Reviews the 2013 Acura RDX


Acura took an already good vehicle and made it better with the 2013 RDX, says Managing Editor Dave Thomas. Though it gained size and horsepower for the new model year, the compact crossover is lighter and more fuel efficient for 2013. An upgraded interior and reasonable prices enhance its appeal in this pricey segment, Thomas says.

2013 Acura RDX Review



Good review. It's worth the extra $1400 for the two extra cylinders and it's interesting that the mileage improves with the V6 over the turbo four. BMW upped it's price on the base three series by a whole bunch more, while reducing the number of cylinders from six to four.

I'd say the new 328 is even more of an improvement going from 6 to 4 than the RDX going from 4 to 6 ;)


I haven't driven either one yet but everything I've heard about the turbo 4 BMW is good. I just wish they would have held the line on the price a little more. Does the new turbo 4 Explorer exhibit any of the same symptoms of last year's RDX or did Ford do a better job with the power delivery?


@david thomas

Don't think too many are going to cross shop the 328 and the RDX. I've driven the new RDX and the improvement from 2012 to 2013 is dramatic. More fluid power delivery, better ride, vastly nicer and more attractive interior and slightly better exterior styling. This is a win for Acura....for a change.

I agree, people aren't going to cross shop those two cars, but they both recently changed their powerplants.

As for the Ford EcoBoost, it isn't a very gutsy engine. it's designed for efficiency so it actually delivers power in a very smooth fashion. The bigger the vehicle like Explorer, the less powerful it feels. I like it in the Edge though. But prefer the new 1.6 turbo in the Escape vs the 2.0 which you don't need in that small a car like you do in the Edge and Explorer.


Thanks Dave, it's good to hear from a pro who gets to drive all the different vehicles.

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The new 2013 Acura RDX is really a nice and superb model.It has 273 horsepower V6 engine which is maintained by 6-speed automatic transmission.You will surely love to drive this upcoming model.It has a nice Interior and Exterior look.

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