GM Replacing Volt Cords

GM is issuing another "customer satisfaction initiative" for the Chevrolet Volt, the automaker said Thursday. It plans to replace the 120-volt charging cords on all model-year 2011 and certain 2012 versions of the hybrid electric car; 240-volt cords are not affected.

GM spokesman Randal Fox told Reuters that the new cord will be larger and more durable and that charging time will not change. "It's just an effort to offer a more consistent charging experience. It's not a safety recall. It's more of a customer-satisfaction program," Fox said.

This update comes on the heels of the battery enhancement program announced earlier this year. In that case, GM decided to strengthen the structural elements that protect the battery in a side collision, as well as add a new sensor to the coolant system reservoir and install a tamper-resistant bracket to prevent overfilling.

Volt owners will be notified of the cord exchange in the next few weeks.

GM to replace Chevy Volt 120-volt chargers (Reuters)


There are new discoveries nowadays when it comes to technology. I know becoming generation will be greater.

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