2013 Ford Taurus EPA-Rated at 32 MPG

Ford's largest sedan was just inducted into the 30-plus-mpg club. The 2013 Ford Taurus' turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is EPA-rated at 32 mpg highway, beating Ford’s previous estimate by 1 mpg.

The EcoBoost engine makes 237 horsepower and is joined by two others in the Taurus lineup: a 290-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 and a 365-hp, turbocharged V-6. The regular 3.5-liter is EPA-rated at 19/29 mpg city/highway and the turbocharged V-6 gets 17/25 mpg.

According to Ford, the Taurus EcoBoost is the class leader in fuel economy, besting rivals like the 2012 Chevrolet Impala (18/30 mpg), 2012 Chrysler 300 (19/31 mpg) and 2012 Toyota Avalon (19/28), though they all use a V-6. According to the automaker, the following helped boost fuel economy:

  • Low-tension front-end accessory drive belt
  • Smart battery management
  • Aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff
  • Variable-displacement air-conditioning compressor
  • Reduced friction lubricants
  • Electric power-assisted steering

The 2013 Ford Taurus will begin arriving in dealerships later this summer.

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SIGH... how about ULEV ratings? Just about every Toyota is ULEV-II or better. That's pretty significant when most manufactures don't even publish their emissions score. Otherwise, with a family of four I'd be hard pressed to pick the V4 over a V6 over 1-2mpg's highway. If I was single well, I wouldn't be driving a Taurus.


arriving later this summer? I think i've already seen 1 or 2 at my local Avis!!

Derrick G

Wow d,

Sorry you have to regularly visit your LOCAL Avis. Maybe you should tell us what you drive so we can avoid it if you're having to go a rental agency regularly.


I find it amusing Ford thinks the answer to everything is ecoboost. As if they just discovered this amazing new technology called Turbocharging.
I love turbos but putting them on everything just increases production time/cost, likelihood of mechanical problems, and the cost of fixing said problem.


Im wondering about how the EPA rates turbo vehicles...how much time is spent driving in the boost range? Sure you can get 32 mpg if you keep a light foot, but for a 4 cylinder to be able to move a larger car like the Taurus with any ooomph, i imagine the mpg would drop significantly.


It comes out later? I already saw a whole lot of rentals in Yellowstone...

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