2014 Chevrolet Impala Video

The new 2014 Chevrolet Impala is technically a full-size car, but the rear passenger space is nothing to brag about, according to Cars.com Executive Editor Joe Wiesenfelder. Though, the trunk is exceptionally large, he says



The avalon nor azera offer AWD, its not uncommon to have FWD only. The Chrysler cars HAVE to offer AWD because if they didnt many people in northern climates would skip them altogether. Regardless of what interior volume measurements are vs the current car the new one should have far more rear seat space. The lacrosse has a MUCH more spacious rear seat than the current impala even though the impala is classified as "full size". I believe the Buick has over 2" more rear legroom.

Ruddy Man

I like the storage compartment behind the screen!
Sheth: Joe was saying that if you get that hump yoou should get AWD, the Ford Taurus has AWD and is avalible as FWD as well, AWD is a luxury/performance option, they handle tons better.


Thanks, I got the point but I was saying AWD isnt offered on several competitors so its not like FWD is a liability. In cars like this AWD is a traction aid, not performance aid. I dont think Ford advertised its AWD as anything but a traction aid unless you're talking about the SHO. The reality is few cars are REALLy comfortable for the adults in the back. Based on that video I cant say that the hump looks any worse than average, if you want a flat floor in the back a CUV is the best choice.


The reason for the hump is that car shares the platform of the Buick Lacrosse, which does offer AWD. I imagine it was just easier and cheaper to keep the structure of the Lacrosse since they were already providing new sheet metal outside, and that meant keeping the hump where the AWD gear usually goes.


very likely marcus. Reality is that people who regularly transport 3 kids (or adults) arent buying a sedan anyway. Few cars are truly comfortable for 3 in the back.


what exactly is so complicated/difficult about the controls in the cruze?? i had no issues at all figuring out how to manage the stereo and a/c controls on my dash...not sure what you are trying to point out here.

also, if you're 6' tall why are you sitting in the back seat with the front seat ALL THE WAY back? if it's like other chevy cars, then putting it all the way back would leave enough room to let an NBA player drive...why not set it to where you could drive comfortably and then sit in the back (which is the way i test drive cars)? then again, doing so would show the massive amount of legroom this car offers.

i know you guys can't talk about a gm car without bitching about at least one or two others in their lineup (and you met your quota here) but damn, at least bitch about a real problem.

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