2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Car Seat Check

You'll have loads of fun driving Hyundai's sleek and sporty Genesis coupe and you'll look good, too — especially after its 2013 refresh. However, parents should be aware that the fun stops just short of the backseat, where it's incredibly difficult to install child-safety seats.

For the Car Seat Check, we use a Graco SnugRide 30 rear-facing infant-safety seat, a Britax Roundabout convertible child-safety seat and Graco high-back TurboBooster seat.

The front seats are adjusted to a comfortable position for a 6-foot driver and a 5-foot-8 passenger. The three child seats are installed in the second row. The booster seat sits behind the driver's seat, and the infant seat and convertible seats are installed behind the passenger seat. We also install the infant seat in the second row's middle seat with the booster and convertible in the outboard seats to see if three car seats will fit. If there's a third row, we install the booster seat and a forward-facing convertible.

Here's how the Hyundai Genesis coupe did in Cars.com's Car Seat Check:

Latch system:
The backseat has room for two passengers and there are two sets of Latch anchors in each seat. The sport seats have firm cushions and the anchors are in slits within the fabric, set deep into the seat. They are difficult to access.

Booster seat:
Though the seats are heavily bolstered, the booster seat fit well on the seat. The seat belt buckles are recessed into the bolster, but they sit far enough away from the booster seat that they might be easy for kids to use.

2013-hyundai-genesis-coupe-forward conv
Convertible seat:
Though this coupe has fixed head restraints, they didn’t get in the way and the forward-facing convertible fit fine on the seat. It was also easy to install thanks to its rigid connectors and the car’s accessible tether anchors; there’s two of them under hinged plastic covers on the rear shelf. The rear-facing convertible, however, was difficult to install. Flipped this way, the car seat’s base blocked access to the Latch anchors, and their deep placement complicated matters. After two people tried for several minutes to install it, we ended up using the seat belt instead.

2013-hyundai-genesis-coupe-rear conv
Infant-safety seat:
For this car seat to fit, we had to move the front passenger seat forward a little bit. The passenger still had enough room. It was difficult to connect this seat’s traditional connectors to the Latch anchors.

How many car seats fit in the second row?

Editor's note: For three car seats — infant-safety seat, convertible and booster seats — to fit in a car, our criterion is that a child sitting in the booster seat must be able to reach the seat belt buckle. Parents should also remember that they can use the Latch system or a seat belt to install a car seat.

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A car seat check for a 2-door sports car or any sports car? Come on. This is pointless...I could kind of agree on testing how the booster seat rates but a rear facing seat? No way....


While I agree it's less then ideal a lot of people still use coupes when they are just starting out with a family and it's good to know how these things fit in the car. I honestly never thought I'd have to worry about it either, but over the years with friends and whatever I've had a few car seats in my GTO so it does happen and it's nice to know.


I know cars.com finds subcompact, compact, midsize and fullsize sedans, hatches, and wagons oh so boring. But if they're going to give "buying advice" start with realistic cars. This recent car seat check is the height of absurdity.


An infant safety seat wouldn't be too bad in a 2 door since it just pops in and out of the base. The only tricky thing will be if the carrier fits through the opening between the door and folded up passenger seat.


Guess you must have run out of other stuff to bitch about. I think cars.com caters to a wide spectrum of people interested in cars so while this hits a small demographic, it is still pertinent for many people. They give buying advice to all sorts of people I guess - much to your displeasure.

Oh, BTW, did you notice they have a review of the 4dr Sentra compact sedan posted now. You should feel vindicated as they took your sage advice.


Lance, you genius! The Sentra, yes. What a desireable and fine selling vehicle.

Get a life.


LOL. I've got a life thank you. I don't spend my time complaining about everything. You wanted a 4dr compact sedan review...you got it and your still bitching.

Thanks for the review. Not all new parents want a 4 door car so its good seeing what a baby seat would look like in a coupe.


