2013 Acura ILX Video

The ILX is the first Acura to share underpinnings with a Honda Civic since the late Acura RSX. Despite the shared foundation, the two vehicles are very different, according to Cars.com Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder. Despite some added sophistication, there might not be enough reasons to buy this Acura, especially since there isn’t a lot of demand for compact entry-level luxury cars, Wiesenfelder says.

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I hate to say this but this car is going to either have a very short run or they are going to have to drastically step up the fun factor to compete with the Verano Turbo. If not, it may be a good deal at $7k off MSRP down the road.


Uh....did you say compete with the Verano Turbo? Both of those cars are going to be gone sooner rather than later.


I don't think so. The Verano is a huge seller in China and I think the Verano is selling ok now but a lot of people have waited for the turbo to check out. From the way it sounds it may be a real sleeper.

The ILX is just underpowered for a premium car no matter what size it is. If they put the 2.4L in the base model with the auto trans they may be able to sell enough to make a go of it.

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