2013 Buick Enclave: Up Close


Buick unveiled the redesigned Enclave in New York today, and its look is sleeker and more up-to-date. The grille is a bit bigger and LEDs surround the headlight cluster and taper back along the hood a bit give a more upscale look, a la Audi, a brand that Buick is happy to point out it outsold in 2011. The Enclave's rear end seems less bulbous than the previous generation, with the exhaust outlets worked into the bumper.

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Buick says the interior design came after studying equestrian equipment, and there's certainly that feel inside with ample leather coverings. In addition, Buick has added the same ambient blue lighting inside that it features in its current sedan lineup. The most noticeable change inside is the center stack. It was one of the old Enclave’s stodgiest features, and the new version has IntelliLink, Buick’s entertainment system.

Intellilink, which comes standard, has customizable screens much like MyFord Touch, but Buick says it will be easy to use. We'll have to try it out to see if it delivers on that promise. It has a 7-inch screen that also displays the standard backup camera's image. The climate controls are also updated, with knobs that are large but seem substantial unlike the plastic feel of the previous generation. While the center stack is updated, the steering-wheel controls remain the same as the previous generation.


Behind the front seat, not a lot has changed, however. The second row's mechanics and interior space remain the same, Buick says, but that's not a bad thing. It only took a one-handed swipe of a lever and I was easily into the third row, which for someone my size is saying something.

In terms of the powertrain, Buick says the transmission has been tweaked to be more responsive. Officials say they’ve eliminated the annoying lag we've noted before when you hit the gas, whether from a dead stop or when quickly accelerating on the highway. We'll have to see for ourselves when the Enclave is available for a test drive.

The Enclave continues to sell well for Buick — the automaker sold nearly twice as many in 2011 as they did in 2007, the crossover's first model year — and it's clear these changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary. Why mess with a good thing?


Editor's Note: We'll have a full, high-resolution photo gallery from tomorrow's first media day at the New York Auto Show.



The Enclave debuted in Chicago not New York. There was a separate stage and desplay just for the Enclave. I sat in one just off that stage. Also the SRT Viper was in Chicago. C'mon, get it together.

Hello: Love to see the high-rez Buick Enclave photos from this show. Are they on this website?


It actually debuted in New York as stated by Buick[dot]com; and just about every site that is showcasing the new 2013 Enclave. C'mon, get it together.

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