Dream Catcher or Air Freshener: What Hangs From Your Rearview Mirror?

Rearview mirror
I've never been one of those people who dangle items from their rearview mirrors. While the law differs from state to state, in Colorado, where I live, having an item dangle from your rearview mirror can be considered an "obstruction of the driver's required view," according to a local police sergeant. It can be grounds for being pulled over and getting a ticket.

I've never felt the urge to assert my individuality from my rearview mirror, but the threat of a fine is added incentive to keep the view out my windshield free and clear.

In my state, it seems the majority of drivers is unaware of this law, which also pertains to mounting a navigation system on your dash or even having a broken or cracked windshield or front side windows. I've been keeping track of the items I've seen hanging from rearview mirrors over the past few weeks and have come up with an eccentric list:
  • Hello Kitty figurine
  • Crocheted heart
  • Cross and prayer beads
  • Mini disco ball
  • Handcuffs (regular metal variety as well as the pink, fuzzy kind)
  • Mexican flag
  • Graduation tassels
  • Bridal garter
  • Dream catcher
  • Crystals
  • Fuzzy dice
  • Work ID
  • Glow-stick jewelry
  • Cardboard air freshener
  • Baby shoe
  • Plastic football helmet

What do you have hanging from your rearview mirror (or from your "friend's" rearview mirror if you prefer not to publicly announce that you're breaking the law ... breaking the law)? Tell us in the comment section below.

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By Kristin Varela | May 23, 2012 | Comments (9)



just the lil tree air fresher and my wireless headphones for me listen to music while i work out


I have a small little football figure that is a key chain. The only thing you can see is the bottom of his feet behind the mirror so it doesn't impede my vision at all.


I have a parking permit for my university.. at $103 per quarter to park there, I should be able to place it anywhere!! lol


I have the SKULL STEALER FAERY Ornament by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.


I used to have like 10 of those air freshener trees hanging from it until a cop pulled me over and issued me a citiation for distracted driving. What a joke!

Ste (The Original S.G.)

EVERYONE here has their home country flag hanging. We personally have a cross in our car, and there are plenty of parking passes I see that drivers hang 24/7.


Parking ID & Red White & Blue


A miniature pretty cute dream catcher with tiny feathers of some sort my granddaughter found at a real native american souvenir shop and of all places, Colorado lol. For some odd reason, I actually feel like I'm driving safer too and hey I haven't had a ticket yet! You all should hang one up and see if cops will bother you again when you're behind your wheel with that in your rearview mirror. ^_^

Pulled over for having 10 in your car? That may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of in my life...and I've heard quite a few.

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