New Lexus ES at New York Auto Show

It looks like the Lexus ES is next in line to get the brand's spindle grille treatment. The sixth-generation ES will be unveiled next week in New York.

Lexus' midsize sedan was freshened for 2010 and will be all new for 2013. Details are slim, but the teaser image gives us a glimpse of its new spindle grille and LED headlight accents.

We'll get more details when the New York International Auto Show opens to the media April 4.



it is funny that lexus released this teaser after pics of the whole car have been seen all over the net. I see this car doesnt have bi xenons which is hard to believe for an all new luxury car.


sheth, at least it has progetors as standard, the buick lacrosse doesnt.


I know, lacrosse has a base price $6k+ lower than the ES. thats one reason why it lacks projectors.


Sheth, why you said this car doesn't have Bi-Xenons? I work at a luxury car dealership and a lot of the cars with Bi-xenon headlight system still have multi-reflector high beam for daytime running and/or flash to pass. Now when the headlight system in on, the Xenon low beam will tilt up to simulate the high beam and the multi-reflector high beam will illuminate as well...I'm saying this assuming you just looking at the pic.


Cars with LED DRLs dont need separate lights for DRL and high-low beams. The majority of cars Ive ever seen with bixenons only have a single fixture for both. Which cars are you talking about? The GS has bi xenons and doesn't have this layout.


Can you headlight experts explain the difference for, Thanks in advance.


It is smart to retain a filament bulb, because an arc discharge capsule does not like to be struck, if it is not going to be fully warmed up. (not good for longevity)
As it has already be said, you can have bi-function projectors, and retain a dedicated high beam.


AS I asked- what cars have bi Xenons with a separate halogen lamp for high beams? Lexus' own 2013 GS only has two projectors on the front of the car for headlight illumination. Im not aware of any Lexus with bi xenons as well as separate DRL halogen lamp.


I'm pretty sure the RX450h uses bi-xenon with a standard halogen DRL. One would assume it is the high beam from looking at the lens. Very similar to the picture above.


Off the top of my head, the last generation BMW 7-series. and many other German/European cars.
But you never qualified your question, nor did you bother to explain the necessity or purported benefit of bi-function projectors.
I like bi-HIDs WITH a dedicated high beam.
Toyota's RX has bi-HID with an outboard mounted high beam DRL/optical horn [which is deactivated for high beam usage because of its non-compliant mounting position]


Thank you George...
@ Sheth just to name a few look at the Range Rovers,Jaguar XF until 2011, Mitsubishi Lancer with Grand Touring package, you can also check the 07-08 Acura TL.


Bi-xenon is not the same of having a let's say 9007 or H4 bulb. Using the 9007 or H4 halogen you can actually have low and high beams with one bulbs same of Bi-xenon but halogen bulb have dual filament to to give you low and high beam. Bi-xenon is just one bulb that simulate the high beam by moving a shade or filter in front of them. When that filter/shade is in front of the bulb you see the low beam, but the when that filter/shade is moved thats when you see the high beam. Also to simulate the high beam some Bixenon bulbs would also tilts up to simulate the high beam.



Never said it was a necessity. I said its unusual for a brand new luxury car not to have bixenon projector lamp. The new CC has them standard. There are quite a few luxury cars that have non HID high beams.


The TL (nor most other acuras) doesnt have have bi xenons- the last gen definitely didn't. High beams were halogens. The ZDX and RL have bi xenon headlights.


Im not sure about the ES (we will know next week) but the 2013 RX apparently doesnt have bi xenons optional but the 2012 does. The optional HIDs on the current RX are described as bi-xenon HIDS with AFL. In the PR for the 2013 model it simply says "HID headlamps" on the option list. Either the product info description is insufficient- or they actually changed the type of lights on the vehicle.


Do consumers really care? I don't.


The new corporate face of Lexus has the low beams positioned outboard, which means either Toyota could put in the high beam's place a faux light [see the 2009+ Nissan Murano], or they could actually put a high beam lamp.
I prefer HID projectors + high beam instead of just bi-HID. You get more light on the road that way, the only potential drawbacks are two different color temperatures [With the RX in Australia, Toyota used a filtered bulb to match CCT], and the transition/cutoff area can be difficult to get smooth, but it can be done.



I would think 99% of consumers dont know the difference or at least dont pay attention until they use their high beams. Generally, cheaper cars with HIDs on non luxury brands dont have bi xenons. Until recently only a handful of higher end cars even offered dual function HIDs.


Only 'recently'? As in a decade.
BMW added that to the E46 for the 2002 MY.


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