Scion xB and xD to Be Discontinued

Scion xB

Toyota plans to discontinue its iconic Scion xB and the ill-remembered xD, according to Ward's Auto.

Scion Vice President Jack Hollis told Ward's that the brand didn't "have plans for a direct xB or xD replacement."

Scion, which debuted in 2003, was aimed at drawing younger car shoppers to Toyota. To keep things fresh, part of Scion's mission statement was supposed to be a "one and done" marketing approach, Hollis said. That meant Scion models were supposed to stick around for only one generation and be replaced by new nameplates. The Scion xB and tC proved too popular to abandon; both models are now in their second generation.

Now is probably an appropriate time for Scion to abandon the models, however. Sales of the once-popular boxy xB have fallen off, from a high of about 61,000 in 2006 to about 17,000 in 2011. The brand's new city car, the Scion iQ, is selling well, so that should help pick up the slack. The hotly anticipated Scion FR-S, which is coming this spring, should also help revive the brand.

The xB is widely popular with Chicago taxi drivers, but we don't think Toyota would be too pleased to hear its brand associated with commercial fleet operations.

So far this year, sales of the xB and xD are slightly up, at 2.6% and 1.1%, respectively. Although Toyota doesn't plan to replace the models yet, the company has a habit of sourcing Scion models from its Japanese marque, Daihatsu. Here's hoping the subcompact Toyota Rush or Daihatsu Terios (pictured below) is a candidate for the U.S.

What funky models from Toyota of Europe or Japan do you think would work for Scion's U.S. lineup? Tell us in the comments section below.

Daihatsu Terios
Scion Killing xB, xD in Favor of All-New Models (Wards Auto, via Left Lane News)


Your quote is accurate, but the details are not. After the launch of the FR-S, Toyota plans to research and provide replacement vehicles for the xD and xB, as the 5 year life cycle is up in 2013


A-BAT? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller...

Max Reid

This is expected. Even tc may go down soon. So will the Matrix. These models has 4 speed tranny which is very outdated. I dont think FR-S will sell either.

Prius especially C has eaten into the sales of these models. Let Toyota continue to concentrate on fewer hybrids instead of so many other vehicles.

Kia Soul has sold 32,000 units in 2012-Q1 since it has 6 speed tranny.


Scion FR-S will be sold with manual only. Will Americans buy it.

And tC sales have also gone down by 4.8 % in the 1st 3 months. The whole Scion make is in danger.

Yaris seems to be selling better and Prius is trailing Corolla by only 8,000 units in the 1st 3 months. This year will see big change with Hybrids gaining a lot.


i would love 2 c any of the overseas models here, especially, the toyota wish and daihatsu cuore!


and toyota aygo and toyota avensis wagon!


Max Reid,

Obviously you have not one clue as to what you are talking about. The tC is a 6 speed transmission, get it right... Secondly to those who think the FR-S won't sell, we have sold out of our stock before the cars even arrived. We received 2 more and they were sold in 2 days... Also, the car come sin auto transmission and manual... god people get a clue...


Dude get your facts straight. The Scion Fr-S will be sold AUTOMATIC and manual.


I liked the xB and xD. I think they should do another generation with a cool design and see how the sales go.




Bring the Toyota Axio!


Toyota Ractis! Bring it 2 the U.S!!


R.I.P Scion xB and xD :,(

How about bringing the Australian Rukus :)


Well just as I figured GM tried this youth brand years ago with the Geo brand. Scion will follow Geo to the grave sooner or later


How many vehicle marketing plans have gone awry? It's a matter of making a car and lucking out that it fits a segment whether the intended one or not. XB's are practical and highly maneuverable and have an entry step-over height that is negligible-very practical for the disabled. If Toyota's going to feel humiliated that their voluminous box is relegated to being a taxicab, then perhaps they should look at themselves as the purveyor of the next Checker Marathon contender--a model that served in the taxicab realm for 35+ years.

nestor candia

Toyota should bring back a two door corolla with the vvti dohc Gts that would be nice 5 speed turbo version to.


This article is complete disinformation and should be taken down. It is false.

Toyota is building a 2013 Scion XB. Production for the 2013 Scion XB begins at the end of October or early November.

For the person who stated that the Scion FR-S comes in manual only, that is false as well.

And I really have to ask. Why on earth would a Toyota executive announce they are ending half the entire scion car line right in the middle of the model year?

How does that make any kind of sense?

Please take this nonsense down. It's false.

So the 2013s are out now.... You said they're going to be discontinued but give no year. Maybe they'll be discontinued in 5 years? 10 years? lol. I bet you're right. They will be discontinued at some point. In other news, Honda Accord to be discontinued.


