Chevrolet Caps Avalanche Run With 2013 Black Diamond Model
Chevrolet is ending production of its Avalanche pickup truck after model-year 2013 and releasing one last edition to celebrate. The model's swan song is the Black Diamond Avalanche, which features body-colored bed surrounds and a unique badge on the sail panel. The model caps an 11-year run for Chevrolet's crew-cab pickup.

Along with the Black Diamond additions, a backup camera, rear park assist, power-adjustable pedals, fog lamps and remote start will be added as standard equipment on model-year 2013 LS models. LT models also get a standard backup camera this year. According to Chevrolet, base prices also have been reduced by $2,500 with the two-wheel-drive Avalanche LS now starting at $35,980, plus a $995 destination charge.

According to Chevrolet, more than 580,000 Avalanches have been sold since its introduction in 2001 for the 2002 model year, but its popularity has waned during the last few years.

"Although Avalanche sales have tapered off in recent years, as crew cabs have grown to dominate Silverado sales, we know there are many Avalanche enthusiasts among Chevy customers. The Black Diamond Avalanche is our way of saying 'Thank you' and making it just a little more attractive to own one more Avalanche." Mark Clawson, Avalanche marketing manager, said in a statement.




GM went the wrong direction on the Avalanche in 2007 when they based it on the Tahoe. It should be based on the Silverado, as it was before 2007.


Good riddance to one of the most laughable "pickups" ever produced.


sorry, but this is actually a nice truck. the most laughable "pickup" ever produced is the ridgeline....the honda odyssey of trucks.


Cody - good point. I still think the Avalanche is laughable but the Ridgeline has it beat. I forgot about that one as I don't really think of it as a truck.

Troy S.

I wonder when the Black Diamond edition will have it's first major safety recall.

Ben W

Apparently you've never had an Avalanche.

Ben W

Again, you've never had an Avalanche. If you ever did, you wouldn't be running your mouth. Before you pass judgement, test drive one for a few days smart guy.

Blair Briggs

My Avalanche can haul a dozen 4'x8' sheets of sheetrock and keep them dry in a rain storm. It's tonneau cover will support a 250# person standing on it. It can tow 10K pounds. It's independent rear suspension means it will beat the ride of ANY other pickup. Yes, the 2008 styling choice was a mistake, but I think if Silverado quad cab buyers would test drive an Avalanche, the sales would justify a 2014 and beyond. That's where GM should put it's Avalanche marketing dollars. Not a gimmicky Black Diamond.


I agree with Blair. Its a great truck, I've owned two of them. Nothing else can match its versatility. I've never had a problem and use it as a truck and a family vehicle. Simply love it and sad to see it go.


Bought my second in '07 after selling my '03 to a good friend. He drove that one to 150k and traded it in. I'm at 130k and still lovin' my Avalanche! I may have to consider making it a hat trick with a '13, though! Sweet ride, pulls the camper, hauls the dogs, family fits easily - all-in-all a great truck!

Tom Cardamone

I was at Home Depot in the process of sliding twenty pcs. 4x8 sheetrock into the Avy bed. A couple of guys who had been watching me came to look over the particular the 5' bed, dropped midgate and rear seats. Their remark sums it up" We had to come and look....we thought that you was a magician or something".


Absolute great truck from 2007. Didnt care for the older models looks like a Tonka with too much plastic. But air ride and as easy as it is to use just can't beat it. 2008 Silverado was a great truck but my new LTZ 4wd Avalanche is better!

Jeff Roblyer

The Avalanche is the best utility vehicle ever made.


I love the Avalanche it is my favorite vehicle! I had A Silverado LTZ and in 2007 bought the Avalanche. I have loved it every since! In fact today I just bought a gorgeous 2013! I hope Chevy reconsiders and brings my favorite vehicle back!

Had to give up my 2005 in 07 to accommodate a bigger mortgage. Loved that Truck/SUV!! I vowed I'd get back into one. Now that finances are on track, my new 2013 LT/Z71 Avalanche is being delivered this week!

Here's my 2 cents - Versatility!! I can have a vehicle that accommodates 4 in luxury, or I can expand a short bed to carry 4x8 lumber. Since I've never needed both at once, The Avalanche was for me. The result is I can have a truck that can be two vehicles in one and it's not a battleship eating up my whole garage. Battleships are no picnic in a parking lot either, even with a rear camera.

The Avalanche was an uncontested idea that allowed it's owners to enjoy both luxury and utility within a sleek, and reasonably sized chassis.


Great SUV, I own a 2009 LTZ 4x4 returning customer after having a 2005.

I am sad to see it go, I will give it a try to buy the 2013 before it vanishes.


Best truck u should hav owned. It has a great ride and utility factor you can't get with any other truck or SUV. Bought my 2002 and still driving it with 240,000 miles and not even the valve covers ever removed. It's not for sale and plan to buy a new black diamond in 2013.

James Macaluso

Best truck I have ever owned, we tow our 27' Trophy uo mountain grades at 70+ mph no problem. The ride is smooth yet versatile. Have owned 3, we keep our 2007 LTZ 4 wheel drive and just bought a Black Diamond model beautiful truck. If they stop making the Avalance I will go back to Ford unfortunatley as I do not like the Silverado ride


Been driving Avalanches since they come out in 2002.Love this vehicle .Ifind most people who do not like this vehicle are those who cannot afford one.


Sorry to see it go.The people that mock it obviously have never owned one.I have owned a 2003, 2007 and am in the works of buying another. I personally did not like the looks of it at first but gained great respect for the truck very quickly.It suits my everyday needs no matter what I have to tackle.


