GM Files 'Riviera' Trademark

Buick Riviera

The Buick brand has been gaining momentum in recent years with popular entries like the Enclave and the LaCrosse. As the premium marque continues to fill out its lineup with compact entries like the Encore and the Verano, there's some evidence the brand may get it's coveted “Riviera” nameplate back, according to GM Inside News, a General Motors' enthusiast web forum.

From the 1963-99 model years, the Riviera was a halo coupe car for Buick. Trademarking the Riviera name doesn't necessarily mean GM plans on making a production vehicle or even a concept vehicle for that matter. However, there are some indications that it wants to further expand the Buick lineup — especially to capitalize on growing sales in China, where Buick is one of the largest brands.

Two years ago, Buick told us it was considering adding a coupe, convertible and wagon to its lineup.

If those models are still in the cards, it's possible that the coupe/convertible could get the Riviera nod, but we'll just have to wait and see.

GM Trademarks Riviera Name For Vehicle Use (GM Inside News)

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I thought the policy of this site was not to publish speculative information?


It's not speculation, they legitimately filed for the name. That's the point of the article. After that, it's stated that Buick told that they were thinking of adding the aforementioned styles of cars, which would also not be speculation.


I guess they don't care about the "Toronado" name? :-)

Ken L.


Probably not -Sounds too much like a disaster name, and those haven't been good to GM. Riviera has an exotic connotation to it.


Buick should stick to new names, especially if they are considering a coupe. Past Rivieras were faux luxury cars with tacky add-ons to make them look expensive, but overall the look screams cheap and guady. The 1980s pretty much ruined the name.


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