2013 Mazda3: What's Changed

2013 Mazda3

  • Most significant changes: 40-mpg engine added to more affordable trim level 
  • Price change: TBA  
  • On sale: TBA 
  • Which should you buy, 2012 or 2013? Until 2013 price changes are made available, there's no reason not to get a 2012 model

For the 2013 model year, the most important changes coming to the Mazda3 includes greater availability of the company's new SkyActiv powertrain as well as more standard comfort features.

The 2013 Mazda3 is available in i SV, i Sport, i Touring, i Grand Touring, s Touring and s Grand Touring trims.

The i Sport trim — available as a sedan only — gets a SkyActiv powertrain standard for 2013, replacing the 148-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The 155-hp, 2.0-liter SkyActiv four-cylinder engine with direct injection, adds 10% more passing-lane torque than the normal 2.0-liter four-cylinder and is available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy comes in at an impressive 28/40 mpg city/highway for the sedan model with an automatic transmission.

While pricing information isn't available, the i Sport was $1,855 less expensive than the most affordable SkyActiv trim (an i Touring sedan) available in 2012.

Other changes to the i Sport make it more competitive with the segment and don't force shoppers to move up to a Touring trim. For 2013, it adds the multi-information display seen on the rest of the lineup and a USB port as standard equipment. The higher trim levels also receive a USB port standard, which is an odd feature for Mazda not to have.

Air conditioning is now standard on all models; formerly air conditioning was unavailable on the base i SV trim. A passive entry keyless system, push-button start and automatic climate control are now standard on the i Touring and i Grand Touring trims (formerly the options were unavailable). Blind spot monitoring is now standard on the i Grand Touring and s Grand Touring trims and available on the i Touring.

The s Grand Touring now gets rain-sensing windshield wipers, self-leveling bi-xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights and an alarm system standard.

A firm launch date for the 2013 Mazda3 wasn't made available, though Mazda spokeswoman Beverly Braga said it will go on sale later in 2012.

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I’m a Mazda fan but those trim levels are confusing. “i Grand Touring” and "s Grand Touring”, really?!


The "i" stands for the low hp, better mpg skyactiv engine and the "s" stands for the higher hp, lower mpg model. The equipment levels are now the same. What's so confusing about that? It's actually less confusing than before.


It's confusing.


No it's not.


I hope they go back to a standard navi/entertainment screen... the tiny screen in the 2012 is the reason why I'm not getting a 3.


Maybe not to you, Skank, but to the average female customer walking into a car dealership, cross-shopping this and other cars in its class, it is confusing.

The Mazda3 is one of the few compact sedans/hatches that offers two different four-cylinder engines so widely. I would say they'd be better off calling the i version just the Mazda 3 and the s version the Mazda 3 Sport or Mazda3S. But Mazda 3 Sport Grand Touring would be really confusing...


Couldn't agree more on the small navigation screen. I'd love for the 2013 to include the same dashboard setup that the new CX5 carries.


Mazda salesman: Oh, yes MS., you can get these same trims with a little larger engine. We call it our "s" series.

Female Customer: Oh, that is just too confusing. It was also too confusing when I had to choose between a I4 and a V6 for my last car. We girls just can't handle two different engine choices.

Obviously, I'm being sarcastic and don't think any female would be confused by this and I think it would be sexist to think otherwise.


i versus s. The i applies to any trim level that has the 2.0 SkyActiv engine (39/40 mpg hwy.) The s applies to any trim level with the 2.5 engine that has a little more HP but 10 less mpgs hwy. The technology advancements in the new SkyActiv, it is said, pretty much matches the performance of the 2.5 but saves significant gas.


I nearly bought a Mazda3 i Grand Touring on Monday, but I just couldn't bring myself to do so with it lacking at least 1 USB port and a touch screen interface. I wish I could take the tech aspects of the Focus, slap it into the Mazda3 I would have the perfect car. If the 2013 model comes with both of those features and otherwise mostly carries over, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.


What irks me the most about the 3 is that I cannot buy the SkyActive engine in a Grand Touring trim with the six speed manual. Come on Mazda, make that available for 2013 and I'll buy one!


I'm with Sal. I'm in the market for a new car and the Mazda3 has everything I want, minus the incredibly dated interior. Now its wondering whether I should wait one excruciating year for the next gen 3 or go for the 2013 model. Garrrrr


Since the engine choices are now almost identical in every set up, the best way to remember it, is that "i" designates the 4-door sedan, and "s" designates the 5-door hatchback.


Nick, there is an i touring and i grand touring as well as a s touring and s grand touring in the hatchback model. the "i" and "s" refer to the engine( "i" meaning the skyativ engine and "s" meaning the 2.5L engine). the number of doors (either 4dr or 5dr) refer to the number of doors (shocking I know). so a "Mazda3 i touring 5dr" is the hatchback with the skyactiv engine and touring trim

Yirmin Snipe

I was a Mazda fan until they started making them all look like grinning manga faces... Sorry but I'll just keep fixing my old mazda until it falls apart or they fired the idiot that created the grinning grills and make them look normal again.


I wish that many of the CX-5 interior features were available with the 3 i grand touring - Push-button start, Touchscreen, USB-port - USB PORT, and a few other things. I think I'll hold off on the 3 until those features are added or grab a CX-5 when I can actually haggle on 'em.


