Mazda Discontinues the CX-7

2012 mazda CX-7
Mazda is doing a little housekeeping this spring. It's out with the old and in with the new in terms of the automaker's SUV lineup. Mazda spokeswoman Beverly Braga recently told that Mazda will replace its CX-7 midsize SUV with the smaller, new-for-2013 CX-5. Model-year 2012 will be the CX-7's last in the U.S.; sales will continue in other markets, however.

The CX-7 was launched for model-year 2007 and has seen only modest sales, including 35,641 units last year. Major competitors easily outsell it: Honda sold 218,373 CR-Vs in 2011--before the redesigned version went on sale. One of the CX-7's issues was size; at 184.3 inches long, it was too small to be considered a true midsize SUV and too big to compete in the compact class.

Mazda is hoping CX-5 will better meet consumers' needs. It’s smaller than the CX-7, but offers more passenger room. It has 103.8 cubic feet of interior volume, while the CX-7 has 101.7. A competitive base price and an attractive fuel-efficient engine also should help. Power comes from a 155-horsepower four-cylinder with an EPA-estimated 26/32/29 mpg city/highway/combined rating. The 2013 CX-5 is on sale now with a starting price of $20,695, excluding a $795 destination fee.

By Jennifer Geiger | March 12, 2012 | Comments (6)


This seems like a good choice for mazda to do. It feels like they are trying to stay ahead of the competition. I maybe wrong but I don't know why else they would do that unless the sales of the car weren't too good.


Mazda sales are not good. Mazda was irrepairably damages by its association and joint venture with Ford. Lots of people chose Mazda tech with a Ford badge on it, instead of the real thing.

The Mazda6 was infinitely superior to the Ford Fusion but didn't sell worth diddly.

The CX-9 is a world-class SUV but doesn't sell well either. The CX-7 never sold well. The Mazda5 is just now catching on. Great little mini-minivan!

The Mazda3 is a much better car than anything Ford has to offer in that class yet Ford blows Mazda away in sales. Mazda tech with a Ford badge on it.

Making Mazda vehicles in Mexico may help some but unless demand for Mazda increases in the North American markets, Mazda may have to cater to markets in different regions in the future.

Dropping the CX-7 is just the beginning of the end.


So let me get this right. Mazda has nobody to blame but Ford for their lackluster sales? Right.


I think Mazda should figure out Hyundai's secret and roll with that. Mazda builds great cars and they really should sell better.

I don't even think most people know that Ford had involvement with Mazda.

Whenever a customer of mine is considering a new purchase I always ask why they never thought of Mazda. They usually tell me, "It never really even came into mind" or "I didn't know they made that type of car."


Hopefully they'll make the turbo an option in the CX-5. The SkyActiv mileage is great, but the turbo of the C7-X was addictive.

Charles Cournay

My CX-7 is the second my wife and I have owned. We love it. I need a larger vehicle and the CX-7 fits our needs nicely. I use a motorized whee chair and had to have a vehicle that weighed enough in the front end not to be lifted off the ground when going down the road. I could not afford a CX-9. Hopefully when I need a vehicle again Mazda will have a vehicle that meets the needs of having a trailer hitch on it to hold a wheel chair lift and a 250lb. wheel chair. Cars keep getting more expensive. and so far Mazda has fit the need. We love Mazdas and will continue to drive them. I do not want to change brands of vehicles. I do not think I will be able to afford a CX-9 when we need our nest vehicle. I am not sure the CX-5 will fit our needs. Mazda, please come out with a vehicle that is between the size of the CX-5 and the CX-9. Or you might lose me as a loyal Mazda owner. My only other choice would be the Suburu Forester or Tribeca. But they are a little to costly.

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