I found humor in these two quotes back to back:

"I know cars.com finds subcompact, compact, midsize and fullsize sedans, hatches, and wagons oh so boring."


"Lance, you genius! The Sentra, yes. What a desireable and fine selling vehicle."

You want them to do it on realistic cars, but then get upset...when they do?


Stop being an ignorant twit for the sake of being an ignorant twit, Roackaby.

Very few people haul their kids in a RWD coupe however, many people haul their kids in the plethora of compact and midsize sedans and CUVs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that those cars should be tested for the "car seat check" while RWD coupes should have something more akin to their strengths... amateur track day results perhaps?

And IF cars.com reviewed the Sentra to placate me as Lance suggested then they're still doing a poor job of choosing relevant models. I'd rather see multiple reviews of the same car in different trim levels than see a poorly driving, cheap feeling penalty box. Would you buy a Sentra given the other segment choices? No. So STFU.


The Sentra is the cheapest car in America, of course it has a market.

Oh and you spelled my name wrong...


Versa, not Sentra.


My fault.

This car has too much going on in the front, and that huge black mouth makes it look like an ugly catfish. And since when did Hyundai start using LED lights at the bottom of the front of the car just like Mercedes?? I just wish Hyundai could be more original, then maybe everyone would finally take them seriously. And fake hood vents too? I smell a wannabe car.

Ivan Richardson

Personally, I found this a very useful check; my wife and I are expecting our first kid later this year, and are looking for a fun second car to replace her RSX. While I'm an occasional reader of this blog to begin with (and knew about the car seat checks), I got to this article by google on Hyundai Genesis Car seat check. I got a good chuckle when I ran into it again on page two.

Sadly, sounds iffy on being enough room for a rear-facing seat, even with neither of us being especially tall. Any suggestions on something genuinely fun-to-drive (two doors or four) with room for a car seat, an automatic (sorry Mazdaspeed 3 and WRX), non-horrible mileage (sorry, Dodge Challenger!) and not too much over $35k (sorry anything from BMW)


"I know cars.com finds subcompact, compact, midsize and fullsize sedans, hatches, and wagons oh so boring. But if they're going to give "buying advice" start with realistic cars. This recent car seat check is the height of absurdity."

Some people may purchase this as a "fun" car that occasionally get child-transport duty. The Genesis coupe is very affordable as an extra fun car. My RX-8 R3 fits that bill very well. They did a carseat check on the GT-R for goodness' sake.


Thank you for this!!!! Not all parents drive minivans...to all the rude commentors I have to ask...jealous?? I drive the Hyundai sports car and have a 7.5 month old. Starting to research the forward facing seats and this has been helpful. Having a child doesn't mean your ride of choice has to be boring. :-)


How about our situation where the genesis coupe is a fun weekend car besides the regular 2 cars we drive (maxima and durango) yes, the wife drives the hemi suv to crush the crazy civic ricers.


Thanks for the seat test...I'm thinking about switching cars for a month with a friend who has a manual trans genesis and a broken left leg.

Also for the haters I saw a Mini Cooper Clubman with two car seats in the back and the vanity plate "ClubMom"

This car has too much going on in the front, and that huge black mouth makes it look like an ugly catfish.


Thanks for the info. I have a 9 month old and just purchased a Genesis. It's not a "family car" but we have the SUV for that.


Thank you to Cars.com for doing this check. While our coupe is our second car "for fun" you never know when you'll need to use it (i.e. the "family" car is in ths shop for any reason). Nice to know if it is at least possible to get the car seat in the back as a back-up plan. I found this very helpful.


As a dad of two young boys who bought a Sienna for family duty and just can't take another year of driving the Camry back and forth to work, I'm glad to see this particular info on the Genesis coupe. I figure the Sienna in the driveway allows me to get whatever I want for commuter duty, and it's nice to know the boosters will fit fine in the backseat of the GenCoupe, should the men of the family decide to have a little fun on the weekend. :)

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