2014 Chevy Impala Marks End of Front Bench Seats in Cars


It's a question we get a lot on Ask.Cars.com: What cars have a front bench seat?

We've always been able to answer: the Chevrolet Impala.

But not after 2013, when the redesigned 2014 Chevy Impala hits dealers early in the year. It will feature two front buckets like every other passenger car on sale today.

We know logically that front bench seats aren't in demand enough to warrant their existence, but many people cling to a nostalgic love for the feature. Let us know in the comments below if you miss front bench seats or if you plan to run out and get one of the last new Impalas to have one.


Ed Farmer

How am going to get my girlfriend to slide accross the seat to me going around corners?

Oh, right . . . Seatbelts already put a stop to that.

Nevermind . . .

Hal S

I won't run out and get a new Impala, but I will miss bench seats. No more girlfriends snuggling up or putting additional riders in front. I have a 1960 Cadillac that has a great front bench seat.

I also miss those front door wind vents we could crank open.

Brent W

Clergy in the early 1900's decried the automobile as a "rolling bedroom" that enabled all kinds of debauchery. Fortunately... they were right. Now what? Guess we're left with the windowless van. Don't start knockin' yadayada


When I sold cars, I had several ...larger... customers that would only consider bench seats because they could not comfortably fit in a bucket.

Sucks to be them.

Stephen Phelps

It's not so much the lack of a bench seat as the presence of those damned center consoles that leave no room for my long legs. Our 2006 Tahoe has no such console, but the new ones I've looked at do -- even when they have a (sort of a ) bench seat.


What Stephen said. I'm a bigger guy with longer legs, and find many modern cars uncomfortable to drive. I have a GMC Sonoma pickup with no center console and love it because there is plenty of room to sprawl my right leg to the side while driving. I recently borrowed a friend's BMW and found that I had to put the seat so far back to fit my legs comfortably that I practically had to lean forward to reach the steering wheel.

Clay Commons

My girlfriend's Ford F150, and my Ranger, both have bench seats, for which I am grateful (see Brent's comment above).


I second and third what Stephen and David said! At 6'2" a properly adjusted seat puts my shin and knee hard into the center console. Driving from a reclined position is not safe and not the answer. I would hope at least Detroit wakes up on the ergonomics of the average male today.


My family is fairly clumsily and we are often getting ourselves hurt. When you have a big knee brace or broken (right) foot, the console gets in the way. Also, even though I'm a little on the shorter side, I like having the extra room to just sprawl out and get comfortable. The newer cars just can't compare to the older ones when it comes to passenger and driver comfort.

Den Dresdner

Pickups still have bench seats, thank God. They're the best excuse around for your girlfriend to snuggle-up. Plus, I'm a tall guy (6'4"), I need a lot fo room to move my legs occasionally. Center consoles force me into this one convoluted posture.

I notice another poster mentioned crank-open vent windows; I always thought they were great. I also preferred the old left-foot floor toggle headlight dimmer.

I HATE the climate control that comes on most cars; I want some sort of vent that just allows fresh air to flow in. This is especially important when living in humid areas.

Carol H

I'm a 5'10" female with long legs -- and 60 years old! I've driven a plethora of cars and have yet to find one with a center console that is comfortable for a cross-country trip. I echo the complaints about no room for knees and feet. There's also no place for a woman's purse! My current vehicle has 116k miles, and I'm looking for a replacement car (not p/u) without a center console that I can drive from one end of the U.S. to the other.


I have been looking for a car with a bench seat but could only find a pick-up. I was thinking of asking Honda if they would consider adding a bench seat to one of their models. Impala, I should have known. Never thought to google it. Guess I'm still old school. I found this searching for 60 years old in 2014. Hahaha. I guess I'm decade or two late.


I am an amputee. Very often, in parking lots, cars will park so close to the driver's side that I can't get in. Once I had to wait 3 hours for someone to return to their car so I could get in mine. With a bench seat at least I would have a 50/50 chance of being able to continue on with my day.


