GMC Celebrates 100 Years With Heritage Edition
To commemorate its 100th anniversary of the brand, GMC will offer a Heritage Edition package on select model-year 2012 pickups and full-size SUVs. They include the GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab, GMC Yukon and Yukon XL models in SLT trim.

The package includes specific badging, chrome trim, unique wheels and the contents of the Convenience (Sierra) or SLT-2 (Yukon) Equipment Packages. The special package starts at $1,820, depending on the vehicle.

New GMC Heritage Edition Ready to Debut (



So what's the point of GMC anyways? Aren't they just clones of Chevys?


Agree, never have understood why GMC light trucks exist when they are the same as Chevy trucks. But must admit, the Chevy-GMC models are not as crazy as the previous Ford-Lincoln trucks.


GMC is "Professional Grade". :-)


GMC is generally more expensive than a similar Chevy; like Sierra is more expensive than an identically equipped Silverado.

When parts and trim started to fall off my 1988 Silverado, I replaced them with parts and trim from a wrecked 1988 Sierra SLT at a local junkyard.

They fit and worked perfectly.


look at the frame on gmc/chevy pickups folding, and tell yourself its professional grade? GMC 2500 HD Fold on the internet. Ford is the only frame on the planet that is built like a diesel rig, To bend a ford pickup frame you have to take it to the same shop diesel rigs go. look at the video for yourself. any body shop will tell you that a unibody frame straightener can bend any pickup on the planet except a ford, which you have to take to a diesel rig shop.Ford it the only professional grade. watch the video for yourself


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