413,418 2011-2012 Chevrolet Cruze Vehicles Recalled

2012 Chevy Cruze

GM announced two voluntary recalls today for its popular Chevrolet Cruze. The first recall affects all U.S.-produced manual- and automatic-transmission Cruzes built between September 2010 and May 2012.

On those vehicles, the engine shield under the vehicle could cause an engine fire, according to the automaker. An improper oil change could result in oil dripping onto the engine shield, which may ignite and burn, possibly causing an engine compartment fire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration already opened a preliminary investigation in April for this issue as a result of two engine compartment fires in 2011 Cruzes and later added the 2012 model year, GM says.

Another voluntary recall will assure that all the welds were completed on the rear compartment of the Cruze. GM has discovered that 249 Cruze vehicles may have missed some welding during production that could affect the fuel-tank strap secondary bracket attached to the floor structure and sub-assembly of the rear floor pan.

Owners of the affected vehicles will receive recall notices starting July 11, GM says. The modification of the engine shield will take about 30 minutes and will be conducted free of charge. Owners who have their Cruze recalled for the welding error will have the issue fixed if necessary, with the repairs taking about three hours to complete.

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Hard to believe they sold that many of them. A compact car that can only get 22 mpg in the city with 138 hp.

kent harris

It's clearly one of the best cars in the class. See the most recent Motor Trend (august) in which it placed a close second to the Mazda 3 and way ahead of the Jetta TDI, Civic HF, Focus, and Elantra--which was dead last. Most get 26-28 mpg in the city. The 22mpg is only the low volume LS automatic. The ECO makes up 22% of sales and more than half of those are manuals.


Wow best cars in class. The Cruz is on fire, in more ways than one.

is this a good car? how much does it cost because i see this car in alot of movies. Wow it looks kind of cool too


I'm so glad I went with the Elantra as it's been 100% reliable.

Agent Mike

This is what you get when you buy a GM product built by UAW members....


Is it just me, or has there been more than one recalls for the Cruze?


There's been like 5 recalls for the Cruze...


Recalls are actually a good thing.

I owned both a Chevy truck with saddle-bag gas tanks and a Pinto way back when, and there were no recalls until some people had already died.

Those people that died could have been me, or my wife or even my kids when they became old enough to get their driver's license.

The Cruze is popular especially with rental fleets. So how many of the rental cars are going to be fixed? We won't know until someone gets hurt or killed.


Recalls are not a good thing. Yes, they help when something is wrong. What would be a good thing, though, would be to build the thing right the first time.


"...would be to build the thing right the first time."

That will never happen! No manufacturer is perfect. Even airplanes built to a much higher standard have recalls.

So you would prefer no recalls, then?

My guess is MOST people would want their vehicles recalled if something is found to be wrong or unsafe.

You would be the exception.


So if you read the recall, the oil splash shield issue is only an issue during an oil change- if the pan is hot, and you drip oil on it, the oil COULD catch fire.

Silly- just don't drip oil on the pan. There is no mention of the number of times this has happened- and Chevy is selling 20,000 + Cruises a month.

Cruise is a far safer car than many out there.

By the way Rich- UAW workers have nothing to do with the design. Those are designed by engineers who have no Union. UAW just builds them, they don't design them.


I've had my cruze for about a year now and I average 36-38 mpg...of course it does have a manual transmission so that helps. Before buying this car I was dead set against ever owning a Chevy (my husband talked me into buying this one b/c I insisted on a 6-speed) but I'm very satisfied with my Cruze.


you mean the UAW workers that went out and got drunk or high on their breaks?


I am a Chevy Cruze owner and I am very satisfied with it. I will just get taken care of what needs done with the recall. At least there is no hiding the problem and they are fixing it. It gets great gas mileage and is a very nice car.


I own a 2012 Chevy Cruze, and quite frankly I've paid a lot more for other cars in the past, but the Cruze is still the best vehicle I've ever owned. I have a 1LT with the 1.4L turbo and RS appearance package...and I'm blowing away the fuel economy estimates! Not to mention--it looks fantastic!! My combined city/hwy mileage consistently exceeds 37mpg...low 30's in town and over 40 on the hwy!

Glen Nelson

Please note that there is two engines that come with this car - I have a 2012 Cruze LS that comes with a 138 HP 1.8 I4. It gets 25-26 in town and 36-37 on the highway - the other models have a 1.4 turbo - they are suppose to get better gas milage but I don't have anyway to prove that. I like my Cruze. It is built a lot like a midsize but is a compact. The standard equipment is way above most compacts. It rides real good and handles like a BMW. I went with the non-turbo because I am not sure turbos are not over rated and require a lot of maintenance - I would prefer a supercharger so as not to get the turbo lag


I purchased a 2012 Cruze 1LT about 2 months ago and have to say. I get more looks with this car than I did with my BMW. It runs great, is real quiet, handles like a BMW and I get 41MPG on the highway and 35MPG in the city. It an automatic. I'm 65 retired and of all the cars I've owned from my first a 64 GTO to this. This one is my favorite. Everything is right where you want it to be regarding instruments, and switches. Fit and finish is outstanding for a car in this price range. DRIVE ONE- YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED.


