The Best Hybrids for the Money has compiled a list of the top hybrids you can buy in terms of affordability across a number of different segments. The list shows just how big an impact the car’s selling price has on affordability even when taking into account the hybrid’s gas mileage.

Top Hybrids for the Money, 2012

If you want to see a list of every 2012 hybrid and how it ranks, check out our table below.

Hybrid chart



The top ten go to a foreign brand...that's just a sad statment for the big 3.


@ Ziggy
This is purely a ranking of 'affordability'. It doesn't take any other factors into account. For example, the Honda Insight is cheap, but the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a better car.


Since there are many non-hybrids that are getting competitive MGP, it would be interesting to include some of those in this list and see what ranks where.


I think what ziggy means Is where did the us automaker fall behind in the hybrid market. Affordability and gas mileage equals sales and profits. Sad that the the ford fusion is the best we can do. Oh there is the


Does anyone know the formula that is used in this chart to get the "ratio/score"?


Toronado, it is just mpg/price * 1000 = ratio.

Steve, yeah lol on the Volt. If it was never plugged in it would get a score of 0.94. If you go off numbers on electric it would be 2.4.


Next we'll probably see a kia Rio Hybrid and a Hyndai Accent Hybrid...each getting 50+ mpg. With the Prius C the bar has been set...Lets see who jumps on board or better yet...let's see who is very late to jump on board.

Bob from Cleveland

I can understand Ziggy's concern about the top hybrid's being produced by Toyota and Honda. I would take some heart that Toyota now makes the Camry Hybrid in the US. If gas prices remain high, there will likely be more puch for Ford, GM and perhaps Chrysler to make more and better hybrids. I own a 2011 Hyundai Sonata hybrid. Hyundai is a South Korean company that has set up manufacturing plants in the US to make Sonatas, Elantras and Santa Fes in the US. The hybrid Sonata is made in Korea in part because the number of hybrids made is small. The more hybrids that are purchased the more likely it will be that US manufacturers will make more hybrid vehicles. A good sign to me is that taxis in large cities such as New York are beginning to be hybrids.

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