Slow Sales for Ford's Electric Focus

2012 Ford Focus Electric

It might not be readily apparent, but there is a fifth major electric car offering currently on sale in select markets. The 2012 Ford Focus Electric has been on sale since December 2011, but the carmaker has only managed to sell a couple dozen of the EVs, according to The Detroit Free Press.

The Focus EV is still in the midst of a "quiet rollout," according to the Detroit paper. The model is currently available in California, New York and New Jersey for $39,200, excluding a $795 destination fee. Another 15 markets will be getting the EV early next year. According to a Ford survey from last year, nearly 61% of car shoppers would be interested in a hybrid or electric vehicle, but only if gas reached $5 a gallon, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Ford quietly rolls out Focus Electric (The Detroit Free Press)



alright, i've got my popcorn and soda ready...come on everyone! let's see all the comments about how overpriced this know? like the volt??? nothing?? crap! i was so ready for it.

i mean, you get a car that goes about 100 miles and then way simpler technologically speaking when compared to the volt, but has a much larger battery (hence the extended ev range)...for a couple hundred more dollars.

oh well. too bad this doen't have a gm badge of some kind...then it would be game on!

Max Reid

Earlier Leaf sold very well. Then when they increased price to 35K, the sales went down slowly. Focus costs 40K, do you think anyone would buy. Doubtful.

Battery prices have gone down by 14 % in the last 1 year. Its high time, Ford reduces the price. Otherwise, it will put a doubt on the whole EV project.


IMO, the reason that they don't sell well is because of the price difference between the ICE version and the electric version, as in Volt vs Cruze, EV Focus vs ICE Focus, etc.

The only notable exception is the Prius which is merrily on its way to its second million in sales.


Folks have to keep in mind the money you usually spend on fuel that offsets this seemingly high price. 100 miles costs me ~$25 in CA. How many Kw/H's does it take to go that same distance? Maybe a buck or two? Do the math and select the best. And yes, keep a gasser for the long trips.


I realize that the costs for the new technology are high, but for all electrics + extended range cars, prices are still too high for the mainstream. Ford, GM, Nissan, etc are not to blame, it's just an expensive technology.

Maybe plug-in hybrids will bring the costs down as the technology becomes cheaper.

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