2013 Smart ForTwo: Up Close

You need to look closely to see the changes Smart made to the 2013 ForTwo. Optional LED running lights run flat along the bumper rather than curving up, and sculpted side skirts replace the old flat skirts. Smart moved its wheel-moving-forward logo from the hood to the grille, and the rear bumper gets a diffuser panel.

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The biggest news is the SharpRed limited edition, of which Smart will sell 120. It gets Nappa leather and a leatherette-wrapped dashboard, but the latter is optional on other editions.

You heard that right: Leatherette dashboards have made their way to the tiny ForTwo, a car so disappointing we named it the worst car of the 2000s. The extra trim spruces up the interior, but it does nothing to squelch the car's automated-manual transmission, which shifts gears roughly despite Smart’s repeated efforts to smooth out its software. Actually, it's the hardware — a five-speed, single-clutch automated manual — that's to blame, and Smart changes neither hardware nor software for 2013. Nor did the automaker add a height-adjustable driver’s seat or anything-adjustable steering wheel.

Keen observers will note the ForTwo's 34/38 mpg city/highway rating, which is worse than the 33/41 mpg rating the car originally earned. A Smart associate at the auto show said nothing has changed about the car, but the EPA rates it more conservatively — and it still sips premium gas.



It actually annoys me when I see people driving these because I assume they actually paid money for them.

George Oller

@Bowrider: The smart drivers did actually pay money for their cars. THEIR money, not YOURS. Give it up and find something else to worry about......

Darryl Doty

My SMART is 2008 bought it with 1300 miles on it. for 15,000+ its 2013 I have over 80,000+ miles on my SMART. NO issues at all. Replaced the tires at 75,000 miles changed the Oil every 10,000 miles.
AWESOME very Awesome car. For all the talk about shifting, you just got to operate the gas peddle with a little style. No one even knows its a automatic shift. Taken 100's for rides and my SMART never has been upgraded. once the shop (when I was getting a replacement key) wanted to update software, I said NO WAY she runs fine as is. Don't change a thing! been getting 38 to 43 miles per gallon. Worst was 28 miles per gallon driving from AL to W Va doing 85 all the way up. So recommend staying in the 65 MPH and you'll see great gas millage and I'll admit zero to 27 mph (first time it shifts) takes longer than my other vehicles. But with a 999cc engine (think motorcycle 1000cc is a big bike for most). This car moves. took it 105 mph for three minutes with no issue. (yes I used a GPS in the window to see speed) as owners know its not clocked

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