I'm not 6'4" - I'm a slender framed 5'3" female and I find bucket seats uncomfortable. I am in the market for a new car. I'm actually considering buying a very old car simply because there's no center console and although it doesn't have a bench seat (which I'd prefer), it's not a newer type bucket seat which I find extremely uncomfortable. I herniated a disc in my back when I was 29 and the physical therapist told me that bucket seats are not made for comfort (they're very un-ergonomic) - insurance companies push them because it reduces injuries in a crash. Insurance companies driving our market - no surprise there.


I really dislike sitting next to a cheap peace of plastic that takes up room in a car. Currently I drive a 1995 Oldsmobile and love it. It has 152,000 miles on it and runs great. If car firms can't build what I want, I will keep mine and visit a mechanic when needed rather than a dealer!

Max Reid

Why this foolishness. Bench seat allowed a car to be 6 seater.

2 parents, 2 kids and 2 grand parents can use this car. Not anymore.

GM wants to force people to buy bigger SUVs, thats why this move.

When plugins / EVs become common, there will not be any gear stick, so the bench seat will come back again.

If some car company introduces a 6 seater, the companies will bring back.


Bench seats are part of a by-gone era of fake wood, landau vinyl tops, and opera windows. Very outdated.


This is a travesty! I've been driving for almost 20 years and I can't stand console-mounted shifters for automatics. I only like console shifting for manuals. It's a total waste of space for automatics. I'd much rather have that wasted space be open and have the shifter on the column or dash, for four main reasons: 1) Comfort - it's so much more comfortable to be able to spread your right leg out and not be confined by the console, 2) I can easily slide over to the passenger seat or from passenger to driver in tight parking situations, 3) I can have a 3rd passenger in the front row for those instances when I need the seat (we did this all the time when I was a kid in our Ford Fairmont station wagon), and 4) I can hold my wife next to me when driving, like people do (or at least did) all the time in pickup trucks. Can someone name one single advantage to having an automatic shifter in the console?


Hallelujah!! to everyone who hates center consoles..I have delayed buying a new car for over a year now because I cannot find any that are comfortable for my legs..am 6'3" not heavy..only vehicle I've found that is as comfortable as my Olds 88 is a Ford F-150...never owned a truck but will probably join thousands of other tall men and buy one. No wonder pickups are the #1 selling vehicles today


I love my benchseat (I'm not getting any younger)- did you ever try climbing over the middle console (ow)to open the passenger side frozen door from the inside when you're in a hurry?

One more benefit being taken away.


I have a 2002 Buick Park Avenue with a bench seat, and I honestly can't tell you how many times I have used the front middle to carry an extra passenger. I'm 23 years old, and let me tell you, the second we need to drive anywhere, my friends flock to my vehicle. Makes carpooling a heck of a lot more efficient.

Also, the car used to be my parents'... whenever my mom uses it, she always comments on how she likes that there is a place for her to put her purse (in her current Buick, that space is taken up by a centre console!)


front bench seats are the most comfortable seating that a vehicle can have. i do not care for the console. our legs need space also. front bench seat also represent American identity in vehicles. Why are we totally doing away with American ingenuity that really works at making us feel comfortable while operating a vehicle?

The Bench front seat is pure genius. But a one-two punch of the big gulp followed by the iPhone killed it.

It's not the big luxury SUV my wife drives, but I drive pickup and need seating for only 3 when I have the kids with me.

With gas prices never going down again, I've considered a 2 door sub compact or v6 muscle car. But those cars have no real back seats or bench front seat. I would consider something as small as the honda CRZ if it hand a bench front seat for 3 like the crx use to have.

I think car makers are missing out on something important. Bring it back please.


From the comments here, it sounds like there's a bigger market for bench seats than you think. I'll add my voice in favor.


is it also one of the last to have the shifter on the steering column?

Sönke Denker

I love rench seats! Hope they will return pretty soon...


I echo the posts above. I'm a tall guy and love the bench seat on my 2002 Impala so I can spread my right leg out while driving.