Aw, come on! I sold my Olds Alero two years ago to get a Scion xD. Should I just get a Camry and have a guaranteed supply of parts forever?

Sales of the once-popular boxy xB have fallen off, from a high of about 61,000 in 2006 to about 17,000 in 2011

well I have 4 scion xb 2006 all whites , at first i didn't like them they where ougly but when i buy the first one and see how much gas i spend i start to love this cars, but when the new model came out the IDIOTS put a camry motor on it a 2.4 , so theres your anwer why sales when down, i really wish they could put a 1.8 motor on the new ones to change all 4 , but for now i wont change it for nothing.

I bet that if they put a 1.8 motor in the new scion xb that will be one of the top in sales.


I'd like to see the Verso-S come to the U.S.. I have a Scion XA and would buy another one if they hadn't discontinued it here. The Verso-S reminds me most of my XA.

john R.

I have had my 2009 XB for almost five years and love it. It has had no problems. If they are going to quit making them I will buy a new one before they are gone. I only wish they had put in more luxury touches such as larger electric seats and a radio that was not so hard to learn.

Paul Chapman

I vote for Auris! I'm a current XA driver looking for anther Scion soon.


I'm very surprised that the xD didn't sell better. I bought my teenage daughter a used 2006 xA, and I must say that's one fun little car to drive. When they made the xD a LITTLE bigger, put in the Corolla engine instead of the Yaris engine from the xA, I thought they'd sell a ton of those cars. I love the look of the xD and the xA. Oh well.


I hope these vehicles aren't discontinued...I just wish Toyota would see fit to feature a sunroof option on both of htese models...


forgive my typo!


It's no coincidence that the high point for the xB was in the first generation. These were great cars. I've had one almost 5 years, I use it for my business in NYC. I fit unbelievable amounts of stuff in it, and when I have passengers they are stunned by the interior space. It handles a hundred times better than the styling would lead you to expect. It's been as reliable as a, well, a Toyota, and if I hold on to it long enough, 300000 miles is totally realistic. Of course the gas mileage is fantastic, but above all this, I can park this car in spots that nobody else can touch. When it was built, the only cars that were shorter bumper to bumper were the Smart and the Mini. The second generation is a foot longer, 600 pounds heavier, and abandons the form-follows-function style of the original for a "hey kids, I'm the kind of car you kids think is neato, right kids?" ugliness that has no identity. An update of the first generation xB will sell like the first generation xB. Just give us fifteen or twenty more horses and a few extra colors this time please!

Oh the 2014 Scion xB is out now. When again is this going to be discontinued? LOL.

I vote for 1 more gear!

Wendy Colbert

I will be sad to see the xB go. I love mine and we would consider another one when we replace my husband's vehicle.


TC isn't going anywhere it accounts for 65% of all scion sales. The fr-s may see a 4 door variant and replacement models for xB /xD will arrive within 12 months the iQ is dead. The xD was discontinued due to safety standards for 2016 and it not meeting criteria. Redesign would cost too much so new model is a better choice. I don't know why anyone would suggest the tc be dropped. It's a great car. I get that the fr-s would be cool with a PowerPlant under the hood capable of over 200 horsepower but that's NOT scions strategy. They offer very nice fun well equipped vehicles with cost effectiveness at heart. They are designed to draw in an attract young buyers who may one day transition to the toyota brand as their needs change. Toyota is big on "cradle to grave" meaning a vehicle for all points of your life from first car to last car. Scion is not trying to dethrone the mustang or Camaro with a super powerful vehicle. It would not support scions lifestyle. One built on pure price giving consumers an excellent valued vehicle based on Toyota DNA with great standard options and endless customization choices.


The xb was the best car I've ever rode in I'm 66 so you know I've sat in many different types of cars and trucks. If you do not replace with that is very similar I have to shop elsewhere and that is something I don't want. I Find Colonial Toyota to be nearly perfect.


Bought the XD last year. It is a great car. It has great pick up, awesome handling. roomy inside. trunk space not bad considering it is a small compact car. comfortable. fairly quiet on the road. I wanted to buy another. Very dependable. cant believe it didnt get great reviews. my other cars are Lexus SUV and BMW 328i. We like good cars. This one is great!!!


My husband works in a Toyota dealership, and I can have any vehicle that I want, all I want is for
Toyota to keep building the wonderful XB!!!!! I change to a new Xb every 2 years, I just love these cars!!!! We take trips to Florida for 3 months in the winter and the car can take all we want. It's comfortable, good on gas, large and small enough, and I love how the dash is in the middle of the car not behind the wheel. Please, Please, Please keep the Xb rolling!!!!!


Deb T

I have a 2010 XD and it's the best car I've ever owned. Great on gas, the most comfortable and not one problem. Just love it. RIP XD. Highly recommend used ones.

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