2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Video

People who own Jeep Wranglers love them with a burning passion, according to Cars.com Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder. Unfortunately, the cult of the Wrangler, and its unique off-road capabilities, isn't the best fit for most drivers on the road today, even after the significant upgrades in refinement for the 2012 model year, Wiesenfelder says.

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I like how we've come to the point where we need to explain how a part-time four-wheel drive system works.


TK, that is because a lot of people don't know or understand the capabilities of any 4X4 Jeep.

I've owned eight 4X4 Jeeps over the decades ranging from the Wrangler to the Grand Wagoneer, and while they were truly 'go anywhere' vehicles, quality-wise they sucked!

I consider myself a competent automotive mechanic and fixed them myself to keep them running.

Now that we own a 2012 4X4 Grand Cherokee I hope fervently that the Chrysler subdivision of Fiat has overcome its quality-issues reputation of making crap-vehicles, but that remains to be seen yet.

Time will tell.


Because there is no 'part time four wheel drive'. There is no truth in advertising anymore.
It is off-road drive. It is when you lock your center differential.
But in this case, the manufacturer was so cheap as to no include a center differential.
There should be a center differential, appropriately rear biased 30/70 or so [got to have oversteer ability], and a lever or button to lock it up solid-which allows for 100/0 to 0/100 bias.


Joe, thank you for that review. I was a bit concerned, at first, that this was going to be yet another negative review for a vehicle that is purpose built, and not necessarily for the purposes at the beginning of your review. However, you definitely have a specific audience to address, and they most likely aren't in the core demographic for this vehicle. But you most certainly kept it 'fair and balanced' with the second half of your review, recognizing the specific purpose of the Wrangler and how well it suits that purpose. From one Jeep fan to another, thank you!


I feel I need to disagree with at least parts of the review, starting with how he climbed into the vehicle in the first place. The Wrangler is by no means the first vehicle where you had to step up to climb in and almost nobody I have ever seen steps onto the running board with their right foot to try and swivel into the seat. In each case, the reviewer made it look far more difficult than it really is. That said, smaller people do have problems and a fixed hand grip by the door to help pull yourself in is an effective convenience.

Secondly, he is a tall man; I saw how far back he had the seat set, then reclined even farther and chose to use that even more restricted space to complain about back seat room. I've carried five adults very comfortably in my '08 model unlimited without any complaints about knee room.

This said, I do agree somewhat about the spare tire blocking some of the rear view mirror but I strongly agree when it comes to the rear headrests; there needs to be a way to either remove them or lock them down unless there is actually weight in the seats, they are the single largest blockage to rear view mirror use.

True, the Wrangler Unlimited is not the best choice for everyone, but it is probably the best choice when you have to travel over a wide variety of road types and/or offer a wide-open riding experience for an economical price. Name one other SUV that lets you drop the top for 5 passengers.


Great review, just the info I was needing. The 2013's are coming soon. I heard a rumor there will be an optional turbo on the Pentastar engine in 2014. Can anyone confirm?

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