Reviews the 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe

2012 chevy tahoe
Chevrolet's full-size Tahoe SUV excels at towing, but it's also dated and thirsty, says Managing Editor Dave Thomas. If you don't need Tahoe's hefty towing capacity, there are other vehicles on the market that offer more passenger and interior cargo room, like Chevy's own Traverse three-row crossover. It's cheaper, more fuel efficient and offers more cargo room than the Tahoe, Thomas says.

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe Review


Amuro Ray

To imply that you need this SUV for the two or three times in your life that you might actually tow something is irresponsible and outlandish. Rent a truck in that case.

People lived just fine before the age of the dinosaur-sized SUV, and people will live just fine after. If they can do without these beasts in Europe and Asia then what makes US citizens feel like they're so much different?

If you need a large people mover and want to buy a Chevy, go look at the Traverse. A superior vehicle in every way.

Allistar Evans

Well for starters, gas in europe is around eight dollars a gallon( us dollars). Thats one reason europe has smaller cars. Two, the roads in europe can barely fit their smaller cars. Next, do whatever you want with your money. If you want a cramped tiny compact that gets great gas mileage, go for it, more power to you. However, I have no concerns for gas mileage, and even if gas went up to ten dollars a gallon, I still would not care about driving a big, thirtsy v8 truck.

Rent a truck? hahaha... you sound throughly imcompetent and couldn't find your own butt on the toilet. Stick to your lousy four cylinder that screams when exerted too much force. I have no patience for pathetic and gutless cars. What do you think you trade off for to get good gas mileage? Unless you want to bring up some exquisite and expensive porsche hybrids, you can't have performance and gas mileage. The typical consumer cannot afford that.

Americans are not ashamed to drive bigger,heavier, and more powerful vehicles. U.S. muscle may not be adorned anymore, but a '70s cadillac eldorado with the 500 cubic inch v8 engine will not lose to a new 2012 Nissan GT-R, with over 500 hp and torque.

Matt C.

@ AR

US families have more children than families in Europe and Asia. But Allistar's point is dead on. If Americans want to buy an "outlandish" vehicle because they like driving a huge vehicle that is that person's business. That is what makes America so much better than everywhere else, we have that freedom to decide and you have that freedom to ignorantly judge how others live their lives.


Well I see the judge of all things right and wrong is back. It was so peaceful without these diatribes.


"...a '70s cadillac eldorado with the 500 cubic inch v8 engine will not lose to a new 2012 Nissan GT-R, with over 500 hp and torque."

Yes it would, Mr. Crazy Person. I really hope you were joking.

"Stick to your lousy four cylinder that screams when exerted too much force."

Now who is the one sounding incompetent? Also, why would his own ass be IN the toilet?

A.R. clearly pointed out if you are only using the utility of a truck of this size a few times then there is no reason to buy it.

If you want people to understand and follow your free thinking and opinions then perhaps you take a deep breath and listen to how foolish you sound.


Everyone will stand in front of God and will give account for what they did, no matter what they drive

Amuro Ray

Allistar, please learn to use proper grammar and writing mechanics before trying to call someone else incompetent, you fool.

Apparently you are blind. Did I mention an econobox or a four-cylinder engine? I specifically said Traverse. Learn to read, or at least try some reading comprehension.

US consumers should be ashamed. Why? You people cannot be simultaneously against terrorism while shipping US dollars to corrupt Middle Eastern countries to fuel your gas pig. You must support terrorists by extension.

Matt, do some research before commenting. Better to remain silent... US fertility is 2.1 per woman, Europe is 1.6 per woman. Oh, yes. A nine passenger SUV is so necessary to accommodate that extra .5 child.

And Eldorado vs. GT-R? Eldorado winning? Really? This statement is so silly I wonder if you even know what cars are.


Choose what you like and let the marketplace rule. Look at the Ford Excursion and the Hummers. People stopped buying enough of them to make it not worthwhile to manufacture them. Eventually the Tahoe might go the same way. The Traverse is more popular now because most people don't really need a trucklike vehicle but they want a large enough vehicle to haul their families. If customers still want Tahoes, Suburbans,Expeditions, and Navigators they are still available. If they eventually are not made it is because there will not be enough demand.

Allistar Evans

i is not dumb, AR! I can love wasting if I want ,it is america!

Allistar Evans

^ TROLL above

well, lets see

Last time I checked, America has the highest GDP per person in the world. That makes an average american richer than say, an average german or average chinese. Look oversees at Europe. Greece had already defaulted, and many countries are looking at America to solve potential money crisis.

We do this with these road whales that you sentimental tree huggers insist on bringing up. Since we dont pay anywhere near what europe pays for gas, whats the big deal?

Correcting me on my grammatical errors must make you feel better, because I have passed College english, and I do not ever want to take another again. Such a simple class can be so frustrating.

On another note, Yes it is possible to support the fight against terrorism and continue to pay the middle east countries that provide the volatile oil. Think about this, we have enough reserves in our country to provide our citizens with gas for decades. What we can do is run out all the middle eastern countries supply of oil( The term OPEC ring any bell?), then we can jack up the price of our domestic oil and ship it back to them.

On the contrary, why am I arguing with you about this? Your not intelligient enough to know that in a market, supply and demand dicate price. So when Syria or a smaller producing country, puts a halt on the supply, that brings up the price because demand exceeds supply which is a shortage. Vice versa for demand exceeding supply.

I am a throughly competent and smart individual who does not rest his power of opinion on correcting grammatical errors like several of the collagues on this blog.


i DoNt KnOW SoN!

P.S. thank china, india and the other developing coutnries role in increasing gas prices. More demand creates more supply which raises the price, so unless china and india become more serious about the one child only policy, unfortunately there will be nothing you, I, or any of the editors can do to lower the price.

Simply put, drive you little smart for two weany car, were not the ones cramped, and myself for example, doesnt care at what price gas reaches, or how low the mileage becomes.

Allistar Evans

Also GDP growth for America is 2% while england is a measly 0.8% and greece is in the negative, what troubles me is that china owns 47% of us debt, which is a cause for concern. We should be more focused on reducing the maount of jobs outsourced and cut our spending and raise taxes. This is definitely a more important priority than improving mpg's on todays cars.


If you think the US has the highest GDP per capita in the world then you need to really relook at your data. As someone who has a MS in Economics I'm not even going to bother with the remainder of your trite thoughts... you've already displayed a gross ignorance of where the US actually ranks in the world.


Let's not get carried away with this argument. This is just a review of the 2012 Tahoe. If you like SUVs and trucks fine, if you think they are wasteful and not necessary that is fine too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Personally I have no interest in them but at least they are available for those that have a need or an interest in them. The free market will determine their survival. Free market also means if the price of fuel escallates to where few want to buy these vehicles. That will be determined by the consumers.


Good boy, Jeff!

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