2013 Subaru Forester: What's Changed

2013 Subaru Forester

  • Most significant changes: Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming are standard 
  • Price change: TBA 
  • On sale: TBA 
  • Which should you buy, 2012 or 2013? No need to wait on 2013; get a 2012

The Subaru Forester hits the 2013 model year with only incremental changes. It’s due for a complete redesign that should debut in the coming year as a 2014 model. Changes to the 2013 version include additional equipment options to the base 2.5x trim.

The 2013 Forester is available in 2.5X, 2.5X Premium, 2.5X Limited, 2.5X Touring, 2.5XT Premium and 2.5XT Touring trims.

For the 2013 model year, the base 2.5X gets Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity with audio streaming, iPod controls and a USB port, all standard. Steering-wheel-mounted audio and Bluetooth controls are also newly standard equipment.

There aren't many changes for 2013 because for the 2011 model year, the Forester received a mild exterior refresh and a new four-cylinder powertrain. For 2012, all Foresters got a height-adjustable front passenger seat, and some models offered an optional 6.1-inch display and backup camera.

A newly revised Value Package on the 2.5X includes a display-type audio system, fog lights, heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and a windshield de-icer.

No word yet on pricing or estimated delivery date to dealerships, but we do know that Subaru dealers have started to take orders for the model. Cars.com's new-car inventory currently shows more than 10,000 2012 Foresters, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one before the 2013s arrive.

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well i mean we can all see that the price has sure changed!


at least Subaru is moving to reasonable product cycles...the last forester was on the market with minor and incremental changes for what, 10 years?

I keep purchasing Subaru Forester parts for my year 2000. I think after my latest purchase I will start saving for the 2014 model, since you note there is not much difference between the 2012 and 2013 models. I love my current Subaru and can't wait to purchase my next one, although it would be nice to have iPod features now.


Please give us a decent cup holder for the front seats. Small easy fix, but makes a big difference.

Randy Sammons

Am hoping...but doubt..always wanted the Subaru Forest to have the 'STI' model as they have over seas..or at least the 265 wrx engine ad the Rav4 has that very nice 270hp v6. ..Also, would like a parking assistance package with viewing in the nav screen.
There has been talk of the CVT trans..but the 4 speed seems well. We presentlly have two Forester XT's with the 4 speed auto.
I keep my fingers crossed

Armando J .Cardenas

The only thing that is keeping me from buying it is that 4 speed transmission ...... one more speed , please .

Tom Eastburn

Why not get the European Model (tdi diesel) over here to the states. I really would love to buy one, as I won't be purchasing my 4th Subaru otherwise.


I'm on my 4th Subaru Forester, a 2013, after my insurance company totaled my 2001 as the damage to the doors exceeded 65% of it's value. My old one got better mileage (avg 26-29 and 33 on roads like US 12 in Utah). It had a full size spare which I faithfully rotated into use each service.

Lacking a full size spare when I blew a side wall (my error) I couldn't get a new Yokohama in Quebec - back order for 2 weeks and I had to drive for a week with promises of "it will be here tomorrow.".

That stupid small tire is worthless and has limited range (200+ miles) and you need to reduce your speed too. I finally ended up buying 2 new tires that can now only be rotated left to right or front to back in pairs.

If the 2014 version doesn't has a full spare. Don't plan trips on rough roads. If that's the way Subaru is going, I probably won't ever buy another.

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