They say "only" 10% of people bought the bench seat, but that still seems like a lot of cars to me, and it doesn't count the people who probably didn't even know it was an option!

Looks like I'll be getting a 2013 Impala in a year or so...


I am a German and really like German cars but I just can't understand why the American manufacturers now start to "europeanize" their interiors. Front bench seats rock!! They would have been a reason for me to buy an American car. Well not anymore I guess *sigh*. The thing that I find most rediculous about German cars is: The bigger the car, the wider the center console, taking up all the space. Why the F would I buy an S-class Mercedes or sth like that if not for the comfort? If I wanna be squeezed in I can buy a Yaris or sth like that and save my money. Of course I forgot: Every single car has to be "sportive" these days. So bucket seats and rock hard suspension seem to be the only option today.


I am very disappointed in the trend of cars these days. Bench seats are so much more comfortable and roomy. I bought an '06 Buick, for the bench seat. Now I'm in the market for a new car and can't find what I'm looking for. Maybe I should look at the Impala, before the bench seats are completely gone.


Even though modern bench seats are a joke and can only carry 6 in a pinch at least you get more room up front and don't feel claustrophobic. Just compare the 2 pictures and in the 2012 there is so much more room in front then the 2014. Unless the car is a sports car or has mannual transmission there is really no need for a console shifter. People think console shifters are sporty and column shifters aren't but no shifter is sporty. Automakers should give people an option of either a column shift and bench seats or console shift and bucket seats. You should even have the option of bucket seats and column shift. In the 1994-1995 Impala SS it had a column shift with bucket seats and a big area for storage.


Yes I plan on it. my fiance is disabled. having a bench seat is imperative to his travel. otherwise he will have to be humiliated and sit in the back seat


Add me to the list of wanting a bench seat. In a sports car I want buckets but in an every day car, give me a bench seat!!


I am a rural mail carrier...I need a bench seat to deliver the mail!!! This is horrible news! I would like to know who makes these decisions?!?!




We travel extensively with our Cocker Spaniel. She likes to sprawl out in the center of our Towncar bench seat. In a car with bucket seats the dog has to sit in your lap and can't move around much, and is uncomfortable for the passenger. Please keep bench seats an option.


Yes, I will be going to buy a 2013 with a bench seat. My dogs ride in the front seat with me and a bench seat lets them sit beside me. With bucket seats they have to stand in my lap which is not very safe.


Kne room is the issue mainly. the feel of cloth beside you. a flat surface beside the driver that coins and things will not fall into. a non scratch surface beside the driver. a flat surface beside the driver to put things like mcdonalds french fries and things. there are many reasons for a bench seat not to mention the living room type of comfort in your car- a couch.


I miss the bench seat. It just provided so much more room. I am ok with individual seats WITHOUT the full console. The full console in most cars today, just restricts your movement and takes up to much space in cars that are getting smaller all the time. Besides, if I have a passenger where do I put my purse? Please bring back more space upfront!

me too

How about rural mail carriers, what are we going to use now?????

Derrick G

Used rental Impala Limiteds, mt.


I have held off for 3 years buying a new car because of lack bench seats. Today I am buying a used one and hope the car companies pay attention to the needs of the public! I need bench seat for my elderly mother. Much easier to get in and out.


We love our chrysler minivan, this is our third one. Very spacious because there's NO CONSOLE! But we're shopping again and there are no choices. Not everyone wants to feel like they're in the Daytona 500. Aren't there any cars w/o consoles??

Rev Winston M Clarke

Bring back the Bench Seat. The bench seat gives the driver and passenger more room. Contrary to the in-
surance companies claims both driver and passenger are safer in a bench seat than a bucket seat.

Bucket seats cause a condition known as iliotibial band (IB) syndrome syndrome. The sides of the seat stretch the IB, causing much pain, especially on long trips. If I'm driving more than one hour at a time, I use a tush cush so that I won't aggravate my IB.


