2013 Chevrolet Equinox: What's Changed

2013 Chevrolet Equinox

  • Most significant changes: More powerful V-6 
  • Price change: TBA 
  • On sale: August  
  • Which should you buy, 2012 or 2013? If you're a V-6 shopper, you should wait for a 2013; otherwise, a 2012 shouldn't bring buyer's remorse.

For the 2013 model year the Chevrolet Equinox gets a more powerful V-6 option, new suspension tuning and greater availability of convenience and safety features. It will continue to be available in LS, LT (1LT and 2LT) and LTZ trims.

The new V-6 engine — first unveiled on the 2013 GMC Terrain Denali — produces 301 horsepower and 272 pounds-feet of torque, which is 14% more horsepower and 22% more torque than the previous 3.0-liter V-6. Fuel-economy figures for the 3.6-liter are the same as the 3.0-liter: 17/24 mpg city/highway for front-wheel drive (subtract 1 mpg from both figures for all-wheel drive).

Like the 3.0-liter V-6, the new V-6 is only available on midrange LT and top-of-the-line LTZ trims. The LTZ trim gets a new FE2 Suspension Package that includes dual-flow dampers to make the ride more refined. It also features either 18- or 19-inch alloy wheels.

For the first time, the Equinox has an available eight-way power passenger seat and a universal garage door opener. Both features are a part of the Power Convenience Package that's available on the 2LT and LTZ trims.

The 2012 Equinox's optional Safety Package, which included a forward collision alert, lane departure warning and rear park assist systems, is now available on the 2013 Equinox 2LT and standard on LTZ with either the four-cylinder or V-6.

There's also an available rear entertainment system that has a dual-player DVD system with dual screens and two sets of wireless headphones on the 2LT and LTZ trims.

MyLink, which debuted late in the 2012 model year, is available with the optional navigation system on either the 2LT or the LTZ trims.

We expect pricing to be announced closer to when the 2013s hit dealerships in August.

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The bump in torque is nice, but is it in the usable rpm range? Has towing capacity changed? What transmission does it have? [I'm guessing the same as the old six, but I have no idea what that was...]


A power boost like this is always a positive. 0 to 60 improved by about a second vs the old engine. It's actually faster than the new escape with the turbo.


But the escape can drive by the gas station, so that isn't a hug deal. It's an SUV, not a rocket - how about some e-assist or a 3.0l V6 with improved economy figures, if they can put in a more powerful 3.6l with the same milage I am sure they could find a way to have less power with better economy. Like the edge, for example, I know many owners that would exchange a few HP for a few MPG. And I don't mean to the extreme of going down to the I4, there should be an option for resonable power and economy - not an extreme.


How much are they???????????


No!!! we don't need more horsepower, we need better mpg, The Equinox is a pig now, getting very poor mileage, if GM would bring us the Cruze hatchback or wagon then I'd buy one... but no sell them all over the world exept at home. Is gm still an American co. or not.


i noticed it says august release date, i been looking everywhere for the release date but could not find it anywhere ive asked dealers,gm authority,as well as cust. service at equinox blog, they all have said differing things, so i wanted to know which date exactly will they be released ,or when will i be able to pre order and if i do how long will it take,these are the things you should include in your article as im sure thats how many have come to your blog because thats what they are google searching for.Any help would be greatly appreciated,also if possible do you know what price it will cost,or what price the 2012 will be when the 2013 comes out,thank you for your time.


I'll take the horsepower bump over gas milage gains, especially since my driving style nets me lower gas milage on engines that are supposed to be more fuel efficient.

Also, I had a 2012 Impala as a rental with the 3.6 V6, and it was rated for 30 highway mpg; I was getting around 34 or so, so the fuel milage on the V6 equinox could be under-rated as well.


I'm considering the 2012 or 2013 4 cylinder AWD LS Equinox. All my friends get 28 on the highway, so no way will I get the 6 cylinder. Plus, it's E85 and I have an E85 pump a block from my house.


I would love to an equinox with bucket seats in back and all seats to be air condition..now that's having your cake and eat it too!


I have 2010 nox. Before I bought it I did compare a lot of vehicles in the same line of crossovers. I have compared the computer average gas mileage verses my own calculations on probably 20 fill-ups and my average is 2mpg less ever time. I have alternated my driving habits with the Eco Mode on and off. It most of the time reads I get around 27 unless I do a lot of highway driving then it stays around 29. Not bad for the size of vehicle it is and less areo dynamic than cars. I am going block the lower portion of the air dam and see if it helps as I have read it can and not hurt the cooling system.

jc aissie

I am very satisfied with the purchase of my 2013 6 cyl equinox,but one thing that really pisses me off is that you can not buy a on- offroad tire for a vehicule that chevrolet sell for a SUV not a passenger car but yet they equiped that vehicule with a passenger car tire 225-65-17.I do about 50% offroad driving and if i would have known it would not have been my choice of vehicule.anybody has an ideal what type of tire that would be at least close to a 6 ply tire.thanks

Guy Lacroix

You can try General Grabber HTS or Geoloander AT-S of Yokohama. They're may be not 6 plies, but good tire for off-road driving.

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