Be VERY careful if you own a car that is recalled and think GM will take care of you. I owned a 2003 Saturn Vue and got a recall notice for the transmission blowing out on hundreds of thousands 2002-2004 Saturns with a VTi transmission. The catch was that IF and WHEN my transmission died only THEN would they assist. Well, it died on me and their catch now is that it needs to have under 125,000 miles (mine only has 78,000) AND be less than 8 yrs. old (mine is 9). What a crock!! They know the transmissions were crap and yet, they found loopholes so they wouldn't have to assist people when it did happen. Even those who they said they would help, they only offered "up to $5,000 credit towards the purchase of a new GM car". Notice the words "UP TO"?


I just bought the Cruze Ls and after reading some reviews,was kind of wishing I would have gotten the 1.8 ltr turbo model because it got better mileage.I couldnt be any happier with my mileage I drive mainly highway 65 mi a day and i'm getting about 38mpg.I love the looks of the car and it drives great.So glad I didnt buy a Honda like i was considering


I own a 2012 cruze and its fantastic-its loaded with all the stuff I wanted and has 6 speed. If I drive the speed limit and throw it in nutral down every hill and every chance I get I can actually get over 51 mpg---but since I am like most drivers doing the limit is not an option, so I average 38-42 mpg on my way to and from work every day (92 miles). As far as the recalls---I will just get them fixed. Its a great car all around-tight and quiet, and good looking too-wish I could find a girl like that!


Lisa, you're not alone in this. My daughter-in-law had something similar happen with her GM car.

She now drives a 2011 Honda Pilot, bought new. No muss. No fuss. No problems. No warranty issues. Gets great mileage. Starts every time. Runs great!

Super ownership experience. What more can anyone ask for?

I own a 2012 1LT cruze and I love it and it gets great gas milage about 30 city and 38hwy


i have a 2012 cruze ls
im impressed with the great fuel mileage stylish looks and a great price
keep up the good work chevrolet best compact car youve buildt in years


i own a 2012 cruze LT 1.4 turbo. i get avg. 30 in town an 42-48 on hyw. i love this car its done me good so far.


Got a 2012 Cruze 1LT a couple months ago. Have been very impressed with it thus far. Many in my family have gone GM or Toyota and both companies have always treated us well.


Ive have a 2012 Cruzeand I taking it to the dealer 3 different things it has shut off on me is it they had to change the fuel recovery system they stayed with my car for about a week umm now my car is making a knocking noise that
GM said that they don't know what the problem is but yet 2011
to the 2013 make that knocking noise I have the bulletin and
um they just keep giving me
the runaround I don't know
how much I can take off this
but if I coulda bought another
car I would have bought
another car didn't matter what
brand I would have never gone
with Chevy if I woulda known
that they knew what was going
on and now they have also the
recall on the airbags that's too
many recalls for me I'm going
to lemon law

Mpho Rapoo

I bought my Cruze in June 2010. It has been to 15000 & 30000km and was on 43000 when it stopped while I was driving at 120km . It nearly killed me coz it just stopped .Was told that it overheated and needs a new engine. How sad is this a factory fault? It is an automatic transmission Personally I have lost trust in the car


If you few people who believe in buying import cars over domestic manufactures feel you have a right to bitch. Go back to where your manufacturer is from. This country just is just not cold enough. Weed out the imports


I have a 2011 chevy cruze, and it was recalled for the fire hazard. Since I've bought the car ove had nothing but problems with the pressure plate and throwout bearing (its a manual). But I've done some work on it with my own custom short ram air intake and custom exhaust and my cruze gets 49mpg highway and 30mpg city. So I can't complain with the gas mileage being that I drive 200 miles a day. But all in all its a nice car.


I test drove the 2012 chevrolet cruze, loved it. I'm waiting for the one I chose to be shipped her to Houston. Thank you guys so much for the great reviews, I think I'm making a great investment, it was more positive then negative, and that says a lot. #teamchevycruze

D. Pugh

I got my 2012 Cruze LS [in 2012]; in May to be precise. I have had no problems with it (knock on wood); but I have yet to get all of the recalls addressed. Still, the car runs like new; I've had two oil changes with no problems and she's still gettin' up. Every time I think about trading in for a 2014 anything, I just go for a drive in my LS and those thoughts fade. I'm [still] happy with it.

Tamika Ross

I bought the 2013 chey cruse LS and 6,000 miles after it turned out that the breaks broke in half. They admitted they sold me a car that had defected breaks on it, than after they replaced the breaks. They told me that the routers were 80 percent since they shaved them down. People don't know that you not supposed to ever shave routers on a brand new car. I will never recommend this car to anyone.

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