I own a 2008 Chevy Impala and love it and was thinking about a new model but now won't consider buying an Impala because the bench seat option is just more comfortable and versitile. Hopefully Chevrolet with rethink their decision for future Impalas. -


I would like to buy a new car, but can't stand those ugly, large, stupid console's they put in just everything. We need more intelligent people running car companies.

Tierod Husky

I HATE CENTER CONSOLES!!!!! If someone is sitting in the passenger seat and you need to have something next to you like a 'clip board' where do you put it? Where is my wife suppose to put her purse? Also, I hate not being able to move my right knee around on long trips. If the car companies are going to be stubborn about putting these nuisances in cars they should at least put the shift back on the column and design a console you can sit something on.

Richard Eggleston

Car companies don't care about customers, they care about the government regs. Why? Because that's where they get their money when the customers abandon them. Bought a truck with a bench seat, best move I ever made. Modern cars suck.

Louie Hull

My present car is a '97 LHS Chrysler, which I bought purposely with a bench seat; we have relatives who "fly in" occasionally, and we need the six passenger capacity as well as the large trunk. I also appreciate and prefer the column-mounted shifter. I'm now looking for an auto with those attributes, and do not want a van. Chrysler is out; they no longer produce such a vehicle. Therefore, I'll be shopping for a 2113 Impala or earlier.


Now what the heck am I supposed to do? My Buick Park Avenue is approaching 200,000 miles and I think it's about time I got a new car. The bench seat in the Park Avenue is so comfortable I hate to sell it. I've seen the pictures of your new 2014 Impala and I'm really impressed. I'm an industrial photographer and that car, The Impala, is a real work of art. If you put a bench seat in it, I would buy one tomorrow. Seniors want comfort, bucket seats are for teenagers and racecar drivers. thanks for listening, Ranger Jim


point blank, I cant, and wont buy a car with a center console. When other people do the same then, and sales for all new models decline, then and only then will manufacturers listen to their customers - until then, it will stay as it's always been 'you'll buy what we build.'

Until that happens, consumers will be forced into buying trucks and SUVS as they are the only vehicles left that dont all have center consoles. But guess what, the manufacturers are okay with that because those vehicles represent their largest profit margins.


I have been looking all up and down the range of available vehicles for something that doesn't cause bone bruises on the outer sides of both my knees. No luck yet. I assume that this "cockpit" design is being dictated by the insurance underwriters and their "crashworthiness" testing. Otherwise, why would ALL the manufacturers put out products that punish a grown man's knees? And they don't even make any of the obviously simple adjustments that might make the situation more "knee friendly". They could scoop out an area on both sides (door panel and console) where your knees want to go--without compromising anything about the underlying structure. But no, they just produce ads pretending that 7-foot+ basketball players can actually fit into those cars. I did sit in a Buick Enclave in which there was no diagonal door handle on the driver's side (there was on on the passenger side). Maybe that was a token gesture toward knee-frienliness, but not enough. But at least that gesture obliterates the idea that the console and door panels have to be symmetrical and/or identical on both sides. There needs to be more done about this. The 2014 Chevy Impala was high on my list until I sat in one. No chance that I would buy that knee-knocker--or any of its knee-knocker competition--but it would be so very easy for them to make more room for drivers' knees in that design.

I am six-foot, one-inch, and proudly own a low-mileage 1998 Bonneville with bucket-on-bench seats and NO knee-knocker features. It would be an excellent "go-by" for the car/suv designers to check out. Funny, isn't it, how the "crashworthiness" concerns dictate a design that causes persistent pain and suffering, even without a crash?


I too will only buy cars with bench seats. I'm 6'4" 250. The designs of cars today are getting worse, influenced by the hip hop generation instead of American auto history or practicality.
I will continue to buy old cars and fix them up. Priuses get outta my way.

Well general motors just lost my business,I've been a loyal customer since, 1963,I have owned about 25 G.M Vehicles since the. If I have to go buy a foreign car to get what I want then I will, or switch to Ford or Chrysler Vehicles


So none of the cars are 6 seater now.