I own a 2007 and love it. You can have your ridgeline and ford explorer pick up as well ____brain.


I strongly beleive GM have got mistak to stop producting this amazing truck. This is one of best truck GM made it since 1970. I am a car specialist, Performance, safty, maintenance, shape and fuel efficency for avalanche is better than other trucks like silverado, F150, Reidgland and Sierra.
I am asking no stop line product from GM. Thanks


Unfortunately I purchased a 2012 after owning an earlier model. I would have liked having the last edition. I agree with all of the comment on versatility and smooth ride, hate to see it go.
I did check out the 2013, the only difference I can fine is the folding running boards, and the black diamond logo, are there any others?


I just picked up my first Avalanche 2013 Black Diamond.I did have the Honda Ridgeland 2010. Yes it is a very strange looking Truck, But at the time i got a real good deal on it and got top dollar for my 2008 H2 Hummer. This gave me a lot of extra money to put down on this new truck. I have all ways liked the look of the avalanche and when i test drove it and did weeks of research. I feel deeper in love with it. i spent a little more for the 2013 but i guess i just want the newest of the new. Thanks for keeping this truck going until i could afford to step into one. Wife loves it also that is the Big thing you husbands know what i mean by that. Happy holidays to all.


Since 2002, I have wanted to purchase an avalanche and 6 years later, my finances allowed me to purchase a brand new 2008. I absolutely love this vehicle. It is truely reliable and has not failed me once. Since the AVI is gone, I don't know what my next vehicle will be, but I hope to find something similar to the AVI. It's a shame to see it go. I think Chevy made a mistake.


Also, it will be a long time before I give up my AVI.


One more feature "JUST" noticed is the LED 3RD brake light bar is the same full length version my 03 Caddy EXT has. I always wanted one of these and I just bought my 03 Lac 2 weeks ago and it rides and feels new. I love the versatility and I get lots and lots of compliments everywhere I go. Im glad I bought a piece of this Automotive history.

El Jeffe

Got me a BDE and love it. To you mouthbreathing Avy haters.....bite my bowtie.

Ronnie Key

I have owned a 2002, 2007 and now own a 2013 Black Diamond. I don’t think that i would have owned any other truck but a Chevrolet and an Avalanche


Just placed order for 2013 Z71 BD avalanche for my wife, who is trading in her 2008 LTZ avalanche model, which by the way was a great vehicle, I myself am driving a 2011 Z71 avalanche, which in my opinion puts the 08 to shame in terms of comfort, options, and flexibility,they have just gotten better and better. By far the best vehicles i have owned, by the way, I traded an 08 dodge 1500 ram hemi which was also a good vehicle, but certainly not as comfortable or flexible.
The avalanche models for us have been the perfect vehicles, great in all weather rain or snow, can trailer a hefty payload, full flexibility for keeping large cargo dry and secure (locked in and out of sight), and are still dressy enough to take to church on sunday. What more could you ask for, we will miss them moving forward.
The only complaint I have is the navigation system is still poor in comparison to Dodge's new Garmin, I hope the 2013 is much better than the 2011, and when the 2008 LTZ windshield washer heater recall was made, their fix was to disable it instead of fix it, not a big deal overall but a poor choice in my opinion by chevy.


My 2004 Avalanche is the best vehicle I have ever owned and I've just taken delivery of a 2013 Avalanche. I ordered it when I found out this was the last year of production. Keeping them both. Might even buy another one off the lot for my kids. GREAT Vehicle. Can do any work with no problems and do it in style.


A great SUV/truck. Rides like a Cadillac, and so versatile. This is my first Avalanche (2013 Black Diamon). Always had a pickup. Just love it's versatility. Should have bought one a long time ago. I think Chevy is making a mistake by discontinuing it.

Steve Klinko

Had the 2002 Avalanche best truck ever. I was one who loved the plastic trim no dents from other car doors,no scratches from the off road brush and it gave the truck its personality. Picked up my 2013 LTZ this summer still a great truck with a caveat. The 02 felt a lot bigger inside especially the head room. I have hit the little cap button bouncing around a couple of times, hurts every time. Just a note I always thought this form of pain would be better than waterboarding but I digress. This lack of head room could be due to the moon roof I don't know. Other than that it is, was and still the best looking most versatile family/honey do list truck out there. I will have take very special care of the black diamond for the next 20 years or so.

Shana Gower

We have had 2003 and 2008 avalanches. They are great trucks. Much better than a Ford IMO. They work wonderfully when you have passengers and still need to haul things. If you haven't owned one, who are u to judge?

Steve Batorski

Got a white 02 and love it , great work truck , found out 2013 was the last year so I got a black one , put a 2.5 leveling kit in and tinted the front door windows and it looks and drives awesome , hope they bring them back soon, because if you drove one you would love it too

Tom Gaw

My 2007 is the best pick up I ever owned.


I use the name Simple because I like to keep things that way. Chevy started making this strange looking truck in '02 and discontinued it in '13 and I consider that one of GM's greatest mistakes. I own a '08 Avalanche with 150,000 miles on it and have had absolutely no problems with it. Even my wife loves it and she hates trucks normally. Comfortable ride, nice handling and versatile. What more can you ask for in any vehicle? I only hope GM changes its opinion and brings them back soon!

money racket

Well I have to say I own two avalanches. I love them both. Have a 2005 z71 with 110k and a 2011 z71 with 35k. They are by far a better truck than the silverado. Other than regular maint items I've never had to do a repair on either. Guess since chevy made a truck that never breaks. Why buy a new one. If they made any other vehicle that was as reliable I bet their new sales would drop off on that one to...

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