue below for more photos.

Mini Rocketman Concept at 2011 Geneva Motor Show 
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    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept

    Mini Rocketman Concept



that grille is as polarizing as the Mazda smiley face.


Overall, I really like this concept. I’m OK with the grille. I can see it being polarizing a bit. Not as awful as the Mazda grille, though, and I’m a Mazda fan. Those weird red shape things on the interior seem impractical.


It is probably worth remembering who is calling the shots here. The German (i.e. BMW) idea of what being British means is not representative of reality.


I love it.

I'm not sure MINI knows what it ultimately wants to do with this concept.

It could lead to the design of the next Cooper and Cooper S (it's been 6 model years!), but it's WAY too similar to be a separate model sold next to the Coopers.

That Mini definitely looks British! From the color and hues to the design and make of the vehicle, it’s definitely a Brit. But what I love is the retro look of the car interior. The car seats and the design match the color perfectly. Even the seat belts are patterned according to the overall look of the vehicle. I can imagine Austin Powers riding that mini!

This car reminds me a lot of Austin Powers! It’s so groovy and very British indeed. The interiors are really stylish and modern with a touch of the 70’s. I love it!  

Cool! The car’s interior reminds me of a spaceship’s command center! I’m sure a lot Mini fans are going to love the concept of this car. The design of the roof and the colors really screams British! I love it! =)

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