Wait, Tesla offers 7 seater with Model S, but its also a high end luxury vehicle.

Anyone who drives lot of miles, can consider that car as you will spend only pennies on its electric fuel.

it's a real shame that front bench seats are a thing of the past now. i'm looking for a higher end new car, but none of them have this as an option. sad. it's one of those little luxuries that really changes the whole feel of your driving experience. hopefully some manufacturer will bring it back some year..

quillard casy

Everyone is not under 50 crowd and some of us older people have enough money to buy a decent car with a bench seat wake up manufacters



I was born with problems with my legs. The condition caused my legs to be three times their size. My 1999 Chevy Malibu is no longer comfortable. I need a vehicle with bench seat. Where are they? I am at home now going out only to the doctor. My car is no longer comfortable. I need help? Plus my new scooter (gift) will not fit in my malibu.


So if we all love bench seats, why are there none available? Hard to believe our motor cities are not responding to our wishes.

Arthur B Fisch

Bench seats are very much missed. I still own a 2002 Toyota Avalon with a bench seat(optional $250). Have no plans on losin it. The bench seat is the ticket. I would suggest gettting a used Avalon with a bench seat for someone that it appeals too. Up to the 2004 model year. Easy car to maintain.

Stacie Bryant

I miss bench seats because I have no where to put my purse. Plus, the dog could actually sit beside me instead of trying to crawl in my lap. Bench seating is just so much more comfortable. I would LOVE to see a bench seat in the front row of a Suburban - I'd run out and buy one of those, that's for sure!


Although the 2012 Impala interior does look dated, the shifter console in the 2014 makes it look cramped by comparison. About half of the older style Impalas I see still have the bench seat. For me, the new Impala interior looks busy anyway. What's with the toupee's on the dash? I can see why people miss bench seats though.


Overweight people need bench seats. I have a friend who CANT fit in anything else. what will he drive now?


WOW!! I have a 2002 Buick Century with a bench seat. I looked for almost a year to find a vehicle that could accommodate my disability. I use forearm crutches made of stainless steel. They have to sit on the passenger side with bucket seats which makes it very uncomfortable for any passenger sitting there and very difficult for me to try and get out. As a single parent, I have never owned a brand new car. Now that my sons are grown and gone, I was excited about purchasing a 2014 vehicle with a full warranty until I heard this stupidity that manufacturers chose not to offer bench seats in their new cars. Sadly, I may be forced to give up driving once my car stops running if this decision isn't reversed.. Seniors and persons with disabilities would love the option of having a bench seat. NOT giving us that option, in my opinion is discrimination. You have taken "bench" or "bucket" seats away from us and for what? so car companies can make more money on the backs of hard working taxpayers. This is a very sad day indeed.

Big Daddy

Come on manufacturers help out the disabled my1998 Buick Century is on it's last leg. I have a condition that I can not drive a car with a console The permanet cast on my right leg makes impossible to drive with a console, I only buy new vehicles so I don't get someones problem


I'm so worried about what to do now. I have a 2000 Buick Century and a bad back. I bought the car new. This wonderful car with its extremely comfortable 6 way power bench seat has taken me back and forth across the country three times and multiple times from Maine to Florida with never a hint of back pain, even with 12 hr driving days. Now, the car needs to be replaced and I'm so worried that if I can't find a comparably comfortable car with a bench seat, my fun, long-distance trips will be a thing of the past. Buick CEO: please, please, please bring back the Century, or at the very least, the bench seat!!!


We have a 99 DeVille that is so comfortable with the thick cushioned and benched seats. Oh what I would give to find a newer vehicle with this luxury and comfort. Bucket seats are so uncomfortable for seniors. Guess I'll keep it like new until car manufactures wise up


I have a 2006 Ford Taurus witness bench seat. I WILL NOT BUY A CAR WITH A BIG CENTER CONSOLE. My knees want more space. I don't know what I will do when my current car can no longer be repaired. My mother also had bad knees, and drove a huge station wagon to get the leg room she wanted, but nothing like that exists any more.

