2012 Tesla Model S Deliveries Start Today, EPA Figures Official

2012 Tesla Model S

The 2012 Tesla Model S has been in production since at least the start of June, and today, the first 10 Signature models will be picked up by owners at Tesla's factory in California, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Signature models are priced from $95,400 to $107,850. Eventually, when more trims go online, the Model S could be had for about $57,400.

The EV startup also announced on Thursday a new partnership with Wells Fargo to provide more retail financing options on the Model S. Tesla is looking into offering a full range of financing options, including leases.

EPA figures were also made official this week. We reported on the EPA rating for the largest battery on the Model S — an 85 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion pack, but the figures are now up on the EPA's website. The Tesla Model S will have an estimated range of 265 miles. While that exceeds the range of any other electric vehicle on the market today, the figure is 12% lower than the 300-mile range Tesla originally quoted. We'd expect to see similar decreases in ranges on the Model S' 40- and 60-kWh batteries (160 miles and 230 miles, respectively), when the EPA tests those vehicles.

Despite the superb range, the Model S is one of the least efficient EVs to date, with an MPGe rating of 89 in the combined cycle — 88 MPGe city and 90 MPGe highway. Compared to the combined tested efficiency of the 2013 Honda Fit EV (118 MPGe), 2012 Ford Focus EV (105 MPGe) and 2012 Nissan Leaf (99 MPGe), the Tesla does lag, but the midsize Model S is bit larger than the other EVs in terms of passenger and cargo space. It's also three times more powerful. The electric motor produces a maximum of 416 horsepower and 443 pounds-feet of torque on the Model S Signature performance trim, which can propel the vehicle from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 130 mph.

The electric carmaker already has more than 10,000 reservations for the Model S and 1,000 reservations for its recently announced Model X crossover. Tesla plans on delivering at least 5,300 Model S vehicles this year and 20,000 in 2013, according to the company. Analysts though are less optimistic; AutoPacific estimates Tesla will sell only 4,500 Model S vehicles in 2013 and 5,500 in 2014, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Here's how to provide useless perspective and miss the point:

"the Model S is one of the least efficient EVs to date, with an MPGe rating of 89 in the combined cycle."

As the article casually notes later, the S is significantly larger (not just "a bit" larger) than the typical compact EV, and it is much, much more powerful. So not only does it triple or quadruple the range of smaller EVs, it is much more fun to drive, as well as more versatile. It's suited to a wider range of daily driving situations and highway travel. All that, and there's just a tiny MPGe difference? Let's get our priorities straight here.

How do you know it's fun to drive? Do you own one? Have you extensively driven the other EVs on the market to know that they're not fun?

We'll make that judgement when we drive the Model S extensively. Also, the Tesla Model S has only 1-3 more cubic feet of passenger and cargo volume. So , yes, just a "bit" more room.

Also, the fact remains that this is the least efficient EV to date. The reasoning for it doesn't trump the fact.


Why are you comparing a Model S to a Honda Fit in the first place? Do you routinely start a review of a BMW 528i by comparing it's gas mileage to that of a Chevy Cobalt?

Show me where Tesla claims to compete with any of those vehicles you mention. The BMW 5 series vehicles and Mercedes E Class cars that are their actual competition have gas mileage that ranges from 17mpg-25mpg which the Model S beats by many multiples.

And it does it while matching or exceeding those vehicles in performance and total cost of ownership. Comparing it to a Nissan Leaf or those other electrics you mention is intellectually lazy.

Volume Van

I have seen Tesla Model S in a showroom.

Its awesome, yes it has 2 trunks (1 in back and 1 in front).
7 seater (5 adults + 2 children)
17 inch monitor.

Its more than Benz and BMW with V12 engines and without any cylinder. Compared to them its lot more fuel efficient.

I wish those who buy such high end 100,000 + cars start considering this.

If they sell 5,000 units as they promised, the foundations of German auto industry will start shaking.

Max Reid

Among the EVs it has lower mileage, but similar vehicles using gas have only 10 MPG and compared to them 89 MPGe is great. So dont talk bad about this car.

A small startup like Tesla could do what the giants like GM, Toyota & Daimler could not do.

Bill wiggins

This article and NPR I listened to this morning totally misses the point. Absolutely the worst reporting I have ever read or listened to from NPR. It is like you have an agenda to destroy this car from the start. A 300 mile range car has never been available before, this is a real option for long commutes. The business plan is working, you should look into that, the future holds a similar car for $20,000. Rethink how you are approaching this news, unless you want to promote our continued use of petroleum for transportation.

I would love to own this car.Lets see if they can keep up to estimated range of 265 miles.

Max Reid

Well said apps.

"EPA is brainless." Because its controlled by oil companies.

Miles / Kwh should be used for Electric vehicles instead of the confusing MPGe which can never be measured.

There are 10,600+ EV charging stations and their count is expected to increase and reach that of Gasoline. It will be the 1st that that any fuel could challenge Electricity.


I think it is great that a company can make a car so awesome and prove that electric can be more than a Prius. But $57,000 - really? Try making a car for people who can't afford gas these days not people who can afford a $57,000 car.

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