Family Reviews the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu


For 2013, the Chevy Malibu gains better fuel economy with its Eco trim, but it loses some roominess in the backseat, says Family contributor Courtney Messenbaugh. Even though the Malibu Eco can’t fit three child-safety seats across its second row, it still has enough family-friendly features for us to recommend it, such as its good looks and quiet cabin (when the kids aren’t along for the ride).

2013 Chevrolet Malibu Review



The Camry even though its design is a year older is a much better car. For starters you can get a real hybrid with much better mpg. The Camry offers a V6, the blown 4 banger won't last. The Camry has 10 airbags including rear seat-mounted torso-protection airbags. I wouldn't sit in the back seat of a Malibu, it is not safe in a side impact, side curtains don't cut it. The Camry is built with more very high strength steel making it safer in impacts and avoiding them. The rear seat in the Malibu won't fit adults, the trunk it too small. The ECO model will get worse real life gas milage than the base Camry 4 Cylinder. With the new Accord and Altima coming out why would anyone want a Malibu except Avis.

Amuro Ray

Sure, you can get the overpriced and bland driving characteristics of the Camry. Essentially the looks are a slight evolution of an already vanilla design. In addition, Toyota's quest to be the world's largest automaker came at what cost? Remember the massive failure of not offering such a basic feature as brake over-ride?

It appears a bit different from others, inclusive of its high tech features, eco Model's innards are worth an admiration as well.


John, you sure are a toilet, no wonder you want to buy a camry to kill the USA business. How about you move to japan and we don't need you here, they got lots of sushi you can eat there. Nobody was saying the Malibu is the best, but you already sell our nation out before even consider. go away!

This is really an intersted blog......Thanks for sharing with us.


I thought the Malibu had 8 airbags. Why would the backseat be unsafe?


It looks pretty good except for the trunk, tail lights and console stack. My dad has a 2012 Malibu and I've noticed riding with him, the interior feels tight (for two 6' tall guys). The article seems like the new Malibu is just as snug. I thought they would have addressed that in the new design? If I needed a new car, I would rather buy a current Impala instead of this car. With alot more space, V6 power with a little more cost, the Impala seems like the better deal. This car might hold an advantage now, but competition is fierce in this class. It should sell well.



By stating that someone is supporting our country's ideal of capitalism is already a sin itself.

Bieber Justin

all my peeps go for the new kia optima sx sedan, no mre words see n test drive for yourself. camry accord or any is crap in front of it in any areas..may it be safety,performance,fuel efficiency,features,looks,design,service,etc its currently number one in evrythin

Max Reid

Eco Model will be a hit, also they are offering start / stop system. BTW, V6 engine is gone.

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