Reviews the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth

The sported-up version of Fiat's tiny 500 has extra horsepower and catch-me-if-you-can styling, but its appeal ends there, according to Editor Kelsey Mays. Sure, the 500 Abarth is fun to drive, but its shortcomings really stand out: a brashly loud exhaust note, a steep price premium and an obvious lack of powertrain and cabin refinement, Mays says.

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By Jennifer Geiger | May 15, 2012 | Comments (11)



"brashly loud exhaust note"

Did someone miss the point?


How old is this reviewer? 90?

Some might find these negatives as positives.


I am not sure if they even got into the car since I would say that is much more refined of many of the cars in the same segment and cheaper that everything else out there.


It's a Fiat not a Lexus. BIG improvement over the old 500


Umm.. I stopped reading after the bad logic and faulty arithmetic 'calculating' a turning radius from a steering ratio. Come on.. did this writer finish High School?

A faster steering ratio does not impact the turning radius, it helps you get there evern quicker at the cost of more force needed to turn the wheel at low speed. If you have noodle-arms, then parking a tiny car could be difficult for you. For you, there's a Lexinity that parks itself...

The math is also wrong.. 0.7 is an increase to the 2.3, not to the 3.0 (turns lock-to-lock).. and again, the only way to increase the turning radius from 30 to 37 feet is to change the suspension components/steering rack to lock-out the wheels earlier.. has nothing to do w/ the gear ratio of the steering wheel to front wheel angle.

Yo! Stop reviewing niche automobiles and stick to Hyundais.

An auto

R Reader

I'm a lesbian trapped in man's body. Does that count? Gimme.


Ridiculous non-"review".
There is more useable info provided in the Fiat marketing brochure than in this "review"!
Did someone actually drive the car prior to writing about it?
The calculations used and comparisons are not even close.
What on Earth are you comparing the Fiat with?
Having trouble parking this 500? Then return your license to motor vehicles and keep using your bicycle.
After my wife & I test drove them:
- it is a ton fun to drive (a"hoot" to drive as one guy said)
- the seats support my 6' frame better than most comparable cars
- It seems bigger inside than the outside suggests
- the extra HP is appreciated on the highway/passing
- its stable at highway speeds
- huge improvent over the last Fiat 500
- rear holds all the groceries plus a couple of beer cases and other refreshments
- we are seriously considering picking one up ASAP.
- great bang for your fun buck

I think the Abarth is the only Fiat I would ever buy. Someone compared it to a pissed off bee. But I say turbo power!

This is the first negative review I've seen on the Abarth. I can see how its looks may be an acquired taste, and that 160HP sounds diminutive compared to 200+ that is in most cars these days, but there is a lot to love about the Abarth.

I don't think this reviewer really got the point of the Abarth. Complaining about the loud exhaust?...Really? That was one of the selling points for me. Mine is a few short weeks away from being in my drive way.


Good assessment, GTI looks like a much more robust inside and out, more car for the money...the 500 is even "smaller" in person, and the blind spot is a killer. Kia Rio gives you a much better Warranty as well. Don't let the lipstick fool you here. You still end up with revised car, based on the Panda. We need more critical reviewers

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