What I want to know is why the exterior and interior color choice is SO LIMITED in the Mazda3!?

I like Velocity Red and the Indigo Lights in the current version but a) the red is only available in one $$$ trim and B) Indigo lights only has the cream interior. I don't want an interior that gets dirty easily! What ever happen to black or even better, grey?

What happens to the choice that other countries have available? Lack of exterior and interior selections will probably make me look else where despite liking the Mazda3 design.

Jason Kelly

I test drove the I and S models and I find that the skyactiv model isn't as smooth as the sport model. I tested both in automatic and the I model shifts gears harder it feels like. There is a noticeable HP difference as well. I'm torn on which model to buy in hatchback because the sport model just looks so much better with dual exhaust and a nicer spoiler. But are those things worth the gas mileage sacrifice I'll be making?


Pick whatever you want to drive, but consider these numbers. I bought a 2012 i touring, the difference in cost between s and i would be $3k for me, $250 more for insurance(this is dumb, $125 more per 6 months for the extra .5 liter) and about $400 more for gas (both these numbers reflect a 20 mile one way commute to work, 5 days a week) Hope this helps.

I love my Mazda 3 i touring

kristy hudson

We brought Mazda 2 Genki in June We are fine it is to small to put things in we brought all the accessories for it. Every thing in the boot keeps falling over. I really wanted the Mazda 3 Maxx sport is SP20 Skyactiv the only thing I don't like about it Navigation it is to small why don't you put tom-tom in there 6 or 7 inch. The back clear glass don't stand out on the lights at day time should have red and orange to yellow. Clear should be only for Reversing

kristy hudson

I hear you are bringing 8 new colours out in the 2013 Mazda 3 can you bring that Celestial blue Mica back. That is the best colour blue you ever had. The Sky blue on the road a night don't stand out in the dark and Champion yellow you need light colour to stand out night


Will the mazda3 i sport have the moonroof/bose option in the 2013?


Court i could not agree more. the color options are lame. black and the ugly dune interior is no choice to me at all. i hope the new 2013 will have better interior colors to choose from and also ex colors.


Will the mazda 3i sport have the moonroof/bose option in 2013?

neil b.

Aside from all the other comments, I sure do think that Mazda could a lot better at this price point in terms of seat comfort in the 3--especially in the leather seats--and for goodness sake--add lumbar adjustments.

Volume Van

Welcome to another 40 MPG vehicle. Good that its available in Wagon version which is more spacious.

Sedan has 106 cu. ft. interior space

Wagon has 112 cu. ft.


FYI for everyone who was curious - the 2013 Mazda 3 now has the same touch screen, full color voice-guided navi setup as the CX-5, replacing the compact navi with steering controls as seen on the 2012 model. It's standard on the grand touring models, and is available with Pandora andSMS text messaging. Additionally, Mazda has added the USB port as standard equipment across all trim levels. I've just traded my 2012 i grand touring hatchback for the new 2013 grand touring with tech package, and abslutely love it! By the way, the i grand touring model is now available with a 6-speed manual transmission, previously only available in automatic on the highest trim.


Purchased a 2012 Mazda 3 i-touring hatchback last week.

The Good : Quick to 60 for an Eco car, Getting 37 on my hilly highway drive to work, interior is spartan (I Like that), plenty of room for the car pool, Head Lights work awesome, purchased color in dark grey to hid the smile (it works), No GPS (I hate car GPS Units, a pain to update), Better than the civic in the back seat, hatchback

The Bad, The seats are a little firm, front buckets are to small for Fat People, (I am not fat, fit me fine), 20Gs out the door.

I have been looking over a year for a car, Drove the GTI, the GLI and the Ford Focus, a ton of Subaru crap, Nissan Junk. This car does NOT HAVE a CVT but is still has an auto with get up and go. The CVT tranny is for gocarts from the 60s. (CVT has been around for years called a Comet torque converter) Every car I drove with a CTV had harsh noise and vibration with putting the pedal down. Go Drive One decide what is important, fancy dials or a car you can live with getting on the freeway and at the pump.

Compairing to a GTI and GLI those are much nicer but cost 6k more with an Auto.

Compairing to the ford focus the mazda was much quicker and responsive.

Compairing to the rest with CVT transmissions, they are trash.

The the engine and transmission in the SkyActiv is just that good really.

The other problem is upkeep, I couldn't think of what the cost of VW parts could be........


I bought a 2012 3s Grand Touring back in June and love the car, it was the only 2.5/GT/manual with tech package in the state haha. To date I have had no gripes with it, I agree the NAV screen is a bit small but honestly I dont really use it much (faster to get GPS going on my phone).

I dont see what the confusion is with the i vs s, you have two engine sizes and each size has a few trim choices, what is there to be confused about?


The i and s trims do not reflect just the engine type but standard and option features. s grand touring has everything while i grand touring lacks a few features otherwise standard on s grand touring.

so, in fact it is kinda confusing to a casual customer especially in the used car market in a couple of years.

Mazda is the One

The i Grand Touring offers a 6 speed Automatic Transmission whereas an S Grand Touring offers a 5 speed Automatic Transmission. Both offer a 6 speed Manual Transmission.

Mazda is the One

The i Grand Touring offers a 6 speed Manual and a 6 speed Automatic while the s Grand Touring offers a 6 speed Manual and a 5 speed Automatic.

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