New Hyundai Sonata Coming in 2014

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai plans to follow up its successful Sonata midsize sedan with a completely new model for 2014, Hyundai CEO Kim Choong-ho told Reuters.

Redesigned for 2011, the Hyundai Sonata has helped tremendously with the South Korean automaker's fast-paced growth here. Last year, Hyundai sold 225,961 Sonatas, representing 35% of all Hyundai sales in the U.S.

There's no mention of what to expect from the new Sonata. Choong-ho told Reuters that the only major vehicle launch from Hyundai in 2012 is the new Santa Fe, which will debut next month at the 2012 New York auto show. A redesigned Genesis luxury sedan should arrive late in 2013, according to Reuters.

Hyundai Motor CEO Says New Sonata Planned in 2014 (Reuters)

By Colin Bird | March 21, 2012 | Comments (8)



I can't imagine what they could possibly improve on the current Sonata since it is very popular, as is.

If I were in the market for a midsize sedan the Sonata would get my vote for best bang for the buck.

Rentals were a large part of my travels and my experience with Sonata has been excellent.

fred davis

look, i for one am waiting for a new sonata. however, if you don't do something about that ugly grill and hood combo design. i'll have to buy something else.
Don't get me wrong you guys have a great product, i've owned one for 10 years and have been very satisfied.. Just fix the grill and hood, to me the current model is very unsightly.

Edward Campofiori

How about the sonata with AWD

Virgil Sweet

I have a 2012 Sonata and the first thing that attracted me to it was the attractive grill. If they change that grill they are making a big mistake.
I get 40 mpg on the Hiway and 29 in town. Can't wait for my next one!


At my age, I've driven a large variety And type of vehicles of all different makes. The 2013 Sonata is by far one a great car. Handles great and it has a great ride while delivering great hwy milage. I never thought I would say this, but my next vehicle will be a Hyundai, again. Toyota no more, Hyundai is a better looking vehicle, better handling, better fuel economy And better riding.


Please bring Hybrid in 3 trims or have just 2 Hybrid trims and 1 Plugin trim.

This will help Hyundai raise the bar against Toyota and Ford.

Heather Latimer

I sincerely hope there will not be too many gadgets on your next Sonata. I have owned two already for 5 years each and they are super. No defects. No repairs.I'll be back as soon as the 2014 model is out.


They need a change. The awful styling is not aging well.

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