D. W.

Both my husband and I find most bucket seats uncomfortable and would like the option of a bench seat. WE still drive a 2000 Buick Park Avenue because it is far more comfortable than vehicle we have test driven since we bought it.


I have a 08 impala ls and love the bench seat room it has. I also low it because my wife sits next to me with the 40-20-40 front bench seat .It makes for a great date night .(:


I really like the console in my 2003 Impala for two reasons: (1) I like the ability to carry an extra passenger when necessary, and (2) when I'm driving in cruise control, sometimes it's comfortable for me to put my right foot on the hump for a while (also my left foot if I'm a passenger). So it looks as if my next car will have to be a used Impala.

Tony D.

Carol H. "hit the nail on the head" - driving on any long trip (i.e. 50 mi. or more)is really uncomfortable in a vehicle with a center console - no room to stretch out. Guess my next car will be a pickup truck - they still have the bench seat- though that probably won't last.


Took the wife out last night in my 08 impala . She was dressed to kill for a night on the town. We actually went to the local metro park after dark and snuggled up on the front bench for about an hour..the front bench got its use ,a d Gm needs to bring them back.


I guess I'll be buying pickups or used cars the rest of my life...


It used to be, when you didn't like the center console, you could just yank it out. Even with the console shifter, that could be put under an aftermarket cover or your own hacked up cover. My GTO, my friend's Chevelle were two cars which came with consoles but didn't have them by the time we bought them second or third hand.

This is a horrible trend, and the last car to have a bench seat going away is a crime. Shame on Chevy for dropping it. Shame on all car companies for those horrifyingly humongous center consoles and also those huge things jabbing in at you from the doors as well.

The only purpose for a console shifter is if it's a manual transmission. Automatic shifters belong on the column, and there's frankly no use for center consoles.


Senor BUICK C.E.O. PORFAVOR NO REMUEVA EL BENCH SEAT! My friends gave me compliments about the bench seat on my car specially the countless memories we have of our road trips in canada. Unfortunately, My buick century was hit from behind (total writeoff). PORFAVOR Senor CEO BUICK, please bring back the Century or at least keep the bench seat optional. otherwise I DON'T see myself doing many road trips here & rather spend my money overseas instead of a road trip here. UN LOYAL LATINO DE G.M.


I didn't read ALL of these notes but I do know that My DOG WOULD LOVE A BENCH SEAT SO HE CAN LY ACROOS THE FRONT SEAT AND GET HIS HEAD SCRATCHED WHILE RESTING ON MY KNEE...this is very important because it keeps his nose from constantly nudging my driving hand ...or maybe I am the only person who lets their dog ride in the front seat ?????? lol


I just bought my third second hand taurus station wagon vintage 1995 b/c (among other things) no center console and the best compromise of bench seats - the 'split' bench that allows me to have my bench seat and the benefits of two separate seat adjustments. I think I'm destined to drive old cars.

The 2004 Prius my husband drives doesn't have a full center console that hems you in the way the newer ones do, and I think we'll be keeping it just for that reason. I won't drive any car with a WALL between driver and the passenger side, which is essentially what a center console is.

It's nowhere as comfortable to me as the Taurus, but it's better than every other modern car we sat in (we sat in a lot of 2004 cars when we were in the market)

They may be safer (console/buckets), but extricating someone from bucket seats at an accident is not trivial. If you can't access one side of the car, you may have to wait for special extrication (and lose valuable time if you have a badly injured patient).

I'm not tall, but I have long, long legs... newer cars feel claustrophobic.

I plan to keep my Taurus until it qualifies for antique plates unless someone comes out with a car with a comfortable interior...

Until then, it will be an old car that has dual airbags - which is my minimum for safety.

It's not just the center control, but the whole cabin that's full with electronics so that you have a huge dashboard that cramps you from above to go with the console that cramps you from the side... The result? Pain. I'm not sure that the safety savings are worth all the musculo-skeletal difficulties of driving a car with a tight console... not to the people driving, anyway. grrr.

