Nissan Confirms New Rogue for 2013

Nissan Hi-Cross Concept

Buried within the news about the launch of the 2013 Nissan Altima, Nissan confirmed that it's preparing an all-new version of its Rogue compact crossover. We don't know much beyond that, but we expect the model to be heavily influenced by the Hi-Cross Concept shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The concept was a seven-passenger compact crossover featuring the Rogue's inline-four engine along with a new turbocharged four-cylinder coupled to a hybrid powertrain, and a new continuously variable automatic transmission. It seems perfectly reasonable to expect all those powertrains on the new Rogue, given the competitive nature of the segment.

Nissan is in the middle of a product renaissance. In all, four new models will join the 2013 Altima sedan in the coming months. Nissan even revealed some of the order: The all-new Pathfinder comes next, followed by the Rogue. We also know the automaker is working on a Sentra replacement and is preparing some sort of subcompact hatchback, possibly the Versa hatch.

Nissan also confirmed that the Rogue will be built in the United States for the first time; the current model is built in Japan. The new Rogue will be built alongside the Leaf, Pathfinder, Frontier, Xterra and Maxima at the carmaker's Tennessee assembly plant starting in 2013.

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Concept photo looks a bit "jukey", and having the one oddball looking Juke in Nissan's lineup is enough.
As for a third row? Just doesnt appear like there is enough room.

Who Buys the Juke? I mean really. Why is Nissan wasting resources when they should be building a small RWD coupe to compete with the BRZ abd FR-S


Why would Nissan be worried about the brz when they have the 370? But I like the concept and think the design will carryover well into the new rogue.

Nissan guy

Do people who talks bad about the Juke ever driven one?


I love it. The one & only reason I've been looking @ only the Murano is because of the front end on the Juke & Rogue. While the Juke is by far the worst looking from the front the Rogue isn't pretty either. Either would suite me great & I like both but just can't get over the hideous front ends on them. Needless to say, Honestly, I love the look of the 2013 Rogue. Aggressive yet elegant & incredible sharp. Though it definitely has to lose the wheels pictured. Go w/ something akin to the Enkei 19s on the Murano LE. I might have to buy a beater for the Winter when I park my Z & just hold for one of these instead of a Murano.


I've had two Rogues (2009 & 2011)Living in New England, both great cars. But I have to agree that the front of the Rogue is Ugly!! Please Nissan, get it right this time. I really like the conceot pic.

I like the new design of the Rogue - Very futuristic. Also, it's about time they start producing the US models in the United States. With the state of the current economy I think people will appreciate "buying American".


I own a 2010 Rogue. It does need a lill of changes in the look but besides that I love it. Is good on gas and a very smooth ride, can't wait to see the new 2013!

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