2013 Cadillac SRX at the 2012 New York Auto Show


  • Competes with: Acura MDX, Lexus RX and Lincoln MKX
  • Looks like: More chrome accents and LED lighting give it an even more upscale look
  • Drivetrain: 308-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic transmission
  • Hits dealerships: This fall

Cadillac is showing off its changes to the SRX crossover at the New York International Auto Show. The SRX was last redesigned for the 2009 model year, and it gets some exterior tweaks and new interior goodies for 2013.

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Outside, there's a new design for the upper and lower grilles, front fender vents with LED "light pipes," plus new colors and 20-inch chrome and polished aluminum wheel designs.

Inside, Cadillac is adding its CUE system, which is Cadillac's version of Chevrolet's MyLink or Buick/GMC's IntelliLink system. CUE, which stands for Cadillac User Experience, will give owners access to hands-free texting, navigation and traffic updates, and Pandora or Stitcher applications when a smartphone is tethered to the system. Other interior upgrades include two additional USB ports, an SD card slot, an auxiliary input jack and a 12-volt power outlet. The SRX's steering wheel, shift knob and instrument cluster also get updated designs. HD radio is newly standard.

Also new are Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Cadillac's Safety Alert Seat system and adaptive cruise control. For 2013, Cadillac has added active noise cancellation, which uses microphones to detect and suppress ambient noise for a quieter ride.

The SRX is still powered by the 308-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6 and is available in front- or all-wheel drive. No word yet on prices; it goes on sale this fall.






nice updates in tech. Finally SRX has enough features to match the Germans in this class.


Except driving dynamics.


Not really. SRX handles well for the class. And the reality is people buying 4000+lb crossovers arent buying them for handling. And it beats the Germans where it counts- in sales.


Not really to your not really.
The BMW x5 has a much better pitch balance, so do all the rear drive based 'crossovers'.
If you haven't noticed, the design requirement to protect those who are not belted in place has resulted in all vehicles being much heavier than they could be.
Sales, oh the end all of heard mentality...


Since when does sales make a vehicle is better than another vehicle? The Impala outsells many similar vehicles and we all know what a piece of crap that is.

Any yes, many people still want excellent handling no matter what type of vehicle they drive.


sheth, its ridiculous to argue that sales are more important than performance. How well a car sells is no indication of any performance advantage. I'm not saying that a German drives better than a Caddy or vice-versa, because I've never driven either. Sales and performance are completely different things, and have practically nothing to do with each other.

Ruddy Man

So Sheth a Toyota Camry drives better then a Ferrari ENzo cause Toyota sells more Camrys then Ferrari sells Enzo's. Right?


I don't agree with sheth on sales numbers making a difference but I disagree on the Impala being a piece of crap. 4 1/2 years no problems and commuting is deliver 29-31 mpgs for a full size V6 car that cost under 20 grand well equipped. More happy with my piece of crap then most people are with their cars. Thanks for your constructive criticism of Sheth, Lance.


Saying sales dont count is positively moronic. Comparing a camry to a ferrari is stupid for many reasons- the first of which would be that one car costs 10 times as much as the other. The impala is dependent on fleet sales which explains its high sales. Generally speaking, if a lot of retail customers buy a vehicle that suggests the vehicle is providing what consumers want. Its a radical concept- I know. And the camry is most definitely a very good car which explains its sales. Its just not interesting or a sports sedan. I didnt say the SRX handles better than a RWD crossover- I said people dont care- big difference. If they did care the RX wouldnt crush the GErman competition in sales each and every year. Its been on top for about 10 years straight. SRX handles well enough and its definitely sportier than the RX. The FWD MDX is also considered a sporty crossover. Its old school thinking to presume that RWD automatically makes a vehicle superior in handling. The land yachts of the 60s and 70s were RWD but they certainly didnt handle better than an average FWD car today. Stop with the simplistic thinking.


I challenge you to see how many crossover owners you know that can define "pitch balance". People buy X3s and X5s because they are BMWs first and foremost. They dont care about what those vehicles do on the skidpad or on a track.



In case you missed what I was saying- I never claimed the SRX handles better because it sells better than its German rivals. I said the sales prove that its been a success regardless of what George or anyone else thinks about its handling.


i agree with "oil change coupons" and this is coming from a guy that loves cadillac's styling, but the front of it looks pitiful IMO. the new grill doesn't mesh well with the lights. i like the 2012s way better.


What I said about the Impala was more meant towards it's drastic need of redesign and modernizing. They finally put a decent V6 in it for 2012 which helps. I'm not saying it's undependable but after renting a couple and reading many, many poor reviews of it's handling, low tech and old styling, you get what I mean. If GM really improved it and brought it up to 2012 standards I would even consider one. But the way it is reminds me of my Dads Mercury Marquis which has also been trouble free for him but just so dated and I believe it is no longer made. They either need to really revamp the Impala or start from scratch.


The bottom portion of the grille looks like a mouth with a row of teeth at the top.

L.M.C.& Co

As for sales its competitors outsell it in Canada
(last year sales):
Cadillac SRX: 2918
Acura MDX: 5994
BMW X5: 4012
Audi Q5: 3060
Lexus RX: 7383
M.B. ML: 3871
(source: L'annuel de L'automobile 2012)

L.M.C.& Co

Sorry I forgot Lincoln MKX at 4458 cars sold last year



I live in the US. Only RX outsold SRX last year. Feel free to look it up.

Ruddy Man

But why would you pay up to 50 thousand For a FWD SUV that was built in Mexico? When there is much better alternatives out there. (VW Toureg, M.B. ML , GLK, Nissan Murano, Infiniti FX)



Do you have specific information proving that vehicles made in Mexico are poorly built? If not I fail to see why Mexican origin for the SRX or any vehicle is an issue. And how is buying a lux crossover built in Japan or Germany any better than buying one from Mexico? The Fusion, Jetta, Versa and many other vehicles are built in Mexico. Honda is about to start building the Fit down there as well.

Ruddy Man

But none cost 50 grand

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