Nissan Teases 2013 Sentra

At the Beijing auto show, Nissan revealed a new car (above) that will be the basis for the 2013 Sentra. Nissan's compact sedan was last updated for model-year 2010, when it got a light refresh.

The 2013 Sentra marks the car's 30th anniversary in the U.S. Details are slim, but the Sentra SR teaser image (below) shows a more prominent deck lid and LED-accented taillights. The video showcases a grille in line with the 2013 Altima's styling, new fog lights and LED-accented headlights.

The Sentra is the third of five new vehicles Nissan plans to debut over the next 15 months. The redesigned-for-2013 Altima sedan will go on sale this summer, followed by the updated Pathfinder SUV and the new Sentra this fall. The Versa compact hatchback and Rogue compact crossover are next.

More details about the Sentra will be released this summer. Watch the video teaser below.




Is it just me, or did Nissan and Lexus get together and have a confab on how to make their grills similar but just barely different.


i hadn't noticed it before, but they are similar. i think the main difference between nissan's new grill and the lexus models that lack the lower 'pinch' is that lexus grills are all black, whereas the nissan grills have horizontal bars.

i still haven't warmed up to the proportions of the new nissan grill in relation to the headlight size...and i doubt i will. it's not's just not attractive either.


The interior of the Sylphy "concept" looks good design and materials wise but per the norm for Nissan usa, I doubt it'll arrive here with all the goodies.

John H

Is it me, or all 3 lines (Sentra, Altima, Maxima) look like siblings and not much difference among them? The Sentra looks like a mini Altima.

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