Family Reviews the 2012 Honda CR-V


The redesigned 2012 Honda CR-V hit mostly high notes during Family contributor BreAnn Ahara’s weeklong test drive of the compact crossover. It fit her family of four well, but she was unimpressed with its cheap-looking interior.

2012 Honda CR-V Review



Honda is the auto maker of the last century! They have fallen so far behind their competitors. Their sales show it.
Customers have found better products on the market.

The Road NOISE Level in beyond description. They just do not care about their customers comfort.
No direct injection.
Four and five speed trannys.
Cheap interiors.

No features that other makers offer about just blue tooth? Da?

Problems with breaks wearing out, tranny problems and some engine issues has knocked Honda way down the list of autos that new buyers will be looking to purchase.


Find me a 4 speed tranny first before shouting any more nonsense.


Bluetooth comes standard in all crv trims stupid. No feature is free, I can't believe you said that, they're built into the price. It's the best selling crossover in the market (outsold the Malibu last year, and Honda doesn't sell fleet vehicles!) Get the facts straight before you talk trash. You've probably never even driven one...

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