Tall Guy

The center console in ANY of the cars-from low end to the luxury-hits my right leg in just the perfect location to be an irritant after 15 minutes of driving. I've resorted to taping a piece of foam rubber to the console to provide some comfort on longer trips. No options anywhere for a bench. Crazy!

New car disgust

Have looked at new cars for last 2 years. Not impressed with any of them or any of the 2014's. We like the bench seat OR at least buckets with NO center console taking up what little space is in these cars. We feel like we are way too confined and there is no a comfortable seat to be found--not even in the so called luxury cars. And, what has happened for the last 40+ years on gas mileage. Apparently, the car manufacturers and the government learned nothing form the 1970's gas shortage. Unbelievable that the gas mileage never improves. Ford could make a big Mercury Grand Marquis with an 8 cylinder engine that got 30 miles to the gallon. But, gee what happened--they stopped making the darn thing. This country is going downhill fast.


Cannot believe they are not making any more cars with bench seats. Like many other comments, much roomier and more comfortable than the buckets - and you can't even see out of the windows because of the ways the cars are designed, but certainly have plenty of room for coffee cups, CD's,cell phones etc. Definitely something you need to be safe when driving down the highway at 70mph.Driving today's cars are like driving a tank just so you can be safe while using any of the above mentioned items. The bucket seats became more popular only because that's what the mfgrs. were putting on the market and if you wanted a new car the sales people had to push what they were getting from the mfgrs. To bad we don't have a choice anymore!

Mac Grady

I am Senior consultant with ADAl
Americans With Disability.

We will order hundreds of thousand convertibles with front bench seats....

Build them.,,,,,,,, and we will buy them.........


Mac Grady

I am Senior Consultsnt with ADA
Amerucans With Disability.

If you build hundreds of thousand front bench
Seats we will buy them all......

" If you build them....... We will buy them"

nancy miller

Maybe with a woman at the helm of General Motors she will listen to the loyal GM customers that do NOT want bucket seats, center consoles or gear shifts on the floor! !There is no place to put may purse or papers when I have someone in the passenger seat - I have owned at least 10 Buicks and will cling to my 2005 LeSabre until GM sees the light and makes the kind of car the loyal GM customers want! Let's hope so - the new cars are big and clumsy - Mrs. Marra, listen to the older public - WE are the LOYAL GM customers who are being ignored! ! Shame on GM.

Ethel Mileski

Without the bench seat and no console, someone with physical problems cannot get in or out. Please make at least one version of old peoples cars. You have frozen us out of the market.

Richard Braun

My wife and I must have the bench seat for at least two reasons: first, to keep our cat and her carrier between us, second, to enjoy the freedom and leg room that bucket seats can never provide.


I am a 6'4" guy and I am glad to see bench seats go. Yes, there are some cars I don't fit in but that was true with benches, too.

I recently drove in an old car just like the one I learned to drive in back in the mid 60s. I remembered it fondly but it was uncomfortable (in MANY ways), noisy, got crap as mileage, and God help you if there was an accident because the car design sure wasn't going to!


I deliver mail and trying to find a newer car with out the bucket seats


It's a shame. Bench seats, open floor area, windows you can see out of, push button transmission. I guess won't be buying a new car anytime soon.

Juanita Morrison

I have been driving bucket seat cars with center consoles for at least 30 years at first thinking they were cool. Now at age 65 I am fed up with them. I agree totally with so many of the above comments! When I have passengers I never know where to park my purse so it always goes down by my seat sort of between my feet...very dangerous I would think. I have an overweight Beagle (60 lbs) who gets car sick because he's not tall enough to see out of the window, so while he's nauseous he wants to be next to me for comfort. Can't do that with a big old console between us so I have to get meds from the vet to sort of tranquilize the dog whenever we travel far. I've investigated into doggie booster seats so he can look out of the window but they only bear as much as 30 lbs in weight. Plus the bucket seats always dip down at the rear so my dog can't ever find a comfortable position! I want a bench seat vehicle so badly in the near future but can't afford to run out on the spot to buy the last of the 2013 marketed ones. I loathe the world the way it is now...maybe because I'm old...but I liked many certain things from the good old days that made sense and now it's no longer about pleasing consumers! I'd love to have that wing window too...it didn't make a mess of my hair when I wanted some fresh air! How come they don't give the consumer some options. Come on manufacturers...us senior citizens, mail deliverers, handicapped and overly tall or overly wide want bench seats back and would be willing to pay a bit extra to have them!! Listen to the out cry of the public!!


+1000 to others commenting on the center consoles. I am 6'3", and it seems one cannot buy a decent car anymore without those vacuous contraptions. What happened to all the car manufacturers? When have GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and others become the Walmarts of design, and only average height customers are serviced now? It's all form over substance. I am disgusted. I will not buy another car with a center console.


This totally blows I hate bucket seats, I hate the shifter being between the seats!!!! Im going to protest this till the day I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am in the market for a new car now and HATE the console. Bring back bench seats. The design in the old Buick Century was the best of both worlds. A flip down armrest/console if you wanted bucket seats and flip it up and have a bench seat. Love that car and would still be driving it if some speedster in a suburban hadn't wiped me out. Even the new Buicks fell for this hideous cockpit design. I drove one yesterday and hated it.

Why don't the car manufacturers see this untapped market?


Looking for new car for my husband (paraplegic); can only get into bench seat vehicle since he can't really bend his knees to use the bucket seats. Consoles get in his way and the raised sides of bucket seats "hang" him up. So, sounds like AGAIN ADA laws are being violated. Think about it.


Does anyone know a 2 door car with a front bench seat and the gear shifter on the steering column? My father in law is in a wheelchair and needs all of these features. Thank you for the help.


I need a bench seat because I was born with spina bifida,and it's nearly impossible to get a wheelchair in and out of a car with that stupid center console in the way.Please bring back the front bench seat.


Ditto ditto ditto, I love front bench seats. I have an old 1989 Dodge truck with a front seat like a park bench. Even though the truck is a beater with 476,000 miles on it, when friends ride in it, they often comment of the comfort, look, space, and simplicity of the front seat. As was already mentioned, I too like to occasionally shift and stretch my legs when on a long drive. And I love a lazy slow Sunday drive with my sweetie sitting right next to me.

charles vaughan

I believe that the removing of the front bench and or split bench seat is due to globelization and the decomforting of an America that is standing in the way of globelization. It is easier to globelize when all things are standardized. Common Core currriculum in our schools is the educational side of globelization. Making all cars the same and removing long standing comforts that Americans have always known is the price you pay for the globally accepted doctrine of global warming and reducing cfc's by reducing energy usage in cars. Of course I believe that global warming is a false doctrine and it has created many government jobs and also government intrusions into the personal lives of citizens all around the world but thru our beloved American cars now here. I miss knee room. cloth in the middle. uncomplicated dashs and instrument panels and knobs, prtyy colored dashes and combinations, soon to be missed cd slots, and the individuality of the American car market. We are headed down the path to communism and global dictatorship. This ride will be our last. Pray and return to the God Who gave us minds to know comfort, beauty and practicality.

Joan Klien

I love the bench seat and the shifter on the steering column. All of my cars (starting with my 1968 navy blue Chevy) have had these comfortable and practical items. My current car is a Buick Le Sabre 2005 with a 40/60 front bench and pull down armrest/console. It has so much room. When I have a front seat female passenger, there is room for both of our purses. My Buick Le Sabre has 83,000 miles and I will have to keep it for as long as I can. I don't like the waste of space of the massive consoles in all of the new cars. Bring back the bench.


I had a 13 Malibu, I loved the car except on long trips, I had it for 8 months. It was the center counsel and bucket seats. It was hurting my back and leg. I will never buy a car again until the center counsel disappears